Pictured is Nicole's mother, Tesa Michelle Johnson, who received hospice care with Alive.

A Good Death, A Daughter’s Plan

When her mother was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, Nicole Antoinette, a nurse technician with nearly 20 years of experience, knew that time was of the essence in ensuring her mother was cared for with love through her final days. Nicole had been her mother’s sole caregiver, but she knew it was time to find help and turned to Alive.

“Everything was done with care and reverence to the woman my mother was to us. It was a confidence builder,” said Nicole.

When Can Hospice Help?

Nicole now lends her voice to educate her community about hospice services and the value in seeking care as soon as possible. Most patients and families wait far longer than they should to access this support. Hospice care is available as soon as a cure is no longer possible, and a terminal diagnosis is made. Then the focus of care becomes comfort and quality of life, which is what hospice excels in.

“Advocating for our community, which may be misinformed or underinformed, is important. Being proactive is better than being reactive,” said Nicole. “The earlier we educate ourselves about the transition out of the physical world, the better off we are.:

Planning for a “Good Death”

Nicole and the staff of Alive planned together to make certain that her mother’s final days were spent with loved ones, the way she wanted. Following her wishes helped bring her peace.

“I treated my home as if it were a hospice facility. People were in and out at all times of the day and night. There were candles lit, and her favorite music was playing. Within a few days my mother became more content with passing. It was a beautiful transition.”


Nicole Antoinette family member of Alive hospice patientNicole Antoinette is a certified nurse technician, author and advocate for hospice in the African-American community. Her recently released novel, “One Woman’s Work,” includes self-help tools modeled after her personal life and is available now. 





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