Closer to Home Capital Campaign Donors

We are grateful to these donors who have made a gift investment to bring The Residence at Alive Hospice – Murfreesboro to provide care, support and service to families in the region.

Christy-Houston Foundation, Inc.

HCA Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pirtle
Dr. Liz Rhea
Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital

Acadia Healthcare
Joey and Debbie Jacobs
John D. Floyd Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Warren McPherson
Mr. and Mrs. John Morris
Mrs. Katherine D. Murfree
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Reeves
West End Home Foundation
Woodfin Memorial Chapel, Inc
Mr. George Huddleston, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lien
Mr. and Mrs. Don Witherspoon
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Akins
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Boerner
Mr. and Mrs. Ward H. Cammack, Jr.
Mrs. Kib K Huddleston
Jennings & Ayers Funeral Home
Dr. and Mrs. Murali Kolli
Mid-State Radiology, Inc.
Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, PA
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Nunnery
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Riven
Ms. Kathy Ryan
Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Central Registration)
Ms. Beth Workman and Mr.Ned Braman
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Corlew
Lisa Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Eskind, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Ferguson
Sara J. Finley
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Heyman
Dr. Brian Lee
Mr. Stephen Clark and Dr. Yanjaun Ma
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Marger
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mastroleo
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Morris
Murfreesboro Pure Milk Co.
Anna-Gene and Scott O'Neal
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Schatzlein
Dr. and Mrs. John Zubkus



