Volunteer Highlight: Photographer Don Claussen

Vince Gill and Amy Grant helping support Alive with their daughter and her in-college music partner. By featured volunteer photographer Don Claussen

We are incredibly grateful for all the time and talent our volunteer photographers have donated to Alive! Their photos tell our stories in a way that words alone never could, showing that we are a supportive haven for families as they cope with loss and the end of life.

Alive provided care to my mother-in-law, a lady who was a second mother to my kids, and a physician who was very close to my family.  The love and compassion shown by everyone at Alive was so encompassing that I am still overwhelmed by it. It is not possible for me to give back to Alive as much as they have given to me and my family. Alive does things every day that I can’t imagine doing in my lifetime.  God bless everyone there, not only for the services they provide but for showing how much love and compassion can mean to those at the end of life and those who surround them.


Garth Brooks, Kent Blazy performing in support of hospice patients and families

1. Garth Brooks and some of his pals playing at the Bluebird for Alive.  The love that Alive shows to people touches so many, even the most famous folks.  When a performer like Garth Brooks takes the time to gather some of his (famous) songwriting pals (like Kent Blazy, pictured), comes to the Bluebird, and puts on a benefit show, I’m reminded that small acts of kindness to others in their time of need eclipse all boundaries.  Once you have been touched by Alive, you never forget them.

Amy Grant, Vince Gill performing hospice patients and families

2. Vince Gill and Amy Grant hosted a benefit show for Alive at their new pavilion in Franklin, TN.  Their daughter (and her in-college music partner) joined them on stage to sing a few of her own songs.  These are some proud parents, having a great time with someone they love.  Famous or not famous, parents love their kids, and we should never pass up an opportunity to have a bit of fun with them.  Alive Hospice is all about love, and this fits right in.

Dennis Quaid performing in support of hospice patients and families, Alive & The Bluebird

3. Dennis Quaid at the Bluebird.  He was talking about Kris Kristofferson (a friend of his) and how Kris is considered such a legend that sometimes people never talk with him.  So, Dennis decided to call Kris right there on stage.  Kris’s wife answered and said they were on vacation, sitting on a beach in Hawaii.  Sort of caught Dennis off guard, particularly when Kris’s wife tossed the phone over to Kris who started to joke with Dennis about why he wasn’t there with them.  This sort of thing just doesn’t happen at most shows.


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