Annual Report 2021

We are grateful for your support in 2021.

Pictured: Mac Hardcastle, Kimberly Goessele, Paige Bainbridge with the 2021 Nashville Butterfly Release Chairs Jennifer Caver and Shelby Bailey. Photo by: Jamie Adams

2021 was another year with much to be grateful for. Highlights included The Bluebird Cafe keeping our fundraisers going year-round in a virtual format when we couldn’t meet in person. Amy Grant and Green Door Gourmet provided beautiful outdoor venues for us when the world opened up a bit more. Alive team members led the way in creating our first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. Our clinical teams continued to awe us with their dedication to going above and beyond for those in our care. Our palliative team grew again, adding another 10,000 visits with patients!

Generous community members donated so we could expand our Henry Hooker Alive Connect telehospice program and also give close to $1.5 million in care to patients who needed financial assistance. We kicked off a comprehensive fundraising campaign to make long-term improvements to our facilities and programs, and we re-envisioned our community outreach and “mission-based” services. We were honored to receive a Hospice Elite award, ranking us among the best in the nation by those who had a loved one in our care.

One of the most powerful side effects of working at Alive is a strong sense of gratitude. It’s a wonderful feeling when your community supports what you do each day. We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers, donors, sponsors, and community partners who make our mission possible. Thank you!

Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO

Impact and Insights

Hospice Care

4,719 patients and their families received care.

Pediatric Hospice

21 pediatric patients and their families received care.

Palliative Care

16,233 palliative care visits completed across 6 HCA hospitals.

We Honor Veterans

544 Veterans cared for, gifted with lap blankets, cards and lapel pins delivered by volunteers.

Volunteer Support

11,345 volunteer hours, $259,511 cost savings.

Community Support

Nearly $1.4 million in financial support was given to patients and families.

Grief Support

3,771 individual grief counseling sessions provided to 710 unique clients, held Alive’s first-ever family retreat hosting 15 participants, 340 support group sessions, 1 children’s grief camp, and 30 workshops.

Community Education

300 advance care plan books distributed and 101 educational presentations provided to the community.

Meals Served

15,062 meals served to patients and guest at our residences.

Songs Sung

Over 350 songs sung through our Alive & The Bluebird fundraiser events.

Miles Driven

858,497 miles driven to serve patients and the community.

Butterflies Released

1,416 butterflies released in memory of loved ones at our memorial butterfly releases.

Statements of Financial Position

December 31, 2021 and 2020

2021 Board of Directors and Committees


David Barton, MD
Lynn Barton, LCSW
The late John M. Flexner, MD

Board Officers

Beth Workman, Board Chair
Michael Payne, Treasurer
Vicki Estrin, Secretary and Chair-Elect
Clark Baker, Past Board Chair
Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO and Ex-officio

Board Members

Kim Cannon
Mike Edgeworth, MD
Mary Flipse
Robyn Fulwider
Stephen Heyman, MD
George Huddleston, Jr
Rob Jack
Veronica Marable Johnson
Jordan Kendig
Jeff Landman, MD
Keri McInnis
Jane Siegel, MD
Rev. Kelly Miller Smith
Robert Taylor, MD
Gina Zylstra

Advisory Committee

Deborah Story, Chair
David Barton, MD
Lynn Barton, LCSW
Beth Workman, Board Chair and Ex-officio
Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO and Ex-officio
Leslie Akins
Leslee B. Alexander
Rita Ash
Phil Barnett
Sydney Boerner
Lou Caputo
Dell Crosslin
Donna Culver
Frances Edwards
Annette S. Eskind
Donna Eskind
Mary Falls
Gordon Ferguson
Frank Gluck, MD
Keith Hagan, MD
Mary Hunter
Jordan Kendig
Harriet Karro
Lynn Lien
Max Moss, MD
Joseph C. Moss
Kitty Murfree
Joey Peay
Mark Pirtle
Shane Reeves
Kathy Ryan
Sandra J. Roberts
Liz Schatzlein
Bertie Shriver
Susan Simons
Joyce Taylor
Jan van Eys, MD
Don Witherspoon
Hanna Witherspoon
John Zubkus

Finance and Human Resources Committee

Michael Payne, Committee Chair
Beth Workman, Board Chair and Ex-Officio
Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO and Ex-Officio
Kim Cannon
Lisa Handly
Alan House
Allison Jones
Susan Marshall
Keri McInnis
Laura Purswell
Carolyn Schneider
Carol Titus

Quality, Compliance and Ethics Committee

Robyn Fulwider, Committee Chair
Beth Workman, Board Chair and Ex-Officio
Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO and Ex-officio
Frank Gluck, MD
Bill Hirschman
Doug Johnson, MD
Mary Lou O’Gorman
Rabbi Laurie Rice
Robert Taylor, MD
Jan van Eys, MD
Anna Grizzle, Legal Counsel

Strategic Planning and Mission Services Committee

Vicki Estrin, Committee Chair
Beth Workman, Board Chair and Ex-officio
Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO and Ex-officio
Mike Edgeworth, MD
Stephen Heyman, MD
George Huddleston, Jr
Jordan Kendig
Jeff Landman, MD
Veronica Marable Johnson
Jane Siegel, MD
Rev. Kelly Miller Smith, Jr
Robert Ward
Gina Zylstra,

Sponsorships and Grants

2021 Event Sponsors


$15,000 – $24,999

$10,000 – $14,999

$5,000 – $9,999

$3,000 – $4,999

Blue Dog Merch
CGI Electric
Elder Law of Nashville
Family Legacy
Loveless Cafe
Michael McKee and Paul Cook of Pilkerton Realtors
Murfreesboro Medical Clinic

$1,500 – $2,999

Bainbridge Realty Group
Belmont University
Christie Cookies
Cumberland Trust
Diversified Trust
The Farm at Natchez Trace
Frantz Building Services
Kristen Winston Catering
Liberty Party Rental
The Corner Market Catering Company

2021 Grantors

Ann Hardeman and Combs Lawson Fort Foundation
Baulch Family Foundation
Charity Circle of Murfreesboro
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
First Presbyterian Church
HCA Healthcare Foundation, Inc.
Louie M. and Betty M. Phillips Foundation
Nashville Predators Foundation
Smile Direct Club

St. George’s Episcopal Church
Temple Ohabai Sholom
The Houghland Foundation
The M. Stratton Foster Charitable Foundation
The Marlene and Spencer Hays Foundation
The Willard & Frances Hendrix Foundation
The William Stamps Farish Fund
Washington Foundation

Founders Circle of Giving

Cumulative Lifetime Gifts of $50,000+

The Founders Circle of Giving represents the roots of Alive’s tree: benefactors who have given a cumulative total of $50,000 or more in support of our mission since Alive’s founding in 1975.

*An asterisk denotes members added in 2021 to the Founder’s Circle of Giving.

Acadia Healthcare
Mr. and Mrs. J. Clark Akers III
Aladdin Industries Foundation, Inc.
American Constructors, Inc.
Ms. Clare C. Armistead
Ascension Health Ministry Service Center
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ayers
Bank of America of Tennessee
Ellen K. Barton
Bass, Berry & Sims PLC
Baulch Family Foundation
Beaman Automotive Group
Alvin and Sally Beaman Foundation
Bill and Melba Blevins
Bluebird Cafe, Inc.
James C. Bradford Estate, Jr.*
Bradford Family Foundation
Elizabeth Betty Brown
Martin S. Brown
William H. Cammack
Mr. Stewart Campbell, Jr.*
Mr. Monroe J. Carell, Jr.
Jural Couey Carter Estate
Charity Circle of Murfreesboro
Mr. and Mrs. Joel O. Cheek
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cheek, III
Christy-Houston Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Cigarran
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Mr. Matt Cowan
Marillyn F. Craig
The late Annella Creech
Brownlee Currey Foundation
Mrs. Jane Davis
Joe C. Davis Foundation
Clarise Ann DeQuasie
Carolyn Dozier Davis
Dugas Family Foundation
Enchiridion Foundation
Mrs. Annette S. Eskind
Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Eskind

Elinor C. Ewing Estate
Ezell Foundation
Family and Children’s Service
James M. Felts*
Ms. Mary M. Fishburn
John D. Floyd Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Ann Hardeman and Combs Lawson Fort Foundation
Frist Foundation
Irene P. Fuller
Ms. Barbara E. Futter
Mr. Joseph C. Galante*
Gaylord Entertainment
James E. and Sidna J. Ghee
Joseph Gilbert, Jr.
Letty-Lou Haber Gilbert
Dr. and Mrs. Francis W. Gluck, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Grizzle
Landis B. Gullett
Mr. John H. Hanson Estate
Mr. Bart Harrison
Pallen Harrison
The Marlene and Spencer Hays Foundation
HCA Caring for the Community*
HCA Corporate*
HCA Healthcare Foundation, Inc.
Healing Trust
Ms. Victoria Heil
Ms. Sharon Hels
The Willard & Frances Hendrix Foundation
Senator Douglas Henry
Annie Geraldine Hess
Nancy Elizabeth Hibbett
Alice I. Hooker
The Houghland Foundation
Mrs. Mary Kib Huddleston
Dr. Tracey Huddleston and Mr. George Huddleston, Jr.
Humana Foundation
Mary L. Hussey Estate
Ingram Industries Inc.
Martha R. Ingram
Jackson National Life
Mr. and Mrs. Joey A. Jacobs
Charlotte Jankovic Trust

Jeanine Scott Johnson
The Estate of Bernice Johnson
Joyce Foundation – Nashville
Mr. and Mrs. William B. King
Mildred C. Krech
Sue Z. Kresge
Mrs. Heloise Werthan Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lenderman, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lien
Life Extension Foundation*
Doris Loden
Martin Foundation
Mr. Michael B. McKee and Mr. Paul Cook
Dr. Warren McPherson
Ms. Michelle McWhorter and the late R. Clayton McWhorter
The Memorial Foundation
Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency
Laura Mary Tyler Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John Morris
MSB Cockayne Fund, Inc.
Mrs. Katherine D. Murfree
Nashville CARES
Douglas G. Odom
Lenore “Sis” Oldham
Mr. William Dortch Oldham
Ms. Michele Parker-Priddy*
Louie M. and Betty M. Phillips Foundation
James Walter Pickle Foundation
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pirtle
Justin & Valere Blair Potter Foundation
Valere Potter-Menefee
Purity Dairies, Inc.
Ragland Corporation
Mr. Richard E. Ragsdale
Ms. Hilda B. Ratner
Joan Rechter and the late Ben R. Rechter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Regan
Reynolds Family Foundation
Dr. Liz Rhea
Margaret Ann and Walter Robinson Foundation

Ann Middleton Ross
Mr. Alton Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Russell
Saint Thomas Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Scarola
Mary G. Schillig
The Estate of Linda C. Schuller
Serving our Seniors
Donald R. Shaw and Winnie Ray Dillingham Shaw
Mr. Donald R. Shaw Estate
Mrs. Helen Thomas Siler
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Simons
Elizabeth Jane Smith
Eleanor Steinke Estate
Ms. Mary E. “Billie” Stuck
SunTrust Bank
Mary Alberta Taylor Estate
Joyce P. Terris
Cal Turner Family Foundation
United Way of Metropolitan Nashville
United Way of Middle Tennessee
United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties, Inc.
United Way of Wilson County
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
John D. Walker
Carol C. Waller
Ms. Courtney Waller*
Washington Foundation
Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.
Joni P. Werthan
West End Home Foundation
Ryan White Community AIDS Partnership
Mr. Nell Shriver Williams
Willis North America
David K. and Paula R. Wilson
The Woman’s Club of Nashville
Mr. and Mrs. John Woodfin
Woodfin Memorial Chapel, Inc
Ms. Beth Workman and Mr. Ned Braman*
Robert K. and Anne H. Zelle Fund

Annual Giving Societies

Every donor nourishes our organization, helping our roots grow deep and our branches grow tall. Your support makes our mission possible.
The annual giving societies recognize gifts made for our general operating fund, programs, and capital campaign giving for Murfreesboro.

Evergreen Society

The evergreen tree is symbolic of perpetuity. Evergreen Society members have given $25,000-$49,999.

Ann Hardeman and Combs Lawson Fort Foundation
Bank of America
Bluebird Cafe, Inc.

Ms. Lucie W. Cammack
Mr. Joseph C. Galante
Ingram Industries Inc.

Mrs. Martha R. Ingram
MSB Cockayne Fund, Inc.
Dr. James L. Root

Oak Society

The oak tree is symbolic of courage. Oak Society members have given $10,000-$24,999.

Mr. Russell Burns
Mr. Stewart Campbell, Jr.
Charity Circle of Murfreesboro
The William Stamps Farish Fund
Sara J. Finley
Mrs. Jane Guzikowski
HCA Corporate
The Willard & Frances Hendrix Foundation
Mr. Bradford W. Hooker

Mr. Timothy I. Hooker
The Houghland Foundation
Jackson National Life
The Milton and Denice Johnson Family Foundation
Jural Couey Carter Trust
Lee Company
Dr. Warren McPherson
Murfreesboro Oral Surgery
Ms. Jennifer Paisley

Louie M. and Betty M. Phillips Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pirtle
Joan Rechter and the late Ben Rechter
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Reeves
Mr. Ronald P. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Scarola
Washington Foundation
Ms. Beth Workman and Mr.Ned Braman

Hickory Society

The hickory tree is symbolic of endurance. Hickory Society members have given $5,000 – $9,999.

