Fall Employee of the Quarter: Dee Dee Livingstone

Congratulations to Dee Dee Livingstone, our latest Employee of the Quarter! Dee Dee is an Intake Specialist, and just celebrated her 9th anniversary at Alive. She is known for being kind, caring, and the “epitome of quality.”

Here’s what her colleagues say about her:

Quality of Work:  She never, ever complains no matter how much she has on her plate. She works harder than anyone I know to ensure that everyone else’s job runs smoothly and to ensure that each patient gets to where they need to be. I never have to worry if something is being done correctly or in a timely manner when it comes to her. I always know she’s giving 100% all the time.

Quality of Person: She’s kind, efficient, and so caring. She truly cares about everyone and is always checking up on everyone to make sure they’re doing okay. I’m always excited to speak to her throughout my day because I know it will be a pleasant experience.

Quality of Care: Although she isn’t hands-on with patients, she is the epitome of “quality.” I’ve never met someone with such an incredible work ethic and positive attitude. I truly believe she should be recognized for all the effort she puts in and all the hard work she does!

Quality of Service: She is always going above and beyond for everyone around her. I’ve had several instances where I was unsure of something or couldn’t figure out an answer to something and my first call was to Dee Dee. She’s a well of knowledge and information and is always quick to respond and happy to help. If I call intake, and she answers, even if I ask to speak to another team member, she always asks, “Is there anything I can do for you?” Or “tell me what you need, I can help!” She’s always offering assistance to me and to everyone on our team, and I’m so grateful for her.

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Thank you, Dee Dee, for all that you do!


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