Volunteer Spotlight: Teri Heugh

Volunteer spotlight; Teri HeughMeet Teri Heugh!  She has been an Alive volunteer since February 2022. We lovingly nicknamed her our “911 Volunteer” because she responds to requests for help on such short notice. There are many times when families and caregivers need a volunteer tomorrow, or sometimes even sooner.

Teri is the first person we call as she is oftentimes able to spring into action and fill the need quickly.  She is so valuable to our efforts in serving all the needs of our patients.

Teri moved to Tennessee from Arizona where she also was a hospice volunteer.  She first became a hospice volunteer after retiring from teaching while searching for another purpose in life. As she states, “Life has a way of guiding us to where we need to be. Being a hospice volunteer gives me a purpose and fills me with an inner peace.”

Thank you, Teri!

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