June Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations, Andy, on being named Alive’s latest Employee of the Quarter!

Andy is a Chaplain on the Hickory team and is always encouraging those around him with his positive outlook on life. Colleagues find him thoughtful and always eager to help in any way he can. It’s hard to have a bad day when Andy is around. Here’s what his colleagues say:

“Andy is always very thorough in his work. He is always on time (early) for meetings. His charting is complete and submitted right after the visit. He is also working on certification which is very timely and is a lot of extra work.”

“Andy has really encouraged the entire team during this pandemic. Each Monday, he sends out an email with a meditation or poem just to encourage everyone in the work that they do every day.”

“Andy has performed funerals for many of our patients. He forms strong relationships with patients and their families.”

“Andy sees the entire team as ‘his patients’. He checks in with everyone individually on a routine basis. His optimistic attitude is always a bright spot in the day.”

Congratulations, Andy! We appreciate all you do.