Embracing Nature: Our Annual Duck Walk Tradition

Every year at Alive, we are graced by the presence of a special visitor – a momma duck who chooses our Murfreesboro residence courtyard as a nesting spot for her family. This heartwarming tradition has become a special part of our community, symbolizing new beginnings, care, and unity.

As the ducklings hatch and grow, our dedicated staff watch over them and their mom, providing a pool to swim in and plenty of food and water to drink. Eventually, when the ducklings are big enough, the family is guided to a nearby lake behind our residence. Last month in May, we once again celebrated another successful duck walk/release, where our staff and volunteers carefully escorted the ducks to their new home in their natural habitat.

This annual tradition is filled with joy and a deep connection to nature. It embodies Alive’s values of compassion, respect for all living beings, and the circle of life. We are thrilled to share these moments from this year’s duck walk through the photos and video below; we hope they bring a smile to your face as they do ours.