Tommie Andrews
Baulch Family Foundation
Mary Elizabeth Bennett Estate
Big Ben Fund
Mr. Kent Capps
Col. Ret. Patrick D. Eagan
Enchiridion Foundation
Equitable Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Eskind
Mr. and Mrs. David Estrin
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Grizzle

HCA Caring for the Community
Healthcare Realty Trust
Hub International Limited
Jerry Lee Killough
Ms. Mary A. Kipp
Dr. and Mrs. Murali Kolli
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Landman
LBMC Investment Advisors, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Leader
Mike Levine
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lien
Mr. Aeron Lucas

James L. McGregor
Leo Moceri
Ms. Barbara Moss
Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, PA
National Certified Alarms, Inc.
Mrs. Dana Nelson
Mr. and Michael B. Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Regen
Reynolds Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rick
RT Medical LLC
Ms. Kathy Ryan

Pat Ryan
Ms. Bertie F. Shriver
Irvin and Beverly Small Foundation
St. Thomas West Hospital
Vinman Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Alex P. Waddell, IV
William Wallace
Ms. Michelle Warren
Ms. Suzanne Welles
Willis S. White
Dennis Wilcockson
Willis Towers Watson

Cedar Society

The cedar tree is symbolic of healing. Cedar Society members have given $2,500 – $4,999

Mr. Benjamin Adams
Ms. Elizabeth Allen
David Beeny
Bradford Family Foundation
Catherine Brent
Burns Services, Inc.
John E. Cain, III
Mr. Billy R. Caldwell
Janette Campbell
Ms. Kimberly D. Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Carpenter, III
Ms. A.C. Caroline Davis
Ms. Virginia A. Davis
Mrs. Frances M Edwards
Family Legacy LLC

First Presbyterian Church
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Fitzgerald
M. Stratton Foster Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Frye
Mr. Richard A. Green
The Artchar Hancock Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Herr
Highwoods Realty, LP
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Holland, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Everette I. Howell, Jr.
Mr. Gary W. Johnson
Ms. Barbara A. Kaye
Joseph LaMarca

Bob Larson
Kelly Luton
Ms. Jean C. Maynard
Mr. Michael B. McKee and Mr. Paul Cook
Mrs. Sue Meadow
Nashville Predators Foundation
Mrs. Karla Nugent
Mr. and Mrs. M. John Parker
Mr. Richard C. Patton
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Perry
PLC TN Holdings LLC Account
Mr. Mark Plunkett
Linda Ragsdale
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Kimberly C. Redd
Bennena Ribble and Sherry Ribble Willis
Richardson Foundation
Toni Rodgers
Dr. Jane Siegel and Dr. Rob Dyer
Smile Direct Club
Ms. Barbara Owen Smith
St. Clair Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Tappel
UBS Financial Services Inc.
United Way of the Midlands
United Way Suncoast
Drs. Mark and Jeanne Wallace
E. Hunter Welles
Joni P. Werthan

Elm Society

The elm tree is symbolic of inner strength. Elm Society members have given $1,000 – $4,999.

Chris Adams
AIG Matching Grants Program
American Paper & Twine Company
America’s Charities
Ms. Kathryn Andreen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Andrews
William Arnoult
Ascend Federal Credit Union
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Bagwell
Ms. Sara K. Bailey
Slade Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Baker
Melanie Baker
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
J. Banks and Tracy P. Link
Barings LLC Corp
Kathleen Bartos
Bass, Berry & Sims PLC
Dr. Charles O. Beauchamp
Belmont University
Mr. Maxwell E. Benson Jr.
Mrs. Annie Laurie Berry
Ms. Dana Blakemore
Mr. Brad Blevins
BNY Mellon
Mrs. Sydney Boerner
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bond
Mr. John L. Boone Jr.
David C. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brackett
Mrs. James Bradford, Jr.
Mr. Glenn Brewer
Mr. Dick Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bumstead
Mr. Jimmy Burris
Kevin Butler
Kenneth Butner
Bob Caito
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Campbell III
Mark Cappellino

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Carter
Gregory & Elizabeth Cashion
Tom Catron
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Cawthorne
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Close Family Charitable Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Close
Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Cohen
Ms. Barbara Culligan
Cumberland Trust & Investment Company
Ms. Nancy Daleuski
Mr. Willie K. Davis
Ms. Carolyn Dever
Diversified Trust Company, Inc.
Ms. Mary W. DiVittorio and Mr. Daniel W. Grecco
Doric Building Company
EA Homes, LP
Elan-Polo, Inc.
Ethan Elzen
The Annette & Irwin Eskind Family Foundation
The Steven and Laurie Eskind Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Evans
Ezell Foundation
Mr. Bill W. Ezell
Fifth Generation, Inc.
Janet Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frankenberg
Frantz Building Services
Louise B. Frazer Foundation
Georgia Gabriel
Brian Gant
General Mills
St. George’s Episcopal Church
Mr. Robert G. Gibson
Mr. Vince Gill and Ms. Amy Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gleason
Goad Family Foundation

Mrs. Kimberly D. Goessele
Ms. Karen Goetz
Gold Group
Dr. Ralph M. Greenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Greer
Mr. Larry E. Grimes
The Guttman Family Foundation Inc.
Patricia W. Hall
Patricia W. Hallum
Ms. Phyllis G. Hamilton
Harbor Island Yacht Club
Mrs. Frances Hardcastle
Harold and Helen Hazelip
Healing Trust
Hearts of the South Family Foundation
Ms. Judith T. Helfer
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Hellerson
Mrs. Barbara Holzman
Ms. Bettye Hurt
Mr. Robert Jack
Annie Jackson
Ms. Beverly S. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jackson
Mrs. Nina Jenkins
Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee
John Bouchard & Sons Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Johnson
Juanita Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kaiser
Mr. Jordan Kendig
Kennedy Investments, Inc.
Mr. David Killean
Mr. Michael Kopczynski
Drs. Paul and Dana Latour
Mrs. Linda Leith
Mr. and Mrs. Lenderman
Mr. Michael C. Levi
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Lindsey
Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Louthan

Mac Lynn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Margo
Ms. Annis Marney
Ms. Audrey G. Martin
Dr. Deborah Matthews Evans
Ms. Susan McCrary
Dr. and Mrs. David McRay
Ms. Ann P. Meador
Milek Media, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Morris
Allie Moseley
William D. Moseley
National Funeral Directors Association
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Newman
Ms. Linda Norman
Mr. Ruben Ocampo and Ms. Casie Gambrel
Frank and Elaine Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Parker
Mr. Ralph Parsons
Penn State
Purity Dairies, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Rawlings
Regatta Network, Inc.
Mrs. Dana Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Doyle R. Rippee
Ms. Sandra J. Roberts
Mr. Wain Rogers
Room 8, LLC
Mr. Joe Rowland
Mr. and Mrs. Don Schlitz
Mr. Dean Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schutt
SEI Private Trust Company
Roger Severino
Joan B. Shayne
Mr. Jacques René Sirois
Mr. Jon Sisler
Skyhook Structural Engineering, P.C.

Mr. Melvin Sloan
Dr. and Mrs. Christian B. Smart
Southeast Venture, LLC
Elizabeth K. Spade
Ms. Teela Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Stevens
Mr. Frank W. Stevens, Jr.
Ms. Alyssa Stines
The late James Suhr
T & T Family Foundation
TD Ameritrade Clearing
Mr. and Ms. Buddy Teaster
Teledyne Brown Engineering
Temple Ohabai Sholom
The Slugs
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Thor
TMPartners, PLLC
Mrs. Ann Litton Tuck
Christi Turner
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Dr. Jan van Eys and Ms. Judith L. Hodges
Mr. Richard J. Vaughn
Debra L. Vernon-Weeks
Ms. Elizabeth C. Walls
Richard and Michelle Warner
Mr. Douglas Weltner
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Whittemore
Ms. Diana T. Wilker
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Wilson
The Anne P. Wilson Charitable Fund
Mr. Ronald J. Wolcott
World Outreach Church
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wray
Jeremy & Angie Wright
Mr. and Mrs. William Wright
Kathleen York
Ms. Barbara Zipperian
The late Heloise Werthan Kuhn

Thank you to all of our supporters!