Ms. Janny Adkins
Mr. James Aho, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Allen
Ms. Mary Allison
Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority, Inc.
Joe and Louisa Altman
Dr. Susan Andrews
Ms. Joy Arnold
Ms. Rita Ash
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Baker
Ms. JoAnn Barbour
Ms. Deborah O. Barnett
Captain and Mrs. P.J. Barnett
Ms. Carli M. Barr
Ms. Susan Bartelt
Ms. Nora Beck
David and Julie Becker
Mrs. Julie Becker
Ms. Lori J. Bell
Ms. Tracey D. Bell-Kulikowski
Anthony Belott
Dr. Bob J. Berkompas
Ms. Bethlyn Bertram
Mr. Deshay Biggerstaff
Linda Bills
Mr. Glenn A. Birdwell
Ms. Jennifer Bogard
Betsy Bond
Ms. Ruth Bouldin
Ms. Pam Bowman
Dale Boyd
Mr. Robert Bragdon
Dr. Johann Brandes
Mrs. Barbara T. Brennan
Gary and Lee Ann Brewer
Broad Street Two, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Brownie
Ms. Ruth N. Bruno
Ms. Sherry Bryant
Mrs. Krista T. Bullington
Ms. Melissa Bungard
Holly Yarbrough Burnett
Mr. Andrew Burns
Mr. William Burroughs
Ms. Marrier Burrow
Kellye Byrn
Laine Cantrell
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Caputo
Mrs. Mary L. Carr
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Carter
Ms. Megan Carter
Ren Casey
Billy and Joy Caskey
Ms. Dianne D. Castellano
Mr. Neil Chilton
Mrs. Anne Cleary
David and Tanya Coffey
Ms. Anne Coggins
Mrs. Robert W. Cole, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Cole
Mr. Robert Collett
Mr. and Mrs. Rucker Collier
Frankie Compton Family (Carol Ann, Ronnie, Nelda & Sandra)
Ms. Mary Conrad
Ms. Jeannie Cook
Mr. John S. F. Cook
Jim and Debbie Cope
Teresa Cosgrove
Cowan Benefit Services
Ms. Barbara Crick
Mr. Joseph P. Crowell
H. Dean Cunningham
Ms. Gail D' Apolito
J.S. Daniel
Winford Daniel
Ms. Ashley Davis
Mr. Dave Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Davis
Ms. Dianne Davis
Ms. Lisa K. Deal
Mrs. Valerie Degati
Mrs. Sheila Delaney
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dean Deloach
Peter and Kristin Demos
Mr. and Mrs. George Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Denson
Derrick Maddox Allstate Insurance Agency
Ms. Diane Deslauriers
Ms. Debra L. Douglas
Mr. Richard Douglas
Ms. Donna Duke
Mary Bess Duncan
Mrs. Yvonne Duncan
Mr. Scott Dykes
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Earnest
Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Eastham
Mr. Clinton L. Ervin, Jr.
Ms. Vicki Estrin
Deborah and John Farringer
Ms. Elizabeth Farrow
M. Scott Faulkenberry
Dr. Shazia Fazili
Mrs. Benita F. Fields
Mr. Donald G. Fischer
Mr. Robert Flanagan
Ms. Rosemarie D. Flite
Ms. Sara Fournier
Allie Mae Frizzell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fuchar
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Gallagher
Dr. Sherry Galloway
Ms. Lisa Garces
Lord Clifford Gaynor
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Gibson
Ms. Mary Belle Ginanni
Mr. J. O. Gist
Billie and C'Dale Golovine
Mary Gormley
Jennifer Grant
Ms. Terri Graves
Ms. Brenna Green
Ms. Kathleen T. Gregory
Ms. Denise Griva
Mr. David Guy
Ms. Melinda Haines
Ken and Lisa Halliburton
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger K. Hammond
Joseph Hampe
Ms. Vickie Hannig
Ms. Norma Hardin
Carrie Hargis
Ms. Sandi Harman
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hawkins
Steve Hawkins
Ms. Christi Hays
HCA Caring for the Community
Ms. Audrey Heck
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Hemphill, M.D.
Bob and LeeAnn Henry
Warren and Pam Henson
Brian Hercules
Ms. Heather Hertz
Ms. Tana Hertz
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hiatt
Ms. Denise Hicks
Kira and John Hilley
Ms. Carmen Holder
Yolandria Holt
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Hoover
Bobby Howard
Huber Technology, Inc.
Ms. Lara C. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Hughes
Bill and Caryl Hunter
Ms. Mary D. Hunter RN, MBA
Ms. Bettye Hurt
Dr. and Mrs. Chad Jackson
Helen Jennings
Ms. Christine F. Johnson
Mr. Dahl Johnson
Ms. Dorothy B. Johnson
Mrs. Faye Johnson
Ms. Alysia D. Jones
Dawn and Kenny Jones
Ms. Sue E. Jones
Ms. Jenny Justice
Mrs. Heather Kantor
Ms. Sheila Kelly
Keith and Deehana King
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Kingrey
Mrs. Pamela C. Kious
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Kiss, Jr.
Ms. Bernadine Kruse
Ms. Michelle Kusowski
Mrs. Sarah Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Lannom
Mr. and Mrs. Ted LaRoche
Lascassas Baptist Church
Dr. and Mrs. James Lea
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Lee, Jr.
Ms. Dominique Lemmers
Marshall and Jane Lile
Ms. Tammy Lillegard
Ms. Kathi Lindstrom
Dee Dee Livingstone
Ms. Linda Loftin
Mr. and Ms. John Loudermilk
Mr. and Mrs. Ed C. Loughry, Jr.
Ben Love
Chaplain and Mrs. Gene Lovelace
Ms. Stephanie MacDonald
Mrs. Jane Manley
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Marschel, Jr.
Mrs. Cynthia I. Marshall
Ms. Jeanmarie Martin
Ms. Jeanmarie Martin
Ms. Marsha Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Master
Reverend Nanette A. Mathe
Ms. Lisa McCawley
Mrs. Pixie McCord-Mills, R.N.
McFarland Aesthetic Enhancements, PLLC
Jere McGee
Ms. Jessica McKee
Ms. Jeanelle J. McNew
Glenn and Margaret McPeak
Ms. Kathryn McPherson
Dr. Anh T. Meadows
Dr. and Mrs. Rick Michaelson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mifflin
Ms. Carolyn Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Miller
Ms. Sherry Miller
Bill and Wanda Mills
Ms. Janice M. Millsaps
Sandy Minor
Dr. and Mrs. Britt Mioton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Mitchell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Newton Molloy
Ms. Cynthia L. Montjoy
Regenia Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Harvell J. Moore
Mr. Roy Moore
Frank Morgan
Ms. Kathi G. Morgan
Mrs. Martha L. Morgan
Ms. Ana Mosemiller
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mulder
Bob and Betsy Murfree
Murfreesboro Bunco Ladies Group
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Murphy

