Celebrating Heroes of Healthcare: A Tribute to CNAs

In recognition of National Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Week, we want to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions made by CNAs worldwide and here at Alive. These dedicated professionals are the heartbeat of healthcare, providing essential support and care to patients with unwavering compassion and commitment. Through their tireless efforts, CNAs offer not just medical assistance but also a comforting presence and emotional support to those in their care. Their selfless dedication and hard work create a nurturing environment where patients feel valued and cared for. During this special week, let’s express our deepest gratitude to CNAs for their exceptional service and the difference they make in the lives of so many.

To our CNAs at Alive:

Your dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to providing our patients the highest level of care do not go unnoticed. Day in and day out, you bring comfort, support, and dignity to those who need it most, making a genuine difference in their lives during challenging times. Your kindness and empathy create a warm and welcoming environment that truly embodies the spirit of hospice care.

We are endlessly grateful for the vital role you play in our organization. Your hard work, compassion, and tireless efforts make Alive a place of comfort for all. Your selfless dedication to our patients and their families is truly inspiring, and we can’t thank you enough for all that you do.

Thank You, CNAs!

Certified Nursing Assistants are much more than what their title implies – you’re more than an ‘assistant.’ You do assist the nurses, but, more importantly, you assist the patients and their families. You have training and certification that acknowledge your special skill set. You care for patients with your hands and your hearts. You do the thankless tasks that no one else wants to do, and you often receive little credit for it. I’m glad we have this week to celebrate you and to thank you. You are a foundational part of what makes Alive so special!

– David McRay, MD, HMDC, Chief Medical Officer

Thank you does not seem adequate for what our hospice aides do at Alive hospice. The kindness, patience, and compassion that they show our patients is a beautiful thing to witness. They meet people in their most vulnerable spaces and help them feel cared for and dignified. They are often the ones who our patients get to know the most intimately and look most forward to seeing. Thank you to our hospice aides…you are the best of the best and we love and appreciate all you do!

– Tana Hertz, Director of Clinical Care

Thank you, Alive CNAs, for your dedication and compassion with our patients and families. We appreciate you!

– Teresa Cosgrove, Vice President of Finance

Thank You CNAs! And a Special Thank You to Sycamore Team CNAs – Angela, Cindie, Esther, Heather, and Queen . . . you ladies are the best! I am honored to be a small part of what you do to care for your patients. May you each be blessed as you give of yourselves to others in need. ❤

– Trish Rather, Team Coordinator

I often think our CNAs are unsung heroes at Alive. What a gift to a dying patient and their families to be cleaned and cared for with such a loving touch. To the Magnolia team Aides, Justina, April, Eboni, and Tanyjia please know how much our team appreciates each of you. To all our Aides at Alive who fill in when someone is off (and may travel further distances) please know how much we appreciate you as well. Enjoy your well-deserved appreciation week, you’re all awesome!

– Lisa Cohen, Team Coordinator

Sending a shoutout to CNA Bobbie for her outstanding service, we have a facility who came to me directly about Bobbie because they are so appreciate of what she does for them.

– Chelsey Crawford, Director of Clinical Care

The aides in this organization are a blessing to all they encounter. They truly make a difference in an incredibly challenging time in our patient’s lives. The aides on my team are always going above and beyond to make sure patients are not only clean but pampered as well. They take the time to really see them as people and make them feel loved. I am blessed to work with such caring, outstanding professionals!

– Amanda Dial, Director of Clinical Care

I hope our CNAs feel seen and appreciated this week and always! The work they do is strenuous and the emotional support they offer while doing it is so humbling to see. They are angels to the families they work with and have such a gift to be able to love people the way they do. Thank you, Alive CNAs! ❤

– Heather Bock, Volunteer Coordinator

Sandra Rodrigues on Hickory is the most dedicated, loving and hardest working person I know. She goes above and beyond for all her patients and coworkers.
BJ Johnson on Hickory is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. All her patients love her and the great care she gives them.

– Michelle Mayes, Team Coordinator

One of so many, a new admission comes through with a heartbreaking story. Tad of context, She’s a female with cancer and was independent and driving, living in her beautiful life as a best she could, until stroke happened, tearing her down a little further. She’s still mighty with a strong attitude but cannot speak with significant aphasia as her biggest struggle. Now total care and sick of trying to get people to understand, she’s withdrawing from this world and truthfully very little makes her happy and I’d yet to see her smile. During nurse visit and assessment of HHA’s first visit with patient, husband was so relieved and gracious for Kristen. He verbalized how attentive she was to the patient’s needs and did all the small things that matter…even some things that he wasn’t really thinking of. When the nurse asked the patient how it went, she provided a thumbs up and slight smile. I knew she felt seen and most importantly HEARD by Kristen. Sometimes that’s all that matters, the small things, the small glimmers of hope and the small acts of love. Thank you, Kristen, and to all our wonderful HHA’s who make a daily difference in our patients’ and their families, as they step into their corners of this big ole’ world. It matters!❤️

– Destanie Wilson, RNCM

The CNAs at Alive are some of the kindest people I have ever met. I am so grateful to have them as colleagues and in awe of their compassion and dedication to our patients and their families. They treat everyone with love, and I don’t think you can ask for better care than that.

– Christine Stiles, Sr. Graphic Designer