Alive Spring Newsletter 2024

Letter from Mary Flipse

Dear Friends of Alive,

It’s a great honor for me to take on the role of Board Chair. I know Alive is just as special to you as it is to me. As a native Tennessean, it makes me ultra-proud to know that Alive was the first hospice established in the South and for almost 50 years has cared for our families, friends, and neighbors when we are at our most vulnerable and fragile.

Like many of you, my first knowledge of hospice came with the death of a loved one. My father was cared for by Alive, and the care he received was beyond anything I had ever experienced. The team was so sweet and tender with him. After he passed, they bathed his body and prepared him for his final journey with that same tenderness and care. I was deeply affected by their attention to him, their skill, and humanity.

I joined the Board in 2017, and my commitment to Alive has deepened every day since. I have learned so much from the incredible people who carry out Alive’s mission every day, and from the founders of Alive, Dr. David Barton and Lynn Barton, whose original vision made it all possible.

To me, Alive’s nurses and aides are ”angels in scrubs” who are here to guide us through the end of a life. Before Alive, I never imagined having wise, knowledgeable guides to help me through a death and then through grief, without shame and isolation.

As we approach the milestone of Alive’s 50th anniversary next year, I want you to know that this Board is wholly dedicated to ensuring that Alive will be here for another fifty years and beyond. We are fueled by your support and commitment to Alive!

We look forward to celebrating half a century of care with our friends and are taking steps to keep Alive going strong for many more generations to come. We are engaged in a national search for our next CEO, and we are ensuring that Alive will be properly resourced to keep serving our communities.

I am very excited that we recently welcomed nine new Board members who bring valuable skills, experience and networks to support Alive. You can read more about them in our Alive Newsletter online. We’re also excited about new educational offerings from our mission services team and another great season of community building and fundraising with our partner, The Bluebird Cafe. Keep reading for all the details and mark your calendars. I hope to see you there!

With Gratitude,
Mary Flipse, Alive Board Chair

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To address this, our vendor is offering iPads at a reduced rate for a limited time. Your contribution, big or small, will ensure our clinical team has the necessary tools for exceptional care. Please donate today to make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. Thank you for supporting Alive’s mission.

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