Ms. Betsy F. Needham
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Neese
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nellessen
Mrs. Linda Newcom
Tom and Marilyn Newsom
Joy Nielsen
Morgan Niemann
Ms. Janie Noonet
Ms. Linda Norman
Jami Oakley
Mr. and Mrs. Ardeth H. Obenauf
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Orr
Mr. Ryan Otter
Dr. David Ours
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Owens
Ms. Tiresa Parker
Parks Development
Ms. Teresa Parrish
Ms. Carissa Patterson
Pamela Patterson
Ms. Pamela Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Peay
Willard and Evelyne Peery
Gillian Perret
Ms. Melanie L. Perry
Mrs. Mary Lou Peruzzi
Thomas Peterson
Ms. Alyce R. Phillips
Audene Phillips
Claire Phillips
Mike and Dianne Phillips
Charles and Nancy Pigg
Mr. Joseph Pitts
Mr. George M. Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Potter
Mr. Jonathan Price
Tom and Sandy Provow
Mrs. Hannah Tillis Puryear
Pam Quaintance
Ms. Charlene Ramsey
Julie Randall
Ms. Susan Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Ransdell
Mr. Tony Ray
Ms. Lisa Reid
Ms. Katherine Reynolds
Marcie Richmond
David and Donna Riley
Jim and Becky Riney
Ms. Deborah Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Robinson
Rockvale Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Inc.
Billy and Cathryn Rolfe
Ms. Meredith Rossen
Ms. Patti Ruccio
Mr. Kyle Rucker
Ms. Sherrie Sadler
Sean Salter
Mr. and Mrs. Carson L. Salyer
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Sample
Mr. Gregory E. Samuels
Ms. Nancy V. Sanders
Mr. Thomas A. Schafer
Sally Schneider
Philip Seagraves
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Selbe
Ms. Katherine Severino
Ms. Leslie Shearon
Ms. Helen Silk
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Slaney
Jeffrey Slaney
Diane S. Smith, R.N.
Ms. Marcia Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Smith
Ms. Catherine Sniderman
Southern Fire Protection of Orlando, Inc
Dr. and Mrs. Pat W. Spangler
Ms. Louise Spann
Ross and Eva Mae Spielman
Ms. Amy Stapleton
Ms. Kathleen Stein
Ms. Deborah Stephens
Greg Stewart
Stewart's Special Events
Stonegate Corporate Center, LLC
Ms. Amy Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Taylor
Dr. Robert K. Taylor
Laura Tharpe
Ms. Suzanna Thomas
Ms. Carol J. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Thornsberry
Mrs. Cortney Thornsberry
Blake and Mary Lee Tidwell
Dr. J. Douglas Timmons
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tuverson
United Way of Williamson County
University Pointe Apartments
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Upton, Jr.
Sherry U'Sellis
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Uselton
Ms. Patti Vallett
Ms. Georgia Van Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Victory
Ms. Virginia Wakefield
Mr. and Mrs. Nabil Wakid
Ms. Debra Waldon
Mr. R. Steven Waldron
Roy L. Waldron
Ms. Marsha Wallace
Ms. Beverly C. Ward
Debbra Warden
Ms. Joan Watts Howell
Ms. Debbie Webb
Ms. Mary Lou Webb
Patricia Weber
Cheryl L. Webster
Wayne Westmoreland
Ms. Sharon Whitehead
Lou Wilde
Ruth Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Willson
Mrs. Renee Wisby
Mrs. Joyce Wolf
Ms. Jennifer Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Womack
World Outreach Church
Warren and Carol Wrather
Dr. and Dr. Andrew Wright
Mr. and Mrs. William Wright
Ms. Sim Yoon
Ms. Heidi Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zylstra