Patient Visits from Nashville Music Medics Featured in the Tennessean

“It’s joy, pure joy, because we know we’ve done something good, and we’re part of something special,” said troupe leader G. Wayne Jackson. When the Nashville Music Medics visit our Nashville residence, you can expect to find much joy and love filling the hallways and rooms for patients, families, and staff. They are not doctors, but they have a mission to bring comfort and peace to those enduring difficult times. Brad Schmitt at the Tennessean covered a recent visit to a patient named Anita.

“I’m overwhelmed by it,” her son, Greg Corwin, a mechanic from Millersville, said with a huge smile on his face. “It lifts the spirits of those who are grieving right now.” As for his mother, “I think she absorbed some of it through her subconscious,” Greg said. “I’m sure she liked it as well.”



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