Sandra’s Legacy: Three Decades of Compassion at Camp Forget-Me-Not

Sandra Jones has been a beacon of hope and support for grieving children at Alive’s Camp Forget-Me-Not for over three decades. This annual overnight grief camp, catering to youth aged 8 to 17 who have experienced the loss of a significant person in their lives, holds a special place in Sandra’s heart. Her unwavering commitment and passion for this cause have left an indelible mark on the camp’s legacy.

Sandra’s association with Camp Forget-Me-Not dates back to its inception in 1992, when she initiated the program while serving as the Director of Hospice of Murfreesboro. Even after transitioning from her directorial role in 1997, Sandra remained dedicated to the camp as a volunteer, driven by her personal experiences and a deep-rooted desire to create a nurturing environment for grieving children.

Having a background in clinical psychology, Sandra’s journey was profoundly influenced by the loss of her father when she was just 18 years old. This pivotal moment ignited her passion for supporting grieving children, prompting her to explore and eventually establish Camp Forget-Me-Not to provide solace and healing to the young hearts.

Throughout her tenure at Camp Forget-Me-Not, Sandra has served as a counselor and mentor, offering invaluable emotional support and guidance to campers. Her role primarily involves facilitating group sessions, providing one-on-one counseling, and nurturing the youngest attendees. Sandra’s dedication knows no bounds as she juggles her volunteer commitments with her full-time role as an instructor at MTSU and her responsibilities as a caregiver for her family.

Over the years, Sandra’s steadfast presence has impacted the lives of countless children, providing them with a safe space to express their grief and find solace amidst their peers. Through her listening ear and compassionate demeanor, she has brought healing and comfort to those navigating the complexities of loss.

As we celebrate Sandra’s remarkable journey of service and dedication, we recognize the profound impact she has made on the lives of grieving children and their families. Her unwavering commitment to Camp Forget-Me-Not exemplifies the true spirit of compassion and selflessness, leaving an enduring legacy of love and healing in its wake. Thank you, Sandra, for all you do!