Dr. Ralph Aarons and Dr. Elizabeth Aarons
Mr. Gerald and Allyson Abbey
Cathy Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. David Abbott
Ellen Abbott
Elizabeth R. Abernathy
Ms. Lee Anne Abernathy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Abeyta
Linda H. Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Abramson
Eric Abshire
Donna Acker
Buddy Adams
Cherie Adams
F. Louise Adams
Ms. Jamie C. Adams
Jennifer Adams
Lisa Adams
Ms. Diane Adcock
Dr. Miriam R. Adderholdt, Ph.D.
Mr. Frank & Kelly Adelman
Ms. Charlotte Aderholdt
Laura Adiwasito
Mr. John P. Adonis
Dr. Stacie Adonis
Robert D Agee
Kathryn Agnew
Mr. and Mrs. James Aho, Jr.
Ms. Eleanor Akers
Ms. Joanna Albert
Donna Albrecht
Scott Albright
Mrs. Debbie Aldis
Mrs. Jennifer Aldrich
Allen and Carolyn Aldridge
Anne Berry Alexander
Ms. Lisa Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Alford
Mr. Dwight L. Alford
Lindsey Allan
Sarah Alldredge
Ms. Amy Allen
Councilman Burkley Allen
Elizabeth Allen
Ms. Eileen Littlefield Allen
Nancy and Joe Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Allen
Ms. Mary H. Allen
Rachel Allen
Rose Allen
Sharon Allen
Tina Allen
Mr. Wesley Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Alley
Sarah Allredge
Maryann Alvarez
American Family Corporate
American Funds
American Legion Aux Unit No 932
Ameriprise Financial
Jamie Amos
Ms. Sara Amos
Arthur and Kim Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Anderson
Mr. David Anderson and Mrs. Kathryn Sacra-Anderson
Felicia Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Anderson
James C. Anderson
Dr. Jean Anderson
Jennifer Anderson
Ms. Lillian T. Anderson
Rhonda Anderson
Mr. Robert G. Anderson
Ronald and Elaine Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Anderson
The Andersons Corp.
Mr. James Anderton and Ms. Barbara Kuzma
Ms. Elizabeth F. Andrews
Hal and Stacey Andrews
Ms. Sarah Andrews
Tommie Andrews
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Ange
Jess Angelo
William C. Annett
Andrea Antone
Felice Apolinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Aponte
Ms. Patsy J. Apple
Jean Archambeau
Argent Trust Company
Mrs. Risha Arkovitz
Mr. and Mrs. James Armstrong
Kathleen Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Arnette Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Arnold
Ms. Janice Arnold
Mrs. Reather P. Arnold
Ms. Cathy Arter
Associated Pathologists, LLC
Associates in Behavioral Health
Mrs. Annette Y. Atkinson
Chris Atnip
Attorneys Title Company, Inc.
Ms. Linda Atwood
Ms. Sarah Ausborn
Sandra Austin
Ms. Elaine J. Avaritt
Carl and Grace Awh
Professor Judy Axonovitz
Anona Ayala
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Ayer
Mr. Gerard F. Babineau
Michael Bacon
Andrea Baes
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Baese
Sarah Baggech
Mrs. Judy Baggett
Mr. and Mrs. David Baggott
Rhonda Bagsby
Margaret Bahou
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Bailey
Gene Bailey
Mr. Robert Bailey
Ms. Shelby Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Bailey, Jr.
Mr. Willie T. Bailey, Jr.
Bainbridge Realty Group
Mrs. Paige Bainbridge
Baird Foundation, Inc.
K Suzanne Baird
LTC (ret.) and Mrs. Robert Baird
Rachael Baitel
Sean Baker
Alpha Dean Baker
Ms. June R. Baker
Karen Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Baker
Jessica Bakle
Mr. John Balazs
Kim Baldinger
Cindy Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ball and family
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Ball
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ballentine
Bill Balls
Mr. and Mrs. Sam M. Balthrop
Tommy Banasiewicz
Mr. Steve Banister
Bank of New York Mellon
Priscilla Bankston
Mr. and Mrs. Brown Bannister
Emily Banta
Renee Barbis
Ms. Stephanie Barca
Mrs. JoAnn Bardet
Mary Barfield
Chrissy Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Barker
Joseph N. Barker
Luke A. Barker
Ms. Mary Dona Barksdale
Linda Barlow
Ms. Deborah F. Barnard
Alice Barnes
Ms. Beatrice Barnes
Beverly Barnes
Michele Barnes
DeAnn Barnett
Debbie Barnett
Ms. Deborah O. Barnett
Joey Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Barnett
Ms. Janet Barnette
Cindy Barnhart
Michael and Nancy Baron
Lisa S. Barr
Angie Barrett
Ms. Annie L. Barrett
Ms. Deborah Barrett
Dolores Barrett
Gayle Barrett
Virginia Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Carole & Donald Barron
The Larry Bartel Family
Ms. Amy Barton
Dr. and Mrs. Barton
Franklin Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Gary I. Barton
Mrs. Marsha Basore
Mr. E. Warner Bass
James Bass Jr
Jim & Cheryl Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bass
Mr. Austin Bateman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bateman
Angela S. Bates
Charley Bates-Wagner
Patricia Bates
Joanne M. Batey
Ms. Marianne Batey
Ms. Grace Bathrick
Mr. and Mrs. Batson
Ms. Joyce Battaglia
Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Batts, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Batts
Mr. and Mrs. James Bauchiero
Ms. Elizabeth Coleman and Mr. Roy Baudoin
Mr. and Mrs. John Bauer
Ms. Anna Baugher
James Baxter
Peggy Baxter
Nora Beach
Ms. Katrin T. Bean
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H Bean
Ms. Janice Beard
Yvette Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Beasley
Katheryn Beasley
Ms. Lisa Beasley
Robin Beavers
Ms. Betsy Beazley
Mr. and Mrs. Carson W. Beck
Ms. Kathy Beck
Craig and Angela Becker
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Becker
Dawn Becker
Frank and Bethe Becker
Ms. Sandra Becker
Mr. Robert Beckham
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Beckner
William and Sharon Beckner
Mr. Marc Beeson
Babs Young Behar
Janice L. Belden
Believers’ Chapel
E Menie Bell
Jocelyn Bell
Ms. Betty C. Bellamy
Belmont University College of Health Sciences & Nursing
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Belott
Amy L. Beltrami
Linda J. Beltrami
Louis Beltrami
Dr. Betsy D. Bennett
Patrick Bennett
Sharon Bennett
June Bentley
Eugene Berg
Ms. Elizabeth Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Berger
2003 Bern Family Trust
Brian and Dianne Berry
Jean Berry
Mrs. Tyler Berry, Jr.
Monnie and Danny Bess
Ms. Ann Betty
Ms. Peggy S. Beyer
Tara Bezawada
Mr. Richard C. Bibb
Wanda Bibb
Mr. Deshay Biggerstaff
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Bilbrey
Daniel and Christy Biles
Ms. Kathryn M. Billingsley
Brandon Bingham
Ms. Judy Bingham
Ms. Ann H. Binkley
Mr. Kevin Birdwell
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Birren
Ms. Betsy Bixler and Ms. Elizabeth East
Mr. and Mrs. David Black
Ms. Rozelia Black
Amy Blackburn
Annie Blackburn
Donna Blackburn
Dr. James E. Blackburn II
Samantha Blackburn
Ms. Christine Blackwood
Natalie Blair
Ms. Rose Blakeslee
Jennifer Blaney
Ms. Glenda McCall Blank
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Blank
Mr. and Mrs. Blankenship
Katy Blasingame
Yvonne Bleakly
Erik Bliss
Carol Blonder
Ellen Bloomfield
Jennifer Blount
Ms. Dot F. Blue
Kaul Bluestone
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Boatright
Mr. and Mrs. Seth T. Boaz
Ms. Sheila Bobo
Nadine Bock
Mr. William H. Bodaford, Jr.
Dixie Bodie
Mr. Robert Boer
Adam Boger
Ms. Cathy Bogle
Mrs. June G. Bogle
Ms. Alice Faye Bolin
Mrs. Linda Bollen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bolsom
Ms. Betsy A. Bond
Mr. and Mr. Gwen Bond
Linda Bonifant
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Boone
Robert Boren
Mrs. Stephanie Borop
Joan Bosley
Karen R. Bosley
Boswell’s Harley-Davidson
Melissa Boudreau
Ms. Lisa Boullt
Pat Bowker
Ms. Patricia L. Bowker
Chuck Bowlin
Andrew Bowman
B.L. Bowman
Betsy Bowman
Darlene A. Bowman
Mr. Darrick Bowman
Ms. Patsy D. Boyce
Kenneth Boyd
Kimberly Boyer
Mrs. Arleen Bozeman
Benitha Bracy
Ms. Emily Bradbury
Stephen Braden
Jane Bradford
Susan and Jim Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll L. Bradley
Sharon and Richard Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bradley
Diana M. Bradmeyer
BRADS Unlimited
John J. Brady III
Margaret Brady
Ms. Mary Miles Brainerd
Lilliana Brandao
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Brandon III
Erwin Brandt
Mr. Frank L. Branham
Ms. Brenda Brannon
Sandra Brasfield
Pamela Brashear
Allison Braswell
Mr. Bill Braswell II
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Braswell
George and Delois Bratton
Suzette Brawner
Jeanne & Michael Breard
Governor Philip N. Bredesen and Ms. Andrea Conte
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Breedlove
Ms. Barbara Breen
Mrs. Mary Lawrence M. Breinig
Brentwood UMC Finance Team
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Breuer
Ms. Monica Brewer
Barry Brian
Alice Bricco
Katherine Brickey
Mrs. Luana Briley
Mallory Brimm
Nicole Brinkley
Bristol Development Group LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bristol, Jr.
Ms. Mary Clark Brittain
David and Libby Broadhurst
Peter Brobston
Ms. Janice Brougham
Paul Broussard
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Brown
Amanda Brown
Ms. Andrea Brown
Ms. Bernice Brown
Bobby W. Brown
Mr. Bob Brown
Chris and Tricia Brown
Mrs. R Denice Brown-Sweeney
Jill Brown
Lillard and Nelda Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Brown, Jr.
Ms. Patsy L. Brown
Teresa Brown
Vickie Brown
Ms. Joann Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Bruce
Mr. Keith G. Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bruce
Dawn Bruni
Mr. and Mrs. David Brunner
Ms. Katherine Bryan
The Bryant Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Bryant
Mrs. Mary Lea Bryant
Peggy Bryant
Mr. Travis Bryant
Liberty Bryson
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Buchanan
Kay Buck
Ms. Wendy Buck
Ms. Mary Buckner
Alison C. Bueschen
Anton Bueschen
Bob and Gina Bullen
Mrs. Krista T. Bullington
Ms. Cynthia M. Bulman
Mr. Robert T. Bumbalough
Sandra Bumbalough
Bunco Group & Friends
Richie Burch
Ms. Sarah L. Burchett
Ms. Peggy Burgess
Farrah Burgett
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Burian
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell & Sandra Burkhart
Burk and Alice Burkholder
Diane W. Burks
Ms. Denise Burleson
Mr. Wilton W. Burnett, Jr.
Ms. Robbie Burns
Sharon Burns
Mr. William J. Burns
Mary Margaret Burrows
Ms. Helen Burrus
Jeannie Burt
David P. Burt
William E. Burt
Bob & Nancy Burton
Mrs. Martha Burton
Bush Insurance and Financial Services
Bradley Bush
Linda Bush
Shana Bush
Mike Bussard
Allen and Carolyn Butcher
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Butler
Christie Butler
Emily L. Butler
Mr. Michael Butler
Ms. Wanda Butler
Butler’s Run
George Buttrey
James and Mary Jo Butts
Ruth Ann Bybee
Drew Bynum
Dr. Sherryl A. Byrd
Ms. Kellye J. Byrn
Betsy Byrne
C. B. Rollins III & Delinda Rollins Charitable Lead Unitrust
The Caffey Family
George & Laura Caffey
Peter and Karyl Cafiero
Jackie Cagle
Mr. Lloyd Cahoon
Candy Cain
Mr. Jack Cain
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Caire
Fabiane Calborn
Adrian Caldwell
Deborah Caldwell
Jill Caldwell
David and Lana Call
Myron Callaham
Ms. Theresa R. Calton
A. Calzia
Amy Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Campbell
Ms. Donna J. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Howell H. Campbell III
Mr. and Mrs. L. Webb Campbell, II
Mrs. Laura Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. and Richard Campbell
Tommy Canada
Cane Ridge Free Will Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Cannon
Ms. Alice R. Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cannon
Mr. Patrick Cannon
Toby Cannon
Nancy J. Canter
Cantera Place Homeowners Association
Anthony Cantrell
Mrs. Laine B. Cantrell
Ms. Sylvia Capps
Mr. Francis Caprio
Ms. Leah Caradine
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Carden
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Carden
Cardinal Health Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Cardwell
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Carl
Michael Carlo
Linda Carman
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Carmon
Crystal Caro
Donna Carolan
Mr. Patrick Carpenter
Henry & Susan Carr
Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC
Claire Carrico
Ms. Virginia Carrigan
John S. Carroll and Gerald L. Carroll
Mr. James Carroll
Ms. Peggy Carroll
Wanda Carroll
Zena Carruthers and Steve Thorne
Ms. Becky Carter
Dan Carter
Lucy R. Carter CPA
Patrick Carter
Robert and Susan Carter
Mrs. Cartwright
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Caruthers
Martha Carvell
Mrs. Ginny Carver
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Carver
Ms. Tina Carver
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Casa Santa
Ms. Linda Case
Ms. Janis V. Casey
Ms. Maureen R. Casey
Reeta Casey
Allissa Cassell
Jim & Kathy Casserly
The family of Martha Cassidy
Mr. Donald J. Casteel
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Casteel
Ms. Dianne D. Castellano
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Castleberry
Ms. Kalyn Catlett
Mr. and Mrs. John Catron
Kelly Caudill
Ms. Sue B. Causey
Ms. Jennifer Caver
Judy Cawley
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Cawthon
Centennial Women’s Hospital
Center Chapel Church of Christ
Ms. Patty Chadwell
Ms. Lisa Chalfant
Lisa & Danny Chambers
Ms. Judy Chambers
Ms. Linda Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Truett Chambers
Kim Chaney-Bay
Alice Chapman
Faye Chapman
Marlin and Cindy Chapman
Mrs. Mary Frances Chappell
CharityVest, Inc.
Jim and Barbara Charlet
Ms. Alice Charron
Cheatham County Funeral Home
Ronald Cheatham
Allen Cheek
Charles and Faye Chellman
Mrs. Betsy Chernau
Elizabeth Chernau
Joanne Cherpack
Mr. and Ms. Kyle B. Cherry
Sharon Cherry
Tricia V. Cherry
Mr. James R. Cheshire III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Chesky
Tammy S. Chester
Ms. Jerrie Chilcote
Laverne Childress
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Christian
Ms. Dale Christians
Ms. Julia Christman
Sam E. Christopher
Susan Christopher
Yvonne W. Christopher
Mr. Nile W. Christy
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Chunn
Dr. and Mrs. Curtis K. Church
Citizens Charitable Foundation
Ms. Deborah M. Clapper
Beverly J. Clark
Brenda Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Dick E. Clark
Jonathan Clark
Ramsay Clark
Ward Clark
Mimi Clarke
James and Wanda Claybrooks
Vicki Claycombe
Glenn Clayton
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Clayton III
Rolanda Clayton
Mr. Ted M. Clayton
Aubrey and Irene Clemens
Teresa Clements
Ms. Connie Clemmons
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cleveland
Mr. Tom Clevenger
Katlyn G. Clifton
Sue Cline
Dr. Mary Ellen Clinton
Michael Cloninger
Stacey Cloninger
Mike Coakley & Bill Malone
Angela J. Coates
Mrs. Cathy T. Cobb
Mr. Danny Coble
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Coble II
Mrs. Anita K. Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Cochron
Johnny and Linza Coffee
Mr. and Mrs. Del Coggins
Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Cohen
Ms. Isabelle L. Cohen
Ms. Lisa Cohen
Dr. Norman Cohen
Ms. Suzanne Cohen
Mr. Sy Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. Cohorn
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Coia
Regina Coia
Mr. Bobby Cole
Mr. Chase Cole
Ms. Heather Cole
Whitney Cole
Ms. Diane Colecchi
Stephen Colecchi
Family of Bob Coleman
Mr. Dan B. Coleman
John and Mitzi Coleman
Martha S. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Coleman
Sam, Nancy, Bill & Lisa Coleman
Anthony Coles
College Grove Church of Christ
College Grove Lion’s Club
Mr. Glynn E. Collier
Hal and Edie Collier
Allen and Brenda Collins
Mr. B. Tom Collins
Donna Jo Collins
Ms. Lorene B. Collins
Ravina Collins
Doug Colton
Heather Conley
Ms. Linda A. Conlin
Shelley Connelie
Judge Lew Conner
Ms. Shawna Conner
Mary Conover
Tony & Carole Consiglio
Ronald and Emily Conti
Mr. and Mrs. John Coode
Ms. Donna Cook
Ms. Dorothy Cook
Forest Cook
Ms. Jennifer Cook
Mrs. Lanie P. Cook
Mary Jean Cook
Michael Cook
Ms. Missy Cook
Norma H. Cook
Kendra Cooke
Sandra Cooley
Mr. and Mrs. Bill H. Coombs
Mrs. Patsy M. Cooney
Ms. Arlene Cooper
Bill and Amy Cooper
Charles K. Cooper
Congressman James H. Cooper
Mary Lynn Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Cooper
Dr. and Mrs. Seth N. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Jim C. Cope
Mr. William A. Copen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Corcoran, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Corlew
Lonnie and Susan Corley
Susan Corley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Corn
Rebecca Cornell
Ms. Alice F. Cornwell
Ms. Jill Cornwell
Janie Correll
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Corrin
Frank Cortes
Kelly Cortesi
Mr. David Costello
Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Costner
Ms. Jeanne Cotter
Country Insider
Candace Covington
Mrs. Paula A. Covington
Myrick Cowart
Mr. Billy W. Cox
Mr. Larry Cox
Mr. Roger Cox
Delia “Deedy” A. Crabb
Ms. Anna H. Crabtree
Barbara Craddock
Mrs. Deborah W. Craig
Lara Craig
Steve & Rachel Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger N. Crain
Mr. Peter Cranford
Ms. Janie J. Craun
George V. Crawford, Jr.
Cherif Cressaty
Mr. Robert J. Creswell
Mr. Brian Crews
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Crews
Mr. Kenneth M. Crews
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Crichton
Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Crigger
Ms. Dorothy G. Crockarell
Ms. Vicki Crockarell
Barbara & Max Crocker
Cindy Croley
Mrs. Emily K. Crook
Dr. and Mrs. Jerrall P. Crook, Jr.
Lisa Croppe
Pam Crosby
Jim & Jenny Cross
Roberta Croteau
Mrs. Sue Crotzer
Ruth Crouch
Ms. Katherine Le Croy
Annette Crutchfield

