What Is Hospice?

Hospice care is a specialized field of medicine that focuses on quality of life and comfort for patients with terminal illnesses. Patients and their loved ones are cared for by an entire team with the goal of maximizing quality of life.

What Makes Our Care Special?

Patients’ loved ones consistently rate our care among the best in the nation. We work with you, your current physician and specialists to develop an individualized care plan that supports your current treatment and your values.

Alive is also the only hospice in the region with two home-like residences. We give patients around-the-clock care when they need it and provide respite to caregivers. Learn more about our residences.

More than 90% of our patients receive care in their own homes, which is where most Americans report they want to spend their final days, not in a hospital.

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“Most people don’t enter hospice early enough. They don’t understand that pain management is different or that hospice can provide special equipment. They don’t understand the holistic approach of hospice. They don’t understand it’s about the best of quality of life. My husband went in because he wanted quality of life. I couldn’t imagine having someone I dearly love die without it.”

– Lena Deter, family member of an Alive Hospice patient

Our Hospice Care Teams

One of the things that makes hospice care truly special is the team of experts who deliver it. Our teams are compassionate, dedicated, and absolutely expert at providing personalized care and supporting patients and their loved ones’ needs at the end of life.

The hospice care team consists of a nurse, doctor, certified nursing assistant, social worker, chaplain, and volunteers. They are all experts in end-of-life care and know how to make patients as comfortable as possible.

  • Your social worker can help connect you to all kinds of community resources.
  • Our chaplains respect the way you experience your illness and will support you however you find meaning at this time.
  • Our grief counselors support all members of the community who have experienced a loss, even if they have not had a loved one in our care.
  • Our volunteers are available upon request to provide everything from companionship to therapeutic music and personal services like haircutting and gentle massage.

We are unique among hospices in that we have our own doctors on staff and a pharmacist to manage complex medication needs. 

24/7 Support at Home with Henry Hooker Alive Connect Telehospice

With Alive Connect, patients can immediately be seen by a nurse via a mobile device using our custom app. Families use Alive Connect for everything from emergency consultations to sharing special moments.

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Financial Aid for Hospice Care

We want families to treasure the final weeks, days, and moments with their loved one—not worry about medical bills.

Learn More About Financial Aid