With help from Mobile Mentor, a Nashville hospice’s devices become lifelines

“Hospice nurse Beverly Scott just happened to be on shift when the call came in. It was from the family of a patient who was deaf. One of the woman’s daughters usually talked with a hospice nurse while her sister, who was deaf, looked on and wished she could be more involved in her mother’s care. But Scott is fluent in sign language, so she got on a video call with the deaf sister and showed her how to give her mother medication for the first time.

As her sister watched smiling, hands held to her heart, the woman proudly signed to her mother. See, Mom, I did it! I did it, Mom. I can do this! ‘She was just elated,’ recalls Scott, a triage nurse at Alive Hospice in Nashville. ‘She didn’t want to have to call someone else over. She wanted to be able to care for her mom.’ It was a powerful example of how Alive, the Southeast’s oldest hospice provider, has used technology to care for patients and support families, particularly during the pandemic.”
Read on for more from Microsoft about how Mobile Mentor helped Alive leverage its technology during the pandemic to keep patients and families connected.