Ponda Culberson
Ms. Sandra J. Cullen
Donna Culver
Cumberland University
Allen Cummings
Ms. Beth Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Dick L. Cummings
Ms. Elizabeth Cummins
Ms. Mary A. Cummins
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Cundall
Ms. Janine Cundiff
Susan Cunningham
Curb Records
Lillian Curley
Ms. Susan Currie
Mr. Charles Curry
Ms. Yvonne D. Curry
Andrew and Diana Da Miano
Ms. Cynthia A. Dahlgren
Mr. Clayton Dailey
Jetta Dailey
Mr. H. Pete Daily
Ms. Helen H. Dale and Jeff Dale
Marjorie Dale
Misty Dalton
Ms. Joann Dandrea
Daniel & Associates
Mr. Joseph S. Daniel
Keisha Daniel
Pamela Daniel
Jeffrey Daniels
Mr. Marc Daniels
Ms. Judith Dapelo
Tricia Dapelo
Ms. Gail D’Apolito
Darilng Ingredients
Ms. Caitlin Darnaby
Jaima Darsinos
Ms. Charlene Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Davenport
Lynda Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. David
Davidson Academy
Dr. and Mrs. Glen W. Davidson
Katie Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Davis
Ms. Adelaide G. Davis
Mr. Alphonse H. Davis
Mrs. Avon J. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Davis
Bridget M. Davis
Carolyn D. Davis
Cecil Davis
Charles H. Davis
Mr. David Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Davis, II
Ms. Faye B. Davis
Mr. Gary D. Davis
Jacqueline and Mattie Davis
James and Ellen Davis
Ms. Janice Davis
Justin Davis
Ms. Karen B. Davis
Kathleen Davis
Mr. and Mrs. W. Kirby Davis, Jr.
Mr. Larry J. Davis
Mrs. Lipscomb Davis, Jr.
Mrs. Peggy Davis
Shirley Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Davis
Mrs. Susan Davis
Theresa Davis
Vicky Davis
Dr. William G. Davis
Dorinda Dawn
DC Advisory
Amy de Jesus
Mr. Jeffrey G. Decious
Dee Pierce & Associates
Dennis Dehainaut
Ms. Stephanie DeHart
John DeJarnette
Dell USA, LP
Dell YourCause, LLC
Dalines DeMarco
Mr. Thomas DeMarco
Ms. Eva N. Demonbreun
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. DeMoss, III
Dempsey Vantrease & Follis, PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Dennard
Ms. Shirley Dennis
Ruth, Bill, Phillip and Patty Dennison
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Denson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Derrick
Leroy Derrickson
Linda S. Desantis
Ms. Dana deTar
Penny Dettbarn
Mr. and Mrs. Mark & Sherry Deutschmann
Allison DeVault
Ms. Bertie Dewane
Chris and Teresa Dickens
Lori Dickens
Representative Dickerson and Mrs. Elaine Dickerson
Peggy Dickinson
Sami Dietrich
Ms. Ann Dietrichson
Ms. Rebecca C. Diggs
Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Dill
John Dillard
Jane Dillard-Eggers
Keele Dillon
James and Margaret Ann DiMaggio
Mike and Diane Dioguardi
Dr. Ralph A. DiPalma
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Dixon
Lana & David Dixon
Don and Earline Dixon
C. Doak
Mr. and Mrs. David Dobbins
Phillip & Lindsay Dobbins
Georgette Dobkin
Annie Grigsby Dobson
Ellen Dockery
Sam Dodd
Ms. Nancy Dodd and Mr. Donald Harvey
Mary Kate Dodge
Candy Dodson
Mr. Harlan Dodson and Ms. Margaret L. Behm
Kelli Dodson
Dr. Tracey E. Doering, M.D.
Deborah Domalik
Mr. Thomas M. Donnell
Ms. Rita Ann Donnelly
Doran Foundation, Inc.
Margaret Dorantes
Ms. Amy Dorfman
Barbara Doring
Judy Dorris
Mr. and Mrs. Al Dorsey
Mr. David D. Dortch
Betty & Phil Dotson
Ms. Ruby M. Dotson
Ms. Elaine M. Doty
Mr. and Mrs. Ben B. Doubleday, Jr.
Dr. and Dr. Ken Dougherty
Joyce A. Douglas
Mr. Richard Douglas
Ms. Jacquelyn Dowd
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Downey
Diane M. Doyal
Drain Doctor LLC
Alexis Drake
Kay L. Drake
Ms. Renee Drake
Sherry Drake
Terry and Jackie Drake
Family of Julie Dreher
Debbie Dreier
Ms. Alissa P. Drescher
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Dretler
Gina Drifmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Driver
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dube
Dr. and Mrs. Tommy J. Ducklo
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dugger, Jr.
Tony & Lisa Dugger
Mr. William T. Dugger
Duke Energy
Duke Realty
Peggy Duke
Mr. Willie D. Duke
Ms. Kaye Duke-Frensley
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dulaney
Mary Dunaway
Diane Duncan
Mr. Jim K. Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Duncan
Richard L. Duncan
Ms. Sandra Duncan
Cheryl Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Dunn
Mr. Gerald Dunn
Ms. Jan Dunn
Mr. Jim H. Dunn
Bill & Mary Dunnavant
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dunning
Durham Realty and Auction Co., Inc.
Dr. Charley A. Durham and Dr. Kristin Pruitt
Sherry Durham
Ms. Sandra Durnin
Peg Duthie
Mrs. Corrie J. Duty
Rebecca Duval
Molly Dvorak
Daniel Dwyer
Alice Dyer
Ms. Danielle Dyer
Mr. Rob Dyer
Ms. Peggy Earheart
Ms. Tammye Earle
Mr. and Mrs. David Earnhardt
Ms. Debbie & Larry East
John E. Easter
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Eaton
Leon Eberle
EBS Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Eck
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eckert
Carla Eddy
Norma T. Edenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Edenton
Edge Planning Landscape Architecture Urban Design
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Edgeworth
Ms. Karen Edlund
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl L. Edmonds
Dr. and Mrs. George S. Edwards Jr.
Alisa Edwards
Ms. Elizabeth Edwards
Jennifer Edwards
Mrs. Lucile C. Edwards
Michael Edwards
Mrs. Michelle Edwards
Ruth M. Edwards
Sandra Edwards
Ms. Susan W. Edwards
Ms. Jeanette Egly
Madison Ehrenberg
Mrs. Ellen Einstein
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Eisenstein
Ms. Brenda D. Elam
Ms. Faye Elam
Ms. Tish D. Elam
Clarann Ellerbusch
Duane and Vernona Elliott
Shirley J. Elliott
Celia Ellis
Mr. Gordon Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Ellis
Joseph Ellis
James Ellison
Jake Embry
William Emmetts
Encova Insurance
Endodontic Associates, P. A.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Endres
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. England
Emily English
Mrs. Ann Ennis
Dr. Morel Enoch, Ph.D.
Ms. Sharon R. Enzweiler
Ms. Jennifer B. Ervin
Donna Eskind
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Eskind
ESS Group, Inc.
Kathleen Essel
Gabe and Susan Esters
Mr. and Mrs. James Estes
Ms. Charlene G. Estrin
K Etheridge
John and Barbara Eubank
Charles Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Chase R. Evans
Emily Evans
Mrs. Erin Evans
John Evans
Ms. Lily Evans
Melanie Evans
Virginia Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Everett
Patricia Everman
Ms. Mary Frances Evers
Ms. Sonia Everson
Ms. Helen O. Ewers
Exchange Club of Donelson Hermitage
David and Joyce Eyler
Mr. Bobby A. Ezell
Ms. Nancy C. Ezell
Mrs. Linda Fair
Ms. Raene Fairbanks
Fairview Church of Christ
Barbara A. Falkenberg
Ms. Mary Falls
David & Debbie Fann
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Fann
Linda Fannin
Mr. Samuel N. Fanroy, Jr.
Angela Fantom
Bill Faraghan
Gene and Dorothy Farley
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Farley
Farmers Mutual of Tennessee
Lynne Farrar
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Farrar, M.D.
Farrer Bros. Self-Storage
Mr. Charles R. Farrer
Eleanor Farrer
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Farrer
Dr. Cheryl Fassler
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Faucette
Ms. Rebecca L. Faulkner
Robert Fehl
Ms. Beth Felch
Mr. and Mrs. Tice Feldman
Johnny & Martha Felker
Fellowship Sunday School Class
Debra Felt
Mr. Edward R. Felts
Traci Felts
Marjorie Feltus
Ms. Dorothy Fennell
Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Ferguson
Ms. Betsy Ferguson
Tracey Ferguson
Gail Ferrall
Jane G. Ferrell
Susan Ferrera
Wilburn & Mary Elizabeth Field
Ms. Vivian J. Fielder
Mona Figueredo
Elaine Finchum
Christine Fine
Cara Finger
First Farmers and Merchants Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fishel
Sharon R. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Fitz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Fitzgerald
Barbara Fitzpatrick
Mr. Bob Fitzpatrick
Ms. Lola L. Fitzpatrick
Debbie Flack
C.J. Flanagan
Ms. Doris Fleischer
Mr. Paul Fleisher
Mr. and Mrs. William Fleming
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Fletcher
Fluitek Corporation
Mr. Charles S. Fly
B. Jean Flynn
Mr. and Ms. John Flynn
Ms. Martha D. Flynn
Ms. Sheila Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Fogle
Ms. Estella Folks
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Fondren, Jr.
Mr. Edward V. Foote
Ms. Lisa B. Foote
Susan Foran
Ford Motor Credit Company
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Ford
Ms. Laura J. Foreman
Marion Forkum
Carolyn Forrest
Mrs. Judith Forrest
Ms. Megan Forshey
Ms. Lois Forsmo
Jamie Forster
Robert L. Forster
