Discovering Peace Through Art

The Journey of Marla Faith

The walls of the Alive residence in Nashville now display vibrant new artwork, courtesy of the talented artist and Alive volunteer, Marla Faith. From childhood, Marla has embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery through art. Drawing, painting, and mixed-media collage have served as her faithful companions, guiding her toward healing and a deeper appreciation of beauty and understanding. For Marla, creating art is a form of meditation.

In the past year, Marla’s creative passion has been in the intricate art of hand-sewn fabric hangings. Inspired by the rich tradition of Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas, her creations are meticulously crafted from an array of materials, including found fabric scraps, beads, shells, statuettes, and upcycled clothing. Silks and cottons become her palette, as she deftly blends colors, textures, and patterns to weave stories of harmony and tranquility.

Each fabric artwork hangs delicately from bamboo sticks, sourced directly from Marla’s garden, imbuing her pieces with a touch of nature’s serenity. With every stitch, Marla hopes to instill a sense of peace in those who behold her creations. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, a Thangka is more than just a painting; it’s a symbolic narrative that guides viewers toward a state of transcendent understanding and inner calm.

Marla’s intention goes beyond mere artistic expression; she states, “While making my versions, I aim to send prayers to those who suffer by sewing the world back together. Creating balanced harmonious artworks carry my intention for peace.”

Art Sale Benefiting Alive

We’re thrilled to announce that Marla’s exquisite artworks that hang in the Art Gallery in our Nashville residence are available for sale, with 50% of proceeds generously donated to Alive. To explore more of Marla’s art and inquire about purchasing a piece, visit her website at

These inspiring works will be on display until the end of August 2024, and new pieces will replace those that find new homes.

For inquiries and purchases, please contact Marla here.