Volunteer Spotlight: Guillermo, Benito, and Alondra

As we prepare for our Butterfly Release, we have received tremendous support from the community including the help from volunteers Guillermo, Alondra, and Benito. Guillermo, a volunteer at Alive, invited his father, Benito, and friend, Alondra, to participate in creating butterfly houses for the upcoming release. Benito’s experience in carpentry and the creativity of Guillermo and Alondra made for a perfect match with this craft project.

When asked what these houses represented for them, Guillermo shared, “Alondra was glad to use her talents and joys for someone else who might receive the same joy through the gifted butterfly houses. Benito was excited to offer his years of experience to serve a community. I was just excited to help, and not only felt grateful to be able to help, but grateful to collaborate and spend time with close friends and family to help a beautiful community like Alive.”

To purchase your butterfly house, visit: AliveHospice.org/Butterfly