Summer Employee of the Quarter: Kim Cantrell

Congratulations to Kim Cantrell, our latest Employee of the Quarter! Kim is an Eligibility Coordinator on the Revenue Cycle team and is known for her dedication to helping those around her and the patients and families we serve. Kim is passionate about helping patient families and team members with questions about insurance coverage, and never hesitates to seek out an answer.

Here’s what her colleagues say:

“Kim is very dedicated. She stays late to make sure all the admission and status changes are entered. She helps train new employee, checks back over their work, and gives constructive criticism.”

“She will stop what she is doing to help you. If she does not know the answer she will try to find out or help direct you to the right place or person.”

“She has written appeals to give to the collector to help explain why certain authorizations are needed and why charges should be covered for patients.”

“She always ends phone calls with ‘I appreciate your help. Thank you so very much.’ She is friendly, and when insurance companies are being difficult, she always remains composed.”

Thank you, Kim, for all you do!