Support Telehospice in the Big Payback

Imagine being ten and stuck at home during the pandemic. You haven’t been able to visit your friends for months, soccer season is canceled, and it’s hard to learn on Zoom. At least everyone is in it together. Except your father is the only one dying of cancer. Some days are better than others, but it’s frightening!

This has been the past year for ten-year-old Denise. One day when she was feeling anxious about her dad’s illness, her mom brought out the telehospice iPad from Alive, and Denise video-chatted with her dad’s nurse. Talking face-to-face helped soothe her fears of the unknown.

Can you give today to help expand our Henry Hooker Alive Connect telehospice program for families like Denise’s?

Henry Hooker Alive Connect augments our in-person care with 24/7 face-to-face support, preventing stressful ER visits, solving problems quickly, breaking down isolation, and reducing stress for patients and their loved ones. Our next generation of this program will include resources for patients and loved ones as well as medical record management and updates. We need your help to get there.


Thank you,
Kimberly Goessele