Board of Directors

  • Boardchair: Dr. Warren McPherson

    Board of Directors, Recognition

    Boardchair: Dr. Warren McPherson

    For the last six years, Dr. Warren McPherson has been a champion and ambassador for Alive as a board member. He has played a variety of leadership roles, including cochair of our Murfreesboro Advisory Committee and Closer to Home Capital Campaign Committee, which led the effort to build The Residence at Alive Hospice Murfreesboro.

  • Board Member Transitions To New Role At Alive

    Board of Directors, Recognition

    Board Member Transitions To New Role At Alive

    Alive has been dear to Judy Orr for more than 16 years. Touched personally by the care we provide for patients and families, she has been an ambassador for this organization and an advocate for end-of-life planning because she believes the last chapter of life should be embraced, not put out of mind.

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We rely on charitable donations to fund indigent care, those without insurance coverage, our Institute education and outreach programs, and our comprehensive bereavement support program.

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