Grief support closer to home

Dedicated Counselors at Hendersonville and Lebanon Offices

One of the things we’ve been most excited about this year is the expansion of our grief support services at Alive’s two new offices in Hendersonville and Lebanon.

We’ve served Sumner and Wilson counties for many years, and our bereavement services have always been available to families in those areas. However, distance (and let’s face it: Nashville traffic) can be a barrier to accessing these services, so we did something about it. We removed the distance (and the traffic) by opening two new offices, and we’ve placed professional, compassionate grief counselors at each location. Now, families can take comfort in knowing that grief support is only minutes away.

We are not a Nashville organization, but a Middle Tennessee agency. Bringing our grief support services to locations outside of Nashville has squared perfectly with our goal of reaching more people who could benefit from seeing a grief counselor or joining a support group. We invite families in Sumner, Wilson and surrounding counties to utilize our services when and as needed. We’re always here for you.