Anthony and Molly Fort
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan M. Fort, III
Mr. David A. Foster
Mrs. Janis C. Foster
Jean W. Foster
Karen Foster
Melvyn Sydney Foster
Kerry Foth
Mr. and Mrs. Fowler
Mrs. Charlotte H. Fox
Mr. Gilbert S. Fox
Ms. Mary W. Fox
Phil & Bernice Fox and Kevin & Michelle Massey
Mrs. Rosemary Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Fox
Tammye Fox
Ms. Marilyn Foyer
Suzanne Frakes and Jennifer Peterson
Danny and Martha Fraley
Ms. Valena S. France
Mr. and Mrs. Victor B. Francescon, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Francis
Ms. Sara J. Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Frank, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Franklin
Ms. Julia R. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Frautschy
Fred Ayers Memorial Football Pool
Ms. Cindy Freeman
Mr. Earl Freeman
Mr. Stephen French
Mr. Jon Frere
Penny & Jon Frere
Dr. Judy Freudenthal
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Freund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Frey
Friendship United Methodist Women
Ms. Hillary Froemel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Fulcher
Asalene Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Fuller
Mr. Ralph O. Fullerton
Scott Fuqua
David H. Furse
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Futrell, Jr.
Tana Futrell
Ms. Rebecca M. Fyke
Brenda Gadd
Julie Gage
Frank Gailbreath
Ms. Lochiel A. Gaines
Patricia Gaiser
Ms. Betty A. Gaither
Ann Galante
Sonya Galicki
Ms. Nicole Galland
Danny Gallimore
Merilyn B. Gambill
Al Ganier
Kitty Gannon
Ms. Susan Garant
Shawn & Gil Garcia
Ms. Becky Gardenhire
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Gardner
James Gardner
Tiffany Gardner
Sue Garey
Mrs. Martha Garman
Mr. and Mrs. Robb Garman
Vanessa Garner
Richard and Janet Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Garrett
Melanie Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garrison
Mr. Stephen B. Garvan
Tina Gassett
Kathy & Marbut Gaston
Michael J. Gaughan
Gregory Geffre
Genesco Inc.
Mrs. Carole Gentry
Dr. Deborah Gentry
GEODIS Marketing Team
George Thomas Realty
Daniel George
Joyce G. George
Lindsay C. George
Lisa George
Robin George
Gerri Geraci
Ms. Kathy S. Gerdes
Brittany Gerkey
Mr. and Mrs. John Gerwer
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Getzinger
Donna Gibbs
Ms. Connie Barnes Gibson
Ms. Linda Gibson
Mr. Roger Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Giddens
Yolanda Giddens
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Harris N. Gilbert
Kelley Gilbert
Mrs. Nancy A. Gilbert
Bill and Juliann Gillespie and family
Ms. Patricia T. Gillie
Ms. Rebecca Gilliland
Ms. Sheila Gilliland
Lily Gillmor
John and Allis Dale Gillmor
Ms. Katy S. Ginanni
Ms. Mary Belle Ginanni
Sean Glancy
Jane B. Glantz
Louis Glaser
Sherry and Edward Glasgow
Dr. and Ms. David M. Glassford, Jr.
Mrs. Judy Glatzer
Ms. Debbie Gleason
Scott and Kelley Gleason
Mr. and Mrs. Glover
Annette Glover
Mr. Ben Glover
Nancy Glover
Dr. and Mrs. Francis W. Gluck, Jr.
Paulette Goats
Kathleen Gobbell
Mrs. Kimberly D. Goessele
Alma Goff
Tina Goins
Nancy Gold
Dr. and Dr. Chris Golden
Fred Goldner
Sandra Gomes
Donna Gomez
Judy & Joe Goodman
Mr. Daniel M. Goodman
Natasha Gordijn
Dr. Ann L. Gordon
Mr. Clyde R. Gordon
Olivia F. Gordon
M. J. Gorham, Jr., D.D.S.
Ms. Mary K. Gormley
Mr. and Mrs. Layton Gossage, Jr.
Mrs. Jean N. Gould
Ms. Paula Gower
Graceful Aging Legal Services, PLLC
Ms. Regina Gragg
Gail Graham
Joy Graham
Ms. Rosetta H. Graham
Ms. Shirley A. Graham
Susan Graham
Grand Chapter of Tennessee Order of the Eastern Star General
Ms. Trista Grandey
Mr. Bradford A. Graves
Ms. Gloria W. Graves
Judy C. Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Gray
Denise M. Gray
Donald L. Gray
Melissa Gray
Ms. Reba Gray
Toni A. Gray
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Greater Nashville Association of Realtors, Inc.
Amy Greathouse
Elizabeth M. Greek
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Green
Mr. and Mrs. David Green
Ms. Debra Green
Dorothy Green
Joseph and Susan Green
Kimberly Green
Libby Green
Robert Green
Sharon B. Green
Dr. Ralph M. Greenbaum
Christy Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Janet and Gary Greene
Greenheart International
Marion & David Greenlee
Mr. Bobby Gregory, Jr.
Diane A. Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gregory
Gresham, Smith and Partners
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Griffin
Mrs. Emily Griffis
Ms. Margaret Griggs
Grindersedge, Inc.
Ms. Diann Grissom
Mr. Doug Grissom
Patricia Grizzle
Billye Spicer Grogan
Mr. and Mrs. John Groomes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Groos
Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Growden
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Grubbs
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Grubola
Leah Grummon
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Gudlin
Ms. Helaine Guerino
Pamela Guerrier
Cristina Guidi
Emma Guidry
Garrett Guidry
Larry and Kathy Gullett
Mr. James S. Gulmi
Bobbie Gundt
Kathie Gunn
Jessi Gunter
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gurski
Keven Guschke
Guy and Lucile Jones and their Family Charitable
Christina Guzman
Renee Gwin
Jan Lee Gwynne
Gyro Club
H.G. Hill Realty Company
Barbara Haas
Ms. Liz Haas
Mr. Steven W. Habegger
Mrs. Arnold Haber, Jr.
Ms. Sara Habibian
Ellen Hackett
Ms. Carol K. Hackney
Donna Hagan
Ms. Christina Hagar
Patricia Hageman
Augusta Hagen
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Hagerty
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Haggitt
Jerry & Calysta Haglage
Carla Hague
Haley Hagwood
George and Frances Hahn
Mr. and Mrs. Stanford G. Hahn, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hale
Mr. Austin Hall
Barbara Hall
Hall, Booth & Smith PC
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Hall
Mrs. Katherine S. Hall
Ms. Pat Hall
Vicky Hall
Ken and Lisa Halliburton
Tim and Reva Halloran
Mrs. Karen Ham
Mrs. Beth Hamilton
John E. Hamilton
Joseph Hamilton
Dr. Margaret Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Hamlett
Ms. Claudette Hamlett
Dan Hamman
Mrs. Ann Hammock
Mr. Joseph Hampe
Albert Hampton
Ms. Sara Diane Hampton
Bill and Charlotte Hamrick
Mr. and Ms. Dewey Hamrick
Martha Hancock
Ms. Mary Hancock
Mary Frances Hancock
The Hanczaryk Family
Michelle Handelsman
Tammy Handley
Ms. Lisa Handly
Jessica Handy
Vicki Haney
Allen and Rebecca Hanks
Ms. Joyce Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hannah
Hanover Insurance Group
Hansen Family Trust
Ms. Christina Hansen
Jim & Joan Hansen
Perry Happell
Lenora Hardaway
Jay Hardcastle
Mr. Mac Hardcastle
Susan Hardcastle
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harden
Dr. and Mrs. Sig Harden
Amanda Hardin
Ms. Brooklyn Hardin
Ms. Carol M. Hardin
Ms. Norma R. Hardin
Ms. Pamela B. Hardin
Shannon Hardin
Arved Harding
Harding Academy
Diane Hardison
William Hardy
Miss Andie Hargis
Carrie Hargis
Linda L. Hargreaves
Mr. Mike Harkreader
Andrew Harlen
Herb Harlen
Lisa Holland Harless
Ms. Martha J. Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harper
Judy Harper
Ms. Michelle Harper
Patricia Harper
Tracy Harper
Harpeth Park Engineering
Mr. David Harpur
Maureen Harrak
Mr. Alva T. Harrell
Peggy Harrell
Harris Frazier Government Relations, Inc.
Ms. Beverly Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harris
Jordyn Harris
Mr. Mike Harris
Ms. Patricia Harris
Paula Harris
Richard and Maria Harris
Sondra G. Harris
Tracy Harris
Ms. Victoria Harris
Ms. Brooks Harrison
Carmen Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie F. Harrison
Tula Harrison
Jamie Hartman
Ms. Norma Harvison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Harwell
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Harwell, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth Hasenberg
Carin Hass
Donna Hastings
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hatfield
Jennifer Hatten
Mr. Max D. Haught
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Haun
Elvia Haw
David G. Hawk
Ms. Bethany Hawkins
Mr. Vaughn Hawkins
Patrick Hawley
Mr. Sean Hawley
Mr. and Mrs. Hayden
Rebecca Hayden
Brad Hayes
Dianne Hayes
Mr. Frank A. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Hayes
Mr. Marcus Hayes
Ms. Ursula Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Haynes
Mr. William H. Haynes
Ms. Keitha Hays
Lan He
Don and Judy Heady
Health Equity
Mr. Devin Heard
Jamie Heard
Mr. and Mrs. Herschel A. Hearn, Jr.
Ms. Sara P. Hearn
Elizabeth Heaston
Mr. and Mrs. Heath
Tina Heath
Patsy M. Heathcott
Mrs. Sharon R. Hebb-Elkins
Kaitlin Heberer
Amanda Hebert
Ms. Dawson Heck
Mrs. Miranda Hedrick
Miss Margaret Louise Heer
Eric Hefley
Heather Cuff

Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Heflinger
Mr. Max Heidenreich
Ms. Theresa Heimer
Shannon Heiser
Mrs. Byrd S. Helguera
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Hellerson
Ted Helm
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hemminger
Mrs. Danielle Henderson
Ms. Anita Henley
Mr. Ricky E. Henley
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Henley
Carla Hennesy
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Henning
Chris and Joan Henning
Ms. Kelly Henricks
Mr. Robert B. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor H. Henry, Jr.
Mr. William Henry
Joe and Sarah Henshaw
Kindy Hensler
Erin Hensley
Ms. Janet P. Hensley
Mark Henson
Suzanne Henson
Tina Henson
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Henson
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Herbert
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Herbert III
Tracy Herdman
Mr. Phillip Hereford
Susan Hernandez
Paula Herrera
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hertik
Sherry Hession
Dr. and Mrs. George S. Hester
Marilyn Hestle
Mr. and Mrs. G. Daniel Hewitt
Marsha Hewitt
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Heyman
Ms. Jennifer Hicks
Kimberly J. Hicks
Thomas Hicks
Dr. Gerald B. Hickson
Ms. Ardith Hieber
Thomas A. Higgins
Bonnie Higginson
Ms. Benita Hill
Connie Hill
Mr. Donald W. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hill
Ms. Jeanmarie Hill
Mr. Jim Hill
Mr. John R. Hill
Kayla Hill
Laura Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hill
Mona Scott Hill
Rose M. Hill
Mr. Scott Hill
Tina Hill
Family of Trey Hill
Mr. and Mrs. James Hilton
Mr. Joseph Hinchliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Kem G. Hinton
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hinton
Chelsea J. Hird
Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church, Inc.
Hobbs & Sons, LP
Joe Hobbs
Rebecca Hobbs
Robert and Betty Hobbs
Ms. Susan H. Hobbs
Colin Hockenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Hockenberger
Ms. Judith Hodges
Merri Ellen Hodges
Ms. Nancy L. Hodny
Pat Hoffman
Ms. Ann Hoggatt
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Hoke
Lisa Holcomb
Ms. Judy Holder
Ms. Mary Jo Holder
Robin V. Holderman
Ms. Ashley Holland
Mrs. Betty S. Holland
Nancy Holland
Catharine Hollifield
Mr. and Mrs. John Hollins, Jr.
Steven D. Hollins
Mrs. Cornelia D. Hollister
Ms. Ginger W. Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. Holmes
Ms. Catherine J. Holsen
Dr. Camille B. Holt
Ms. Iris Holt
Jack Holt
Joyce Holt
Kelly Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Holt
Mr. Martin Holton
Mr. and Mrs. Wayland Holyfield
Mrs. Barbara Holzman
Michael Holzman MD
Angel Home
Ms. Diane Honda
Ms. Elizabeth M. Honeycutt
Ms. Jo Ann Hood
Janette L. Hood
Joan Hooker
David Hooper
Ms. Debra Hooper
Ms. Diane Hooper
Laurence Hooper
Mrs. Rebecca Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. Ephriam H. Hoover, III
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Hoover
Nell L. Hopkins
Ms. Mary Hoppenrath
Carl Hopper
Mr. and Mrs. David Hopper
Mr. and Mrs. William Hopper
Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Horn
Mr. William R. Horton and Ms. Mary Major
Richard R. Horton Sr.
Ms. Kim M. Hoscheit
Eric Hosford
Ms. Laetitia K. Hoskins
Sharon Hoskins
Barbara L. Hotchkiss
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hotchkiss
Allan Hough
Leslie Hough
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Hough
Hal and Margie Hounihan
House of Prayer
Mr. Alan House
Autumn House
George House
Kathy House
Carolyn Houser
Jane Houston
Ms. Tanya Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Don Howard
Margaret S. Howell
Mr. Richard H. Howell
Dr. Rose Marie Howell
Bess Hubbard
Cathey Hubenthal
William Huber
Mrs. Mary Kib Huddleston
Dr. Tracey Huddleston and Mr. George Huddleston, Jr.
Huddleston-Steele Engineering, Inc.
Jack and Juanita Hudgens
Mr. Kenneth D. Hudgens
Anna Hudson
Kinsey Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hudson
Sharon Hudson
Paulette Huertas
Terry and Anne Huff
Bobby G. Huffines
Margie Huffines
Ms. Gloria J. Huffman
Dr. Vera Huffnagle
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Huggins
Mr. Michael Huggins
Ms. Gaye N. Hughes
Mr. James Hughes
June Hughes
Turner Hughes
Hughey Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. John Huie
Ms. Anita Hulshof
Reine Humeny
Linda Hummell
Patricia & Chad Humphrey
Jim and Anita Humphreys
Mr. Richard D. Huneycutt
Mr. and Mrs. Hungate
Kathy Hunley
Roger and Joyce Hunley
Mr. Donald A. Hunt, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. James and Mary D. Hunter RN, MBA
Jason Hunter
Ronald Hunter D.D.S.
Mrs. Valerie Hunter
Judy Hupp
Sonjia & Gordon Hurd
Miranda Hutchins
Mr. and Mrs. Tam S. Hutchinson Jr.
Ali Hutchison
I.B.E.W. Local union 175
IBM Corporation
IBM Employee Services Center
Ann Ice
Ms. Carolyn Sue Ice
Lori Ingberg
Ingram Content Group
Mr. and Mrs. David Ingram
David Ingram
Joey Ingram
Ms. Mary Jean Ingrum
Becki & Gary Inman
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Insley
International Justice Mission
Intex Contracting Inc
Mr. and Mrs. W. Matt Irion II
Jeff Irons
Mrs. Kari Irons
Ms. Jamie Irving
Sophia Isaac
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Isenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ivey
Christy Ivey
Mr. Reg Ivory and Dr. Catherine Ivory
Gerry Ivy
Ms. Kathy Jabs
Laura C. Jack
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson
Barry Jackson
Ms. Bonnie Jackson
Mr. Bradley Jackson
Ms. Catherine Jackson
Deb Jackson
Kristy Jackson
Mr. Nick Jackson
Rebecca Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jackson
Mrs. Sylvia M. Jackson
Ms. Tammy Jackson
Victoria Jackson
Beth Jacobs
Elizabeth Jacobs
Ms. Josephine E. Jacobs
Mr. John Jacoway
Jeanette Jacques
Lauren Jacques
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. James
Mrs. Julie James
Robertine James
Jean B. Jamison
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Jantz
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jaramillo
Ms. Melissa Jared
Mrs. Amy Kane Jarman
Mr. Jimmy W. Jarrell
Taylor Jarrell
Ms. Carmelle Jasenovic
Laurie Jasmin
The faculty and students at the Jeanette C. Rudy School of Nursing
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Jenkins
Mr. Edwin G. Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jenkins
Ms. Kathy Jenkins
Ms. Linda E. Jenkins
Craig Jennings
Ms. Rene Jennings
Mrs. Victoria Jens
Mr. and Mrs. Fielding D. Jewell
JJP Mechanical Reps LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Joffe
Ms. Jennifer Johns
Ms. Jewell Johns
Johnson & Johnson
David Johnson
Donya Johnson
Ed Johnson
Ms. Elaine B. Johnson
Ms. Ellen P. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Johnson
Denise and Jeff Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Johnson Jr.
Ms. Judith H. Johnson
Julie Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Johnson
Maggie Johnson
Mary Johnson
Mary Helen Johnson
Mary Leyden Johnson
Matthew N. Johnson
Megan Johnson
Nancy C. Johnson
Raymond and Peggy Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Johnson III
Ms. Valerie Johnson
Ms. Vikki H. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Warren T. Johnson
David Johnston
Harolene Johnston
Ms. Linda Johnston
Ms. Mary P. Johnston
Jon Alan Salon
Jones Robb PLLC
Allison Jones
Ms. Alysia D. Jones
Ms. Betty M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Jones
Ms. Cheryl B. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. David Jones
Eula Jones
Glenn and Mary Jane Jones
Ms. Jackie Jones
Ms. Jane Jones
Jeff Jones
Kevin Jones
Ms. Linda A. Jones
Mrs. Mary L. Jones
Mr. Michael A. Jones
Rickie and Ann Jones
Rita Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Elmore J. Jordan
Mrs. Jack Jordan
Mr. Larry E. Jordan
Thomas Jordan
Jim Joseph
Journeys in Community Living
JPW Industries
Alesa Judd
Judith Bright
Judy McClure Avon Sales
Linda V. Justice
Liz Kaczanowski
Ms. Mary T. Kain
Ann Kaiser
Ms. Tammy Kalada
Amy Kalafa
Kalsec Inc
Jerry and Phyllis Kaltenbaugh
Yoon Cha Kang
Mrs. Irma Kaplan
Spencer Karney
Craig and Julie Kasper
Steven and Heidi Kasper
Linda Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Kavanaugh
Mr. James Kay
Judy Kay
Ms. Barbara A. Kaye
Ms. Elaine Kaylor
Allison Kearney
Mr. John W. Kearns
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Keaton
Ms. Gayle Kee
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Keegan
Mr. Michael Keeney
Samantha Keeney
Casey Keeshan
Beth Keicher
Julia D. Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Lehman A. Keith
Ken and Sophia Keller
Mike Kelley
Ms. Helen Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kelly
Lester and Lisa Kelton
Mr. Jordan Kendig
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kennedy
Nikki Kennedy
Suzanne Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Kenney
Mr. John A. Kenning
Ms. Cheryl S. Kent
Mr. Alfred M. Kerr, Jr.
Catherine Kerr
Cynthia Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kerr
Ms. Mary J. Kerr
Richard and Judith Kerr
Ms. Janice Kesler
Carolyn Key
Keystone Financial Resources
Mrs. Peggy Kibble
Ms. Thelma Kidd
Mr. and Mrs. Dicken E. Kidwell
Mr. and Mrs. James Kidwell
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kilian
Gloria Killean
Mr. and Mrs. David Killion
Saung Kim
Gary and Donna Kimmons
Ms. Vonda Kimmons
Paula Kinard
Ms. Dawn Kincaid
Andrea Kincheloe
Mr. and Mrs. Bob King
Mr. and Mrs. Garry King
Jeffrey and Anne King
Mallory King
Ms. Sandra F. Kingdon
Roberta Kingston
Ms. Margaret L. Kinney
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Kirchner
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kirchner
Ms. Julie Kirk
E Kirklee
H. Graden Kirksey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kitchel
Mr. Joseph D. Kitchell
Mr. Alan Klein
Ms. Jane Kline
Ms. Sue Kloes
Robert Knabel
Nicole Knight
Janet Knowles
Lori Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Knox, Jr.
Vickie Knox
Ms. Rachel C. Koch
Reverend Robert F. Kohler
Sonny and Elaine Kolaks
Leann Koleas
Ms. Sarah Kopcsak
Ms. Carol H. Kottler
Mr. Jeffrey Kovach
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Kraft
Mr. Norman F. Kranz
Diane M. Krapf
Ms. Sheila Krebs
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon L. Krizelman
Mr. and Mrs. Keith C. Kruck
Ms. Mary-Louise Kruse
Sue Kueppers
Mr. Jeffrey W. Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kuhn
Mr. Mark Kunz
Dr. Susan J. Kupisch
Ms. Sarah Kuranda
Ms. Amy Kurland
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Kurland
The Honorable Walter C. Kurtz
Mr. Ed Kurz
Ms. Carolyn B. Kuykendall
Mr. John Lachs
Ms. Sheila Lachs
James Lackey
Mr. Vaden M. Lackey III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Laird, Jr.
Shirley and Steve Lakata
Lakoff & Co., PC
Elizabeth Lamar
Howard and Elizabeth Lamar
Dr. Ruth Lamar
Carla Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Lambert
Mr. B.G. Lamberth
Meg Lamey
Rebecca Lammonds
Mr. King Lamons
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lampkin
Mrs. Pam LaMura
Mrs. Sarah Lancaster
Doug and Gayle Lane
Ms. Helen Lane
Kenneth and Annette Lane
Mrs. Nell C. Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh F. Lane, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Laney, Sr.
Mr. James P. Langfitt, II
Kimberly Langhans
Ms. Nancy M. Langhans
Ms. Lucy Langworthy
Suzanne Lanham
Matthew Lanius
Janet Lanning
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lapidus
Mrs. Terry Lapidus
Susan Lapierre
Bill & Thea LaPlante
Mrs. Laura LaPrad
Gina Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Larkin
Mrs. Anne V. Larsen
Micael Larsen
Laverne Larue
Ms. Jan R. Lassiter
Helen W. Latch
Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Lauderdale
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence
Eric Lausten
Ms. Carol B. Law
Mr. Joseph E. Lawler
Steve and Margaret Lawrence
Alfred Lawson
Mr. Arthur Lawson
Mike and Elinor Lawson
Michael Lay
William D. Layman
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Lazenby
James Lea
Laura Leach
Jenny LeBarron
Mr. and Mrs. William Ledbetter
Mr. and Mrs. Rob H. Ledyard
Ms. Chelsea Lee
Mr. Dickey Lee
Lee, Danner & Bass, Inc.
Tammy Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lee
Wayne & Janet Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leeson
Ms. Karen LeFan
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Lefkowitz, Jr.
Ms. Sandra Leftwich
Montana Legrand
Jerry LeGris
Melissa Leitten
Mr. and Mrs. Rob LeMaster
Betty Ann Lemcke
Mark and Chris Lenderman
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lentz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lenz
Ms. Catherine Leser
Lessonly by Seismic
Ms. Sandra Levent
Mr. Les Leverett
David Leverette
Ms. Janice M. Levi
Mike and Janice Levi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Levine
Bryan Lewellen
Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Lewis
Mr. Doyle Lewis
Ms. Darlyne M. Lewis
Eddie Lewis
Mary Lewis
Stephanie Lewis
Dr. Susan Lewis
Ms. Suzanne Lewter
Mr. John A. Liddle
Ms. Jan A. Liff
Stephen Lindsay
Ms. Betsy Lindseth
Amorette and Jerry Lindsey
Leigh Lindsey
Sgt. Robert Lindsey
Scott and Melanee Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Link
Mr. and Mrs. David Linley
Linda and Jim Linton
Joan V. Lintz
Lipman Brothers, Inc.
Ms. Dede Lipman
Ms. Jo Lippe
Lipscomb University College of Business & Alumni Board
Diane L. Lish
Living Word Sunday School
Mrs. Mary Livingstone
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Lloyd
Teresa Lo
Mr. Tommy Lo
David and Delisa Locke
Tiffany Locke
Vicki Locke
Carolyn J. Lockert
Ms. Suzanne Lockert-Mash
Colton Lockhart
Sheila Loftis
Alice Logsdon
Mrs. Helen Logvinov
Paula K. Long
Ms. Anne M. Longhurst
James Lorenz
Cynthia Loring
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Losche
Emily Lossia
Mr. and Mrs. Ed C. Loughry, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret L. Louk
Ms. Barbara Love
Donald and Mary Ann Lovelace
Shelby Lovelace
Ms. Donna Lovell
Mrs. Lueatrice Green Lovett
Ms. Nancy Lovvorn
Dr. Lisa Lowe and Mr. Mark Parsley
Mrs. Carolyn Lowen
Ms. Hildegard D. Lowenthal
Joan E. Loy
Dr. Lawrence D. Lubow, M.D.
Ms. Beth Lucas
Brendan Lucas
Ms. Karen A. Lucas
Theresa Luick
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Lunn
George Luscombe
Pam & Bob Luttermoser
Ms. Betty S. Lyell
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Lyle
Elyce Lyles
Harold Lyles
Ms. Kelly Lyles
Ms. Daphne A. Lynch
Foster and Debbie Lynn
Mr. Gordon H. Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Lyons
Marti M
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Maass
Jamie Mabry
Mr. Garry Mac
Mary Beth Maccagnano
Bonnie Macgregor
Nazario Machado
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Mackay
Daryl Mackin
Mrs. Sallie F. Maddin
Alan and Janet Madsen
Ms. Cheryl Magli
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Mahon
Mr. Peter Malanchuk
Mr. Lance Maliszewski
Ms. Karen Malone
Ms. Marcia A. Malone
Ms. Shirley K. Manaley
Mildred Mancusi and Debra Mancusi
Mrs. Helga Maneschi
Sophie Maness
Pete and Lee Anne Mangone
Velma L. Mangrum
Karen Manion
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Angela L. Manley
Ms. Deborah Manning
Mr. Richard Maradik, Jr.
Mr. Hugh W. March
Emilie Marchbanks
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin & Mary Marchetti
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Marcoe
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Marek
Mr. Don Marler
Mars Petcare Grains Team
Hank and Joy Marshall
Ms. Judy A. Marshall
Nancy J. Marshall
Deborah A. Martens
Martin & Zerfoss
Mr. Adolf Martin
Angie Martin
Mr. Bob Martin
Bridgette Martin
Mr. and Mrs. David Martin
Mr. Ewell Neal Martin
Jayne Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Martin
Joann Martin
Ms. Julie Martin
Kathy Martin
Mr. Robert Martin
Ms. Sandra Marty
Ms. Carolyn M. Martz
Elliott Marx
Ms. Charlotte Masek
Mr. and Mrs. Randal Mashburn
Ms. Ilene Maslan
Mrs. Charlene Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Mason
Melinda A. Massie
The family of Kevin Masterson
Bob Matanic
Alice Casey Mathews
Dianne Mathis
Ms. Nancy A. Mathis
Renee W. Mathis
Caren Matney
Mr. Jimmy Matthews
Ms. Linda L. Matthews
Max Matthews
Michael B. Mattox
Ms. Joan L. Maupin
Susan Maxson
Maxwell Hill Baptist Church
Ms. Betty J. Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. May
Phil and Amy May
Ms. Dana Mayberry
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Mayberry
Ms. Syd Mayberry
Mary Mayer
Kimberly Mayfield
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Mayfield
Charlotte Mayforth
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Maynard
Connie Maynord
Ms. Shirley Mayo
Marilyn McAdams
Mr. R. Michael McAllister
Mrs. Amanda McArthur
Colin and Carol McArthur
Ms. Heather McBee
Ms. Printha K. McCallum
Mr. and Mrs. James McCann
Linda McClanahan
Rose Ann McClanahan
Spence McClelland
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McClendon
Ms. Judy McClure
Julie McClure
Nellie McCollum
Ms. Pam McCollum and Mr. Darold Dunlap
Ms. Kim McCord
Mrs. Pixie McCord-Mills, R.N.
Mr. Dan McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCoy
Ms. Mary Ann McCready and Mr. Roy W. Wunsch
Mary M. McCulley
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Luther D. McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. McDaniel
Jodie McDaniel
Ellen McDermott
Allison McDonald
R. Shannon and Beth McDonald
Mrs. Sherry McDonald
Ms. Susan McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Wylie McDougall
Bobby and Ann McElhiney
Mr. and Mrs. James L. McElroy
Mr. Thomas McEnerney
Jack and Nancy McEntire
Mr. and Mrs. Shane McFarland
Mr. and Mrs. David McGahren
Ms. Laurie McGovern
Mrs. Wilma McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Steve V. McInerney
Ms. Keri McInnis
Ms. Lisa McIntosh
Mary Beth and KB McIntyre
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard McKeand III
Dr. Anne-Marie McKee
Ms. Priscilla McKeehan
Ms. Mary Jo McKelvey

