Volunteer Spotlight: Jacques Sirois

We are happy to have Jacques Sirois as one of our volunteers. Jacques began volunteering with Alive in 2010, continuing his already extensive history of hospice volunteer work started in Vermont. His volunteer work for Alive has included visiting patients, offering much-needed respite for caregivers, being a “Tell Me Your Story” volunteer, and a 2nd Helpings volunteer.

Jacques is a self-identified “Master De-clutterer” and assists many patients and caregivers with the task of cleaning and decluttering their space. Another special service that Jacques provides is the simple and compassionate act of sitting with patients who are actively dying and do not have any family or friends at their bedside. Jacques feels that “sitting vigil” with patients is the biggest blessing he receives from volunteering. For him, it is a privilege and honor to sit with someone who’s dying and simply hold their hand.

Wherever Jacques is assisting, he brings a positive spirit and heaps of sweet, pure compassion.

Thank you for the great work you do, Jacques!