Pictured, from left to right: Anne Williams, Paige Tocash (Grief Services Coordinator), Sister Jeannine, Joy Nielsen and Nan Shinn. Not pictured are Doris Cawthorne and Barbara Kaye.

Volunteer Spotlight: The Bereavement Mailing Volunteers

The gang is back together! This group of volunteers has been gathering on the 3rd Thursday of each month for years. When Covid hit, they were not able to come together each month anymore, but now that’s changed! The bereavement mailing volunteers (Doris Cawthorne, Sister Jeannine, Barbara Kaye, Nan Shinn, Anne Williams, and Joy Nielsen) work on preparing nearly 2,000 envelopes that are then mailed to those who had a loved one cared for by Alive. The contents of each envelope vary depending on the length of time since the death of the recipient’s loved one, but all receive information about grief, a letter, and the calendar of our grief workshops and support groups. This information is invaluable to many caregivers and family members as they walk through their individual grief experience. Every envelope is filled with loving care!  

Thank you, ladies, for all that you do! 

Want to join our team of amazing volunteers? Visit AliveHospice.org/Volunteer