Maura McKenney
Ms. Charlene M. McKenzie
Robert McKeown
Darlene McKinney and Jacqueline Dennis
Donald E. McKinney
Carol McLaughlin
Ms. Jane McLaughlin
Dorothy “Dotsy” McLeod
Mr. and Mrs. Howard McLure
Charles and Susan McMillan
Sonja McMullen
Ms. Lisa McMurtry
Lt. Governor Randy McNally
Mr. and Mrs. Kent McNish
Ms. Sue W. McPherson
Mrs. Carol A. McQueen
Leanne McQuown
Mr. David McRae
Ms. Annette McRay
Mrs. Sandra McSeveney
Cheryl McSwain
Mrs. Laura McTier
Janice Meacham
Ann Meador
James E. Meador
Meadors Family & Bray Family
Bonnie Meaney
Kayla Medaris
Billie Sue Medling
Brent Medling
Lenoir Medlock
Mrs. Jo Ann Mehaffey
Ms. Katie Meier
Ms. Meredith Carr Melamed
Cary Anne Melton
Mrs. Miranda Melton, R.N.
Mr. Ralph J. Melton
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Mencio
Eric Mendelsohn
Ms. Nancy Menke
Mark and Dorothy Mercy
May Meredith
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Meriwether
Glen Merrill
Dr. Elizabeth L. Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Merritt
Mary Mertz
Sophia Mesches
Mr. and Mrs. Perry J. Messick
Carl Metelka
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Metzgar
Thomas R. Meyer
Ms. Audrey Meyers
Ms. Danielle Mezera
MI Metals
MI Windows & Doors
Michelin Americas Research Center
Middle TN Football Officials Assocation, Inc.
Nikki Middlebrooks
Ciara Miesler
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Milam
William H. Milam Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Milan
Mr. and Mrs. Erik C. Milam CFP
Janice Miles
Miller Loughry Beach Insurance Services Inc.
Betty Miller
Mr. and Mrs. David Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Don Miller
Dorothy E. Miller
Frances Miller
Mr. Harold S. Miller
Jim Miller
Judy Miller
Ms. Linda F. Miller
Lorraine D. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Miller
Mary Miller
Michael Miller
Ms. Peggy Miller
Robert Miller
Ms. Sarah Miller
Sarah and David Miller
Roanda Milliken
Lisa Milliken
Mr. John S. Millrany
Mrs. Frances Mills
Ms. Leigh Mills
Ms. Betty Milstead
Sylvia Minaya
Jean M. Mincey
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Minnich
Gladys Minor
Ms. Sandy Minor
Dr. and Mrs. Britt Mioton, Jr.
Mission to the World
Mrs. Joan J. Mitchell
Johnnie Mitchell
Ms. Joyce Mitchell
Rhonda Mitchell
Rita Mitchell
Ms. Virginia A. Mitchem
Carole-Ann Mobley
Angela Molino
Amy Monroe
Ms. Judy R. Montague
Vilma Monteros-Eddy
Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Montgomery
Walker Montgomery
Amy and Rusty Moore
Mr. Carl Moore
Corrine Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Moore
Mrs. Lisa Anker Moore
Shivaunia Moore
Mr. Lewis Moorer, Jr.
Elizabeth Moragne
Kathy Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Taz Morell
Mr. and Mrs. Markel Morey
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Morgan
Frank Morgan
Karen Morgan
Mrs. Martha L. Morgan
Ms. Rebecca Morgan
Dana Morris
Mr. David Morris
Ms. Devon Morris
John and Jane Morris
Keith and Frances Morris
Steve and Laura Morris
Joan Morrison
Nedra W. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Dent Morriss
Mrs. Angela Morrow
Michael Morrow
Ms. Pam Morrow
Samuel and Andrea Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mort
Mrs. Brenda Mortimer
Lisa and Michael Moschel
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moser
Sarah Mosley
Mr. and Mrs. Moss
Ms. Elizabeth Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Moss
Dr. Max L. Moss and Dr. Mary T. Moss
Melissa Mosteller
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Motley
Nora Moulton
Malcolm C. Mounger
Henry and Minny Mozina
Ms. Cheryl Mrzena-Jarrell
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Mt. Zion Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mulder
Ms. Glenda F. Mullens
Robert Mullicane
Kem R. Mullins
Heather Mundt
Ms. Connie Munn
Ms. Eve Munson
Sandra Murch
Murfree & Goodman, PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Bricke Murfree
Mrs. Katherine D. Murfree
Mr. Richard L. Murphree
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Murphy
Ms. Malinda Murphy
Drs. Wayne and Dorothy Murphy
Ms. Colleen M. Murray
Joseph and Jane Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murray, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Shade Murray
Howard & Willette Murrill
Ms. Kay Musgrove
Marian Musmecci
Nicholas Musmecci
Matthew Musso
My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. CN Myers
Kari Myers
Steven M. Myers
Chris Myrick
Mr. and Mrs. Weldon M. Myrick
Ms. Lucille C. Nabors
Jessi Nalbantyan
Kelly Napier
Paul and Maureen Napoli
Tapashi Narine
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nash
Nashville Dental, Inc.
Nashville Electric Service
Nashville Fire Fighters Association Foundation
Nashville Seniors Invitational Golf
Brooke Nathan
National Financial Services LLC
National Hospice Regatta Alliance, Inc
Neal & Harwell, PLC
Anthony Neal
Ben Neal
Ms. Barbara Neese
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Negri
Steve Neibergall
Ms. Beverly G. Nelson
Ms. Deanna Nelson
Ms. Patricia Nelson
Renee Nelson
Sara T. Nelson
Lana G. Netherton
New York Life Insurance Company
Lynn Newcomb
Margie Newman
Shelean Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Newsom
Glenda “Bell” Newton
James, Linda & Allen Newton
Dr. and Mrs. My Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Nichols
Nicholson Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nicholson
Ms. Joy A. Nielsen
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Nielsen
Andrew Nielson
Teri Nine
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Nischan
Nissan North America Legal Team
Jack and Brenda Nixon
Mr. Justin Nixon
Ms. Natalie Nixon
Judith O. Noggle
Mr. Dwight Nokes
Ms. Terri Nolan
Sharon Nolte
Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Norment
Cecilia Norris
Northstar Real Estate Advisors, LLC
Northwestern Mutual
Ms. Susan A. Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Brett & Teresa Nothan
Val Nowell
Anna Nunley
Mr. Brent Nunley
Ms. Tosha Nunley
Ms. Nancy Nunnelley
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Nunnery
O.L.S. Cosmetics
Oak Hills Ladies Golf Association
Cheryl Oakes
Oakland Trace Condominiums
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Oakley
Ms. Catherine G. OBrion
Ms. Catherine Beasley O’Bryan
Amber Ockerbloom
Mr. and Mrs. George E. O’Connor, Jr.
Larry and Kathy Odom
Randall Odom
Sandra O’Donnell
Lynn Odum
Dorothy G. O’Flynn
Ms. Karen Ogden
Ms. Linda M. Ogg
Mr. John Wills Oglesby
Mrs. Mary Lou O’Gorman
OhioHealth Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Olari
Old Hickory Church of Christ
Old Republic National Title Insurance
Mrs. Jean W. Oldfield
Mr. James A. Oldham
Kristen Oldham
Bonnie J. Oliver
Carey Olson
Kerry Olson
Ms. Argie C. Oman
Ms. Cheryl H. O’Neal
Anna-Gene and Scott O’Neal
Wayne and Lani O’Quinn
Ms. Margaret H. Ordoubadian
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Orman
Mr. and Mrs. Joel J. Orosz
Mr. Johnny L. Orr
Judy Osburne
Martha Jane Osgerby
Mr. Nathan Ostrander
Patrick Ottinger
Ottinger Hebert, LLC
Mrs. Lucia C. Outlan
Leslie Overby
Ann Overdorf
Mona Overstreet
Ms. Nancy Owen
Ms. Anna Owens
Ms. Paje B. Owens
P&P Farms
Lanae Paaverud
Jim and Karen Packer
Ronald Packingham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Padgett
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Pailet
Dr. Kathleen G. Palma
Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Palmer, III
Mr. Thomas M. Palmer and Friends
Mr. Jackie N. Palmore
Ms. L C Pan
Ms. Sandra Panborn
Ms. Sharyl Pancallo
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pantall
Dr. Michelle Pardue
Mr. Marion Parham
Mrs. Nancy Paris
Parker & Watts Insurance Agency
Betty J. Parker
Mrs. Diane Parker-Stembridge
Mr. Gary Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Parker
Janice T. Parker
Jill Parker
Joan Parker
Karen Parker
Ms. Lori Parker
Melinda S. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Sammy J. Parker
Terry Parker
Ms. Tiresa Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Parks
Ms. Angelika Parl
Linda Parnell
Mr. Robert L. Parrish
Ken Parsley
Ms. Lisa Parsley
Allen Partlow
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Paschal
Sondra C. Paschall
Ms. Barbara M. Paslay
Mr. David Pass
Ms. Jan B. Pass
Katherine Patience
Mr. Robert Patin
Ms. Brittney Patrick
Marie Patrick
Tricia Patrick
Ms. Celeste Patterson
Jackson Patterson
James Patterson
Ms. Katherine W. Patton
Briana Patyk
Ms. Joetta Payne
Mr. Martin Peaden
Leta Pearce
Mike Pearigen
Tina Pearson
Frank & Amy Peay
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pedersen
Mrs. Elinor B. Peek
Mr. George Roger Peek
Pegram Church of Christ
Anya Pence
Mr. and Mrs. James Pepper
Ms. Carol Percy
Mr. Curt Perkins
Charles and Virginia Perry
Mrs. Dorothy J. Perry
James Perry
Libby Perryman
Gerd Peters
Kristy Petersen
Ms. Stephanie Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Petre
Cheryl Petrilli
Kyra Petty
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Peugeot, Sr.
Frank & Anna Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Phillips
Wendy Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Philpot
Alan Phipps
Phipps Construction Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Phipps
Trammell Piazza
Mark and Christie Pickel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Picker
Mr. Justin Pickett
Lynne Pickett
Pickle Ball Club of DWLP
Carol Pictor
Piedmont Natural Gas
Ms. Elizabeth Pierce
Honey Pike
Ms. Annette Pilcher
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Pilgreen
Ms. Rosalie Pilliod
Lena Pillow
Phillip Pinion
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Pinkerton
Kimberly Pinkston
Mrs. Mandy Pinkston
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Ms. Alice K. Piper
Mr. Aaron E. Pirtle
Pitney-Bowes Employees
Amy Pitts
Kara Pitts
Ms. Neill Pitts
Ms. Sandra Pizzini
Ann Pla
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church
Pledgeling Foundation
Betty Plummer
Craig and Joyce Plummer
Annie Poag
Mrs. Jacquelyn Poen-Jaco
Ms. Darlene M. Pohlman
Melissa Pohlman
Mrs. Sarah O. Polan
Mrs. Glenda Polk
Mrs. Susan R. Polk
Jennifer Pollock
Ms. Patricia Polman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Ponder
Becky and Teresa Pope
Engles Pope
Mr. George M. Pope
Mrs. Linda L. Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Mike A. Pope
Mr. Mark Poppell
Paul Porisch
Sheila M. Port
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Porter
Edgar Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Porter, III
Ms. Stefanie Porter
Ms. Catherine A. Posey
Kelly K. Posey
Ms. Barbara Potter
Ms. Robin Potter
Timothy Wade Potter
Kellye Potts
Mr. Charles R. Powell
Fabi Powell
Jessica Powell
Mr. Richard Poye
Mary Jo Pratt
Mirinda Pratt
Earl Prechtel
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Prescher
Presley Life Group
Genna Preston
Lydia Preston
Beverly Price
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Price
Mary Price
T. Rowe Price
Ms. Amy Probst
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Proctor III
Ms. Cynthia Proffitt
Ms. Vonda J. Proffitt
Pro-Line Fence, Co.
Gordon Publow
Ms. Julie Puckett
Lisa Puckett
Sherri M. Puckett
Elizabeth Pulliam
Ms. Laura Purswell
Patricia Puskar
Mr. George I. Pust
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Pyle
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Pyles
Linda Quick
Linda J. Quigley
Ms. Betty Lou Quinet
Kathy Quinn
Janet H. Quirk
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Rabon
Mrs. Marilyn J. Rackard
LJ Rader
John and Mary Ellen Rader
Mr. and Mrs. John Radford
Lynn Radke
Ms. Mary Raffety
Christine T. Ragan
Dr. and Dr. Nick Ragsdale
Mrs. Bertha C. Raines
Alice F. Ralston
Ms. Sherri Rambo
Ms. Charlene Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. David Ramsey
Ashley Randolph
Ms. Caroline Randolph
Jacqualine M. Randolph
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Randolph
Ms. Rita Randolph
Debbie Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Ransdell
Sylvia Rapoport
Kimberly Rathbone
Linda Ratner
Howard Rauch
Laurie Raulston
Ann Rausche
C.S. Ray
Georgia S. Ray
Katherine Ray
Ms. Sandra Ray
Tonya Ray
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Ray
Dr. Jennifer Rayburn
Mr. Evan Raymond
Joseph H. Reagan
Mr. and Mrs. W. Brian Reames
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reasonover
Brenda B. Rector
James T. Redding
Leenatha Reddy
Ms. Linda Rediker
Ms. Katherine Reece
Brenda Reed
Ms. Carol G. Reed
Mr. Jeremy Reed
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Reed, III
Pam Reed
Ms. Gloria H. Reese
Connie Reeser-Hall
Mr. Robert L. Reeves
Reverend Catharine L. Regen
Regions Bank Private Wealth Management
Ms. Carol A. Rehder
Christopher Rehm
Ms. Carol Reid
Ms. Maria Reina
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Reisdorf
Ms. Cynthia Reisz
Terrence Reiter
Mr. and Mrs. John Renouf
Mrs. Joyce Repsher
Resurgam Law, P.C.
Mother Mavis Revell
Sharon Reyes
Ben Reynolds
Jack Reynolds
Joel Reynolds
Kelley Rice
Dr. Bruce E. Richards and Dr. Sherrie A. Richards
Ms. Glenda F. Richards
Mr. and Ms. Allen Richardson
Arthur B. Richardson
Beth Richardson
Ms. Connie Richardson
Ms. Delores Richardson
Mr. Josh Richardson
Ms. Shelley Richardson
Ms. Nancy P. Rick
Robert Ricker
Connie Ricketts
Ms. Ruth B. Ricks
Mrs. Viola H. Ricks
Mrs. Faye P. Rieder
Ms. Leland Riggan
Mr. Paul L. Riggan
Ms. Mary Ann Riggins
Mr. and Mrs. Riggs
Rimkus Consulting Group
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Riney
Ms. Joann Riopelle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Riordan
Mr. Mark Ripa
Sarah & David Ripley
Bethany Rische
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Riven
Diane Rivers
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Roach
Caroline B. Roark
Joe and Helen Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Robers
Jerry Robershaw
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roberson
Sonya Roberson
Brian Roberts
Janice L. Roberts
Ms. Shana Roberts
Judy and Woody Roberts
Robertson County Fair Association
Ms. Jane Robertson
Lee and Joyce Robertson
Sherrie L. Robertson
Warren and Peggy Robeson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Robin
Carolyn Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. E. Wilson Robinson
Elise Robinson
Mr. Jack W. Robinson
Jessica A. Robinson
John Robinson
Ms. Joyce Robinson
Mrs. Karon M. Robinson
Kristy Robinson
Laurel Robinson
Mitch and Kirstie Robinson
Rhonda Robinson
Ms. Theresa G. Robinson
Mr. Andrew Roblin
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rochford III
Mr. William R. Rochford
Ms. Miranda Rockhold
Lockey H. Rodden
Ms. Betty Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rogan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Rogers
Ms. Sissy Rogers
Sarah Rohde
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Rohleder
Mr. James Rollins
Mrs. Lou Ann de Roode
Mrs. Pamela Rose
Dr. and Mrs. Barrett F. Rosen
Ella Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Rosenblum
Ms. Eloise G. Ross
Ms. Sandra Ross
Rabbi Ronald Roth
Jennifer Rothrock
Ms. Martha Rothschild
Ms. Meredith Rothschild
Teri and Steven Rothwell
Mr. Douglas Rountree
Ms. Elizabeth Rountree
Mr. and Mrs. James Routzahn
Donna S. Rowden
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Rowe
Ms. Stacy Rowland
Anna Rowlett
Royal Legacy Condominium Association
Deborah Rubenstein
Marilyn Rubin
Bill and Leah Rubino
Edward Rucker
Ms. Suzanne Ruffee
Mr. and Mrs. Rundell
Robert Ruppe
Dr. Judith Rusciolelli
Julia Rush
Ms. Patricia A. Ruskin
Ms. Melissa Russell
Patricia Russell
Ms. Virginia E. Russell
Mrs. Alyssa Russler
Ms. Janet Russo
Kristen Russo
Mr. Vincent Russo, Jr.
Kerry Ruth
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby A. Rutledge
Kristen Rutledge
Brian Ruttenbur
Fredi Rutter
Ms. Bette E. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Doris E. Ryan
Gary Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. H. Duane Ryan
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Ryan
Mr. Larry T. Rychen
Donna Sabia
Fred T. Sadler
Ms. Teresa P. Sadler
Nicole Sahin
Jon Sain
Gary Saint Onge, inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sallee
Ms. Edna E. Saltsman
Ms. Betty H. Salyer
Mr. Gregory E. Samuels
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Samuels
Mr. and Mrs. Sanders
Diane and Tom Sanders
Mr. and Ms. Jerry Sanders
Ms. Patricia P. Sanders
Adam Sansiveri
Ms. Julia Sanz
Ms. Mary Frances Sartorius
SAS Institute, Inc.
Annette K. Sastry
Ms. Ame Satterwhite
Sharon P. Saucier
Betty Saunders
Mr. Ronald T. Sawyer
Ms. Leslie Sax
Ms. Lynn Scarborough
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Scarola
Jane Scelzi
David Schadel
Leann Schaeffer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Ginger Schaffer
Melissa Schall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schamberg
Sharon P. Schier
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schiftan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Schipani
Margaret Schlarb
Mrs. Jane V. Schlater
Mary Schlater
Janice Schloss
Brownie Schmid
Ms. Sharon Schmitt
Schneider Family
Judith H. Schuelke
Ms. Susan W. Schulert
Mr. Thomas Schuyler
Dr. and Mrs. Jon Schwartz
Stephanie Schwartz
Mr. Thomas Schwartz
M. Kirk Scobey, Jr.
Mr. Frank L. Scott
Johnna Scott
Ms. Louise Scott
Randall Scott
Sara Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Scott
Steve Scott
Mr. Walter Rhea Scott
Ms. Vonda Scruggs
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Seaman
Mrs. Walter E. Sears
Heather Seashore
Beverly Sebastian
Ms. Christine Secoy
Secrest, Hill, Butler & Secrest
Col. (Ret.) Robert F. and Joanne Seedlock, Jr.
Dr. Lana Seivers
Ms. Eric Self
Ms. Annie Sellick
Senior Helpers
Scott Sensing
Ms. Rachel Sepanski
Faye Sesler
Ms. Mildred Settles
Mr. Dennis R. Sexton
Ms. Jennifer A. Sexton
Claudia P. Seybert
Jessica Shafer

