Creating Careers and Opportunities for Growth

Are you looking to continue growing in your career? Want to work with a team that will help you reach your professional goals? Alive grief counselor, Stephanie Larson, felt the same way when she decided to join Alive.

“I first started at Alive as an Intake Specialist. I started my Masters in Social Work degree while working with the Intake team…I was able to do my internship for it here at Alive, and it just all worked out really well for me to make that transition as an intern and then a child’s grief counselor.”

Stephanie transitioned from Intake Specialist to Grief Counselor to continue pursuing her goals and passion for working with children while using her degree. Her team at Alive helped her get there.

“It was important for me to work for a place that was making an impact in the community. From that first interview, the director, Ali, was really supportive and expressed that they would look for opportunities for me to grow here. I knew I had the support of my team before I even accepted the position. One of the biggest reasons I stayed [after getting my degree] was my team.”

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