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Ali Drescher Named Employee of the Quarter!

We are thrilled to announce Ali Drescher, our Senior Director of Mission Based Services, as Alive’s Employee of the Quarter! Ali’s unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership, and compassionate spirit have made a profound impact on our organization and the community we serve.

Quality of Work

Ali sets the standard for excellence in leadership. She empowers her team to deliver the highest quality of care, providing guidance, support, and invaluable expertise every step of the way. Her commitment to ongoing education and innovation ensures that our services remain at the forefront of compassionate care.

Quality of Person

Ali’s caring and genuine nature radiate in everything she does. She leads with integrity, compassion, and a servant’s heart, inspiring those around her to reach new heights. Her dedication to nurturing talent, fostering growth, and building a supportive team culture exemplifies the true essence of leadership.

Quality of Care

Ali’s dedication to providing compassionate and person-centered care is unparalleled. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients and community, continually seeking new ways to enhance our services and support those in grief. Her passion for making a difference shines through in every interaction and initiative.

Quality of Service

Ali’s unwavering commitment to service excellence ensures that every individual receives the care and support they deserve. She leads by example, prioritizing the needs of our clients above all else and setting a standard of service that inspires us all. Her tireless efforts to enhance our offerings and support our team reflect her dedication to our mission.

Here’s what her colleagues say:

“Ali exemplifies the core values of Alive Hospice and leads by example with a servant’s heart.”

“Ali’s role is not just a job to her. It is a personal mission she lives out both in and out of the office. She is truly passionate about caring for the bereaved and for her team who are serving the bereaved. She understands the weight that working in hospice/grief care can carry and the importance of caring for the caregivers. When you have a conversation with her, whether work-related or personal, she makes you feel valued.”

“Ali is a caring, compassionate person who leads her team with integrity. Everything she says and does demonstrates these qualities. She is engaged personally with her team and goes out of her way to show appreciation and concern. She is never at a loss for an encouraging word and is willing to problem-solve when there are challenges that arise. She personifies a leader who wants the best for each member of her team and chooses to invest in each member personally. She has been an encouraging, calming, and enthusiastic voice in the midst of recent changes. She represents Alive’s heart and mission beautifully by her actions and words.”

Join us in congratulating Ali on this well-deserved recognition! Thank you, Ali, for your outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication to Alive and the community we serve. You embody the excellence, compassion, and service that defines our organization.

Thank you, Ali, for all that you do!


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