Bhavna Shah
Katherine Shaoul
Ms. Helen Burns Sharp
Amy Sharpe
Grady Shaver
Amy Shavers
Mr. Michael Shavers
Mrs. Beverly Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shaw
Julie G. Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. John Shea
Claudia Shearer
Danny and Bettie Jo Shearer
Alice Shearon
Deborah Shelton
Ms. Kimberly Hanberry Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Shelton
Ms. Antoinette Shepard
Mrs. Jan H. Shepard
Don Sherburne
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Sheriff
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sherrard
Gail & Dennis Sherwin
Bo and Angela Shields
Kim and Nan Shinn
Mary Kim Shipp
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Shirley
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shirley
Dr. Sepideh Shokouhi
Andrew and Eva Shookhoff
Frank and Robin Shope
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Shope
Keith and Judy Shope
Sam and Joy Short
Mara Sidweber
Ms. Rosanne Sietins
Ms. Joan Signorille
Chubby Sikes
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Silver
Ms. Arielle Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Simmons
Ms. Myra B. Simms
Mrs. Sally W. Simon
Adele Simons
Judith Simons
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Simons
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lucas Simons
April Simpkins
Valerie Simpkins
Ginger Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Simpson
Lucien and Patricia Simpson
Randy and Kathy Simpson
Mrs. Sherri Simpson-Edelen
Georgia Sims
Ginger Sims
John Singleton
Stacey Sinquefield
Ms. Gloria B. Sir
Steve Sirls and Allen Decuyper
Brett Sisler
James Sittler
Mr. Michael Skelton
Mr. William Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Slater
Ms. Elizabeth Slattery
Ms. Margaret Slaughter
Ms. Michelle Slingerland
Rosalyn Slyn
Geoff and Sally Smallwood
Cynthia Smiley
Amy Smith
Ms. Ashley Smith
Avery Smith
Mrs. Beverly Smith
Blake Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan R. Smith
Ms. Carole Smith
Ms. Christa Smith
Ms. Christine M. Smith
Connie Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dale T. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. E. Dan Smith II
Earl Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin P. Smith
Ms. Ellen Smith
Ms. Elynor Smith
Mr. Frank L. Smith
Mr. Gordon Smith
Ms. Heidi Smith
Ian Smith
Mark Smith
Maryl Smith
Matthew Smith
Nancy A. Smith
Mr. Neil Smith
Pam Smith
Mrs. Peggy Pace Smith
Mrs. Rachel G. Smith
Ms. Rebecca Smith
Robert M. Smith, D.O.
Sandra Smith
Sean Smith
Teresa Smith
Ms. Toni Smith
Mr. Tracy Smith
Ms. Virginia Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smithmier
Megan Smithwick
Pam Smotherman
Sarah Smythia
Ms. Elizabeth Sneed
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Joe Snell
Ms. Connie Snell
Ms. Geneine E. Snell
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Snell, Jr.
Mr. Drew Snider
Eric & Lynn Snyder
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Snyder
Terry Snyder
Tonya Snyder
Reverend Ann M. Soderquist
Dr. John Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Sorensen
Heather Sorensen
Lois Sorgen
Lori Sours
Moira Sowarby
Mr. Mike Spalin
David Sparkman
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Sparks
Dr. and Mrs. Albert Spaw
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Spear
Shearer Spears
Ms. Nan E. Speller
Rebecca Spencer
William W. Spencer
Ms. Barbara Speyer
Ross and Eva Mae Spielman
Ms. Chrissy Spigel
Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Spinks
Ms. Anita Spiva
Ms. EllenRose Spivak
Jennell Sponaugle
Pilar Spraggins
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Springer
Springfield Kiwanis Club
Mr. and Mrs. Jill R. Spry
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Thomas C. St. Onge
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Stabell
Ms. Belinda Stafford
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Staley
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Stanger
Paula B. Stanley
Louise Starnes
Kimberly Stecher
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Steele
Ms. Heather Steele
Mrs. Katherine Steele
KC Steele
LeAllyn Steele
Ms. Patricia H. Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. Steele
Casie Steen
Veronica T. Steidl
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Stein
Mr. Mark G. Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Stem
Karla Stembridge
The Family of Marc and Terry Stengel
Mr. and Mrs. Jacky W. Stephens
Dorcus M. Steuerwald
Aurelie Steve
Ms. Hilary Steve
Mr. and Mrs. Stevens
Mr. James E. Stevens
Mr. John W. Stevens
Mr. Lem Stevens
Alfred Stewart
Dorothy M. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart
Sherrie Stewart
Earl and Marilyn Stifflear
Mrs. Christine F. Stiles
Ms. Jo Ann Stills
Mary Stockard
Patrice Stockhoff
Ms. Holly Stockman
Beth A. Stockwell
Ms. Cathy A. Stone
Marjorie Stone
Mrs. Mizella B. Stone
Ms. Deborah E. Story
Mr. James H. Story
June Stoudt
Morris Stout
Ms. Margaret A. Stoutland
Strategic Capital Partners, LLC
Elaine B. Stratton
Phyllis O. Straub
Mr. and Mrs. James Straus
Dr. and Mrs. William David Strayhorn
Margaret C. Strickland
Ed and Hettie Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie E. Stuart
Ms. Betty Ann Stumb
Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Stumb III
Destiny Stumhofer
Wendy Styer
Mrs. Molly Sudderth
Ms. Margaret Suhr
Barbara Sullivan
Ms. Catherine C. Sullivan
James Sullivan
Nina Sullivan
Rex Sullivan
Ms. Cheryl L. Summers
Mr. Carl Sumruld
Sun Life
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest S. Sutherland
Jo and Charlie Sutherland
John Sutton
Mr. David Suver
Tony and Tara Swafford
Mr. Ian Swagerty
Rilyne Swan
Mrs. Renee M. Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Swearingen
Ms. Phyllis Sweat
Barb Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Sweeney
Ms. Suzy Sweeney
Mr. Stephen B. Swift
Swim World Pools
Ms. Cindy E. Symons
Synovus Bank
Katelyn Syracuse
Peter Szary
Kenny Ta
Duane and Linda Tabor
Christina M. Tackett
Ms. Deborah Taliaferro
Michael Tallent
Ms. Beverly Talley
Justin Tam
Ms. Mazell M. Tambornini
Barry Tamburin
Michael & Joanie Tanner
Target Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tarolli
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Tarpy
Mr. John Richard Tarpy
Ms. Ginette Tascarella
Ms. Linda Tate
Taylor Funeral Home, Inc.
Diane H. Taylor
Donna Taylor
Ms. Ellen Taylor
Ms. Jennifer Taylor
Mr. Jerry T. Taylor
Linda Taylor
Lynn Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Taylor
Ms. Patsy S. Taylor
Dr. Robert K. Taylor, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Taylor, Jr.
Judge and Mrs. Royce Taylor
Sam and Barbara Taylor
Ms. Ann M. Teaff
Team Electric Supply, LLC
Mr. Charles L. Teasley
Lynne & Dave Teckman
Ms. Anne Tekulve
Alice Temple
Tennessee Golf Foundation
Tennessee Road Builders Association
Tennessee Traveling Senior Golf Associaton
Mr. Joel D. Terry
Dr. Paul E. Teschan
Ms. Ellen Tewes
Texas Gas Transmission, LLC
Marsha Tharp
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Thaxton
Linda L. Thayer
The GE Foundation
The Lawyers’ Association for Women, Marion Griffin Chapter
The Purple Thumb Garden Club
The Rutherford County Facilities Dept
The Rutherford County Property Assessor Office
The Shirley Family Trust
The Sing Me a Story Foundation
The Sliderhouse
The Vineyard at 12 Stone Crossing Townhome HOA
Mrs. Linda Themm
Ms. Ethel Theriault
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Thetford
Thielen Farms Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Thomas
Ms. Elizabeth Thomas
Ellen Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Greg G. Thomas
Mr. James E. Thomas Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Thomas
Kara Thomas
Michael Thomas
Ms. Ruth Thomas
Tiffany Thomas
Mr. Brad Thomason
Thompson and Faimon Families
Brendan A. Thompson
Ms. Connie R. Thompson
Denny Thompson
Ms. Eleanor M. Thompson
Grace Thompson
Mrs. Harriett N. Thompson
Ms. Julia F. Thompson
Ms. Kate M. Thompson
Mark Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Thompson
Ms. Nancy Thompson
Roy and Janice Thompson
Dr. Samuel C. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Terry-Janice Thompson
John and Mary Thomsen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Thornburg
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Thurman
Freddie and Martha Thurman
Mr. and Mrs. Cromwell Tidwell III
Jeff Tidwell
Ms. Mary Lillian Tidwell
Ms. Vivian P. Tidwell
Wilson M. Tidwell
Ms. Lori H. Tigert
Timmons Properties, Inc.
Tip and Karen Tippett and Family
Mrs. Frances J. A. Tipton
Mr. and Mrs. David Tittle
Mrs. Carol Titus
TN Conference Lay Organization
Frank and Doris Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Todd
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Togrye
Ann Tolen
Patricia Toler
Ms. Judy Tomchey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tompkins
Tompkins Eckert and Associates
Ann Tonks
Cheryl Touchton
Tim & Sandy Towers
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Townes
Ms. Peggy Townes
Dr. Phyllis L. Townsend
Anne B. Trabue
Ms. Theresa Tracy
Training Partners, Inc.
Kimberly Trammel
Ms. Martha J. Trammell
Ms. Harriet Trantham
Ms. Simone Traub
Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Travison
Ms. Judy L. Trevathan
Mr. Robert Trezise
Ms. Deborah C. Trimble
Ms. Betty K. Triplett
Theodora Triplis
Michael Tristan
Mr. and Mrs. Lytle C. Troutt, Jr.
Kevin and Robyn Trowbridge
Robert True
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Trusley
Janet and David Trusty
Mr. and Mrs. K. Gregory Tucker
Ronald Tucker
Tim Tucker
Ms. Tracy Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Tuerff
Ms. Barbara Turano
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Turkington
Amela Turkovic
Clyde and Donna Turner
Ms. Ellen M. Turner
James and Mitzi Turner
Matilda C. Turner
Ms. Phyllis Turnham
Marilyn Turrentine
Tusculum Church of Christ
Ms. Cindy Tyler
Mr. Ross Uchida
Karen Ugarte
UKOGF Foundation
Merwin and Crystal Ullestad
Charlene Underwood
Jim Underwood
Tracy Unger
United Way of Central New Mexico
United Way of Greater Atlanta
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
United Way of Greater Portland
United Way of Greater St. Louis
United Way of Sumner County
University Church of Christ
Teresa Unruh
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Uselton
Robbie Uselton
Sam Usmani
Vaco LLC
Melinda Valenzuela
Deborah Vallett
Ms. Patti Vallett
Dr. Robert A. Valosik
Ms. Sheila Van Dyk
Antoinette van Zelm
Emilijia Vanagunas
Tina Vance
Vanderbilt Heart Murfreesboro
Mr. James Vann
Mary Vann
Ms. Elizabeth W. Vannatta
Hon. Nancy VanReece
Dr. Sara Vardell
Yian Vardell
Mr. Bruce Vaughan
Mr. Jeff Vaughan
Ms. Edith E. Vaughn
Ms. Jennifer Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. Orville L. Vaughn, Jr.
Miriam Vega
Lisa Veitch
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Venable
Leroy Verble
Ms. Beth Vessel
Janet Vettel
Ms. Kathy Vezner
Sally Via
Ms. Sonza Vialdores
Viasat Inc. Corporate
Cindy Vick
Mr. Steve Vidmer
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Vienneau
Carmen Vishnesky
Taryn Vohwinkel
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Voigt
Laura Volkerding
To Hoai Vu
W. R. Newman & Associates, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Wade, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wade
Karen Wade
Rebecca A. Wade
Robin D. Wade
Mr. and Ms. Dwight A. Wagner
Cara and Jake Wagner
Lindsey Wagner
Jo Ellen Dean-Wagoner
Collyn Wainwright
Mrs. Ann Wakelee
Mr. and Mrs. Nabil Wakid
Don and Ann Walden
Clayton B. Waldo
Roy L. Waldron
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Waldschmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Wales
Don and Sallie Walker
Mr. and Mrs. James Walker
Lisa Walker
Martha Walker
Mary Lynne Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Monty Walker
Ms. Susan Walker
Mr. Danny Walkup
Jim Wall
Anne B. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Wallace
Paul Wallace
Mr. Phillip Wallace
Ms. Carole Mayo Waller
Ms. Margaret Waller
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Waller, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Walrich
Ms. Kathy A. Walsh
Ms. Dawna L. Walters
Susan Walters
Miss Sallie Walton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wampler
Ben and Susan Ward
Clara Ward
Connie Ward
Mr. and Mrs. and James Ward
Joni Ward
Merry Beth Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ward
Ms. Pat Y. Ward
Mr. Robert Ward
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Warfield
Warise Family Dentistry
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Warm
Ivan Warmuth
Mr. Harrison Warner
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Warner
Beverly and Terry Warren
David Warren
Jessica Warrick
Meredith Warshaw
James and Anne Watkins
Rita Watkins-Matlock
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Watson
Barbara Watson
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Watson
Michelle Watson
Ron Watson and Jeff Corvin
Sandra Watson
Scott and Laura Watson
Mr. James R. Watterson
Ms. Shirley M. Watts
Mr. Neil E. Waxman
Ms. Susan M. Way
Mrs. Jean M. Weaver
Kathryn Weaver
Ms. LeeAnne S. Weaver
Ms. Nancy J. Weaver
Ms. Patricia Weaver
Amy Webb
Debra Webb
Elizabeth Webb
Megan Webb
Dr. Sam Webb
Ms. Shirley M. Webb
Ms. India M. Webber
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Webster
Roger and Kimla Weeks
Terry Weeks
Ms. Lois Wehofer
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Weimar
Ms. Ava Weiner
Mrs. Joyce Weingartner
Libbi Weisinger
Dr. and Mrs. Allan P. Weksberg
Ms. Sandra G. Welborn
Chris Welch
Mrs. Gayle Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Lavern M. Wells
Martha Wells
Ms. Norma J. Wells
Mr. Rickie W. Wells
Mr. Robert Wells Jr
Mr. Stephen R. Wells
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wells
Charlice Wenger
Ms. Jane Wert
Ms. Melissa J. Wert
Mr. Thaddeus Wert
Alan & Deborah West
Mr. and Mrs. George R. West
Ms. Jane M. West
Ms. Lorene West
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. West
Ms. Geraldine Westbrook
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Westermann
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wetmore
Jane Ann & Don Wheeler
Mr. Ralph L. Wheeler
Gina Wheeley
Mr. Steve R. Wherry
Robert V. Whisenant, CPA, CVA
Barbara Whitaker
Deanna and Darrell White
Ms. Deborah G. White
Ms. Dudley B. White
Dylan White
Kathy White
Ms. Sharon Whitehead
Ms. Parie Lee Whitely
Anna Lynn Whitfield
Mr. and Mrs. Don Whitfield
Janis Whittington
Jason Whitus
Judith Widick
Lurah Wiebe
Ms. Crissy Wieck
Ms. Cindie Wiedeman
Pat and Miriam Wiggins
Sara Wilber
Dana Wilcox
Geoffrey Wile
Andrew and Annette Wileczek
Wiles + Taylor & Co PC
Mr. and Mrs. Lanny Wiles
Ms. Rosetta Wiley
Mary I. Wilgus
Ms. Diana T. Wilker
Ms. Deanna Wilkerson
Anne G. Wilkins
Jennifer Wilkins
Ms. Peggy Wilkins
Jeremy Wilkinson
Megan Wilkinson
Sarah Wilkinson
Elisabeth Willers
Mr. and Ms. Williams
Bill & Juanita Williams
Brian and Sherry Williams
Crocker Williams
Ms. Deirdre Williams
Ms. Frances M. Williams
James E. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Williams
Jerry and Mary Ann Williams
Kimberly Williams
Kimberly D. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Williams
Liz Williams
Ms. Margie Williams
Ms. Margie P. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Williams
Ms. Reca L. Williams
Sadhna Williams
Ms. Shannon Williams-Smith
Suzanne Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Williams
Ms. Virginia S. C. Williams
Ms. Vivian Williams
Mr. Wayne Williams
Williamson County United Way
Ed Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Williamson
Tamela Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Willis
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Wills II
Mr. Aubrey Wilson
Aubrey Linn Wilson
Jill Wilson
Judith Wilson
Mrs. Martha F. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Wilson
Dixie B. Wimberley
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Winchester
Windmill Title
Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corporation
Anna Durham Windrow
Ms. Shea Wingate
Toni Wing-Jenkins
Dona Winkowski
Winnett Associates, Inc
Anita Winstead
Mr. George Winston
Mrs. Renee Wisby
Ms. Elizabeth D. M. Wise
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wise
Ms. Linda Wise
Michael Wise
Joyce Wisemer
Rhonda Wiser
Mr. and Mrs. Don Witherspoon
Allison Witt
Mr. Carter H. Witt
Jill Witt
Mrs. Bobbie Wittenmeier
Patty Woelfle
Ms. Tammy Wolcott
Albert A. Wolf
Mrs. Joyce Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wolf
Steven Wolf
Fred and Beverly Wolfe
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Wolfe
Tonya Wolfe
Dot and Lisanne Womack
Mr. and Mrs. John Womack
Women’s Club at Del Webb
Cathy Powell Wood
Frances K. Wood
Heather Wood
Ms. Julie Wood
Sara J. Wood
Sarah P. Wood
Stacey Wood
Woodbury Funeral Home, Inc.
Woodmont Christian Church of Nashville
Woodmont Investment Counsel, LLC
Ms. Frances Woodroof
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Woodruff
Carol Woods
Dr. and Mrs. Dexter Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Woods
Mrs. Linda Woods
Ms. Sylvia Woody
Mr. and Mrs. Coleman R. Wooldridge
Jim Woolens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woolf
Marissa Wooten
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wray
Dr. Andrew Wright and Dr. Leanna Wright
Geneva Wright
Mr. Jeffrey Wright
Jim Wright
Ms. Judy Wright
Larry K. Wright
Ms. Patricia H. Wright
Mrs. Rebecca D. Wright
Bethany Wrye
Diane F. Wyckoff
XC Coaches
Susie Yablonsky
Holly TylerYager
Anita F. Yancey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Yarbrough
Ms. Diane Yates
Mrs. Darlene Yearwood
David Yenzer
Mrs. Margaret Y. Yoke
Allison Yonker
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Young
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Young
Kim Young
Ms. Margaret P. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Young
Robert and Frances Young
Mr. Roger L. Young
Stacie Young
Ms. Holland Youngblood
Laurette Yund
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zager
Ms. Shirley Zeitlin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Zelizer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Zerfoss III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Zika
Ms. Heidi Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Zimmerman
Tiffany Zimmerman
Ms. Jacque Zimmermann
Mr. John Znutas
Scott Zoglmann
Mr. Guy Zona
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Zoretic
Lauren Zsolnay
Angie Zurawksi