Son Honors Mother with Golf Tournament Fundraiser for Alive

David Nix’s mother fought cancer for five years before she and her family decided it was time to seek the comfort of hospice. But when she was transferred to a low-quality care facility, her children and sisters took up the fight to get her into the Alive Residence. The care she received here made such an impression on David that he was determined to find a way to bring this experience to others as a way to honor her.

“The nurses and volunteers went out of their way to make her comfortable, to talk to us, and to answer questions and give the entire family as much comfort and compassion as they possibly could. That week was the worst week of my life, and they made it bearable!”

David now hosts the Judy Nix Memorial Golf Tournament each year to support Alive Hospice. The fundraiser is also a reunion that brings together those who loved his mother and want to honor her memory. Participants have raised nearly $13,000 over the past three years.

“It brings people together who rarely have a chance to talk to each other anymore because she was the link that bonded them…AND it raises money for the organization that took amazing care of her in her final days. As long as people keep showing up, I’ll keep hosting this tournament,” says David.