Vanderbilt Pre-med Student Moves Hospice Patients, Families with His Music

We are so grateful to our music volunteer Sung Jin Lee. He recently spoke with Main Street Nashville about why he loves volunteering with us.


“A Vanderbilt pre-med student has been visiting Alive Hospice for the past seven months to volunteer and play music for patients and their grieving families. Sung Jin Lee is a fourth-year undergraduate student who grew up in the Metro Atlanta area before choosing Vanderbilt to double major in neuroscience and music. He chose Vanderbilt because of its opportunity for interdisciplinary study that would allow him to work in research labs while working with his artistic side.

‘A lot of my activities revolve around music,’ Lee said. ‘I’ve played in my church’s praise team from a young age and taught music lessons to students with special needs. That was part of my upbringing. … I’ve lived in music for quite a while.’ He learned of an opportunity to volunteer with Alive Hospice while doing a summer internship with his research laboratory. He wanted to learn more about serving patients and about the medical field, but in-person opportunities were limited because of the pandemic. A roommate told him about Alive, and he approached the hospice facility, where he was given a volunteer position to play music for patients.”


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