Winter Employee of the Quarter: Vilma Monteros-Eddy

Congratulations to Vilma Monteros-Eddy, our latest Employee of the Quarter! Vilma is the Administrative Assistant on our Education team and is known for being “a powerhouse wrapped in a smile” with a heart for service. She is compassionate, patient, and always willing to help.

Here’s what her colleagues say about her:

Quality of Work: Vilma leads by example with a servant’s heart and exemplifies the core values of Alive Hospice in all she does. Vilma provides great support to her own department, yet her reach does not stop there…Vilma pours her heart and soul into what she does.

Quality of Person: Vilma is patient, kind, and compassionate. She operates with a high level of professionalism and dedication. She actively works to build a bridge to that community through her day-to-day conversations, her work on the DEI committee, and the education she provides.

Quality of Care: Recently, she dedicated an enormous amount of time to connect with each team for the Dia de los Muertos project…sometimes even providing a home-cooked lunch. She took the time to educate participants on this tradition but, more importantly, created beautiful opportunities for teams to reflect, and connect, which in turn makes Alive stronger.

Quality of Service: Vilma is willing to think big and improve upon current systems, she communicates clearly and sensitively, but isn’t afraid to ask hard questions. She goes out of her way to pour into her team and others she runs across. Her service on the DEI committee makes Alive a safer space for all employees. Her personal focus on inclusion allows her to connect with new staff members regardless of their backgrounds.

Thank you, Vilma, for all that you do!

Vilma Monteros-Eddy, employee of the quarter