Alive Volunteer Shares Her Incredible Love Story with Local News

Are you living the legacy you want to leave? One of our newest volunteers, Fabi Calborn Powell, is.
“Fabi Calborn Powell got intrigued seven years ago when one of her patients insisted she just had to visit Nashville. A medical esthetician in her native California, Fabi always loved country music, especially songs by Eric Church. ‘You have to go to Nashville! I totally see you there,’ her patient urged. ‘Your future husband is in Nashville! You’re going to fall in love.’
On Nov. 8, they used the “L” word, and two planned to get together again in Nashville — and during that visit, only their second time together, Josh planned to introduce Fabi to his family. Ten days after that call, the young couple came to a gut-wrenching crossroads, the kind that usually comes much later in relationships.”
Read on as she shares about her epic love story with her husband, Josh, who died young, tells how she’s helping others as a result, and reveals her personal IVF journey with the Tennessean.