Annual Report 2022

We are grateful for your support in 2022.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

  -Benjamin Franklin

Pictured: Joe Hampe signing the foundation of the Alive Murfreesboro residence in 2017.

2022 was a year of proving our strength and staying power. Getting through the tail end of the pandemic and managing the ongoing labor shortage brought new challenges, but with your support, we accomplished many long-term goals, including expanding our Murfreesboro residence and bringing our palliative care program to TriStar’s Northcrest location in Springfield, TN.

We also expanded our mission-based services with a virtual reality pilot program for patients in our residences and launched a new community education program, Culture & Mourning. Inside Alive, we explored issues of culture, race and inclusion with our DEI committee which offered education and hosted forums for community leaders to share their wisdom with us. We were also honored with the most prestigious award in the industry, the Hospice Honors Elite Award. This annual review recognizes hospices that continuously provide the highest level of quality care as rated by those who had a loved one in hospice care.

Joseph K. Hampe, Alive Interim President/CEO, COO

Impact and Insights

Hospice Care

4,947 patients and their families received care.

Pediatric Hospice

24 pediatric patients and their families received care.

Palliative Care

20,784 palliative care visits completed across 7 HCA hospitals.

We Honor Veterans

513 veterans cared for. Appreciation for service shown with lap blankets, cards and lapel pins delivered by volunteers and staff.

Volunteer Support

11,298 hours, $281,276 cost savings.

Community Support

Nearly $1.5 million in financial support was given to patients and families.

Grief Support

2,491 unique participants across all programs. 3,732 individual counseling sessions provided to 768 clients. 350 group sessions and workshops. Launched Alive’s school-based program serving 7 districts. 72 school group sessions 34 group sessions and 17 staff trainings serving 700 adults and 34 youth. 59 participants at Alive’s Grief Camp and 20 participants at Alive’s Family Retreat.

Community Education

39 education events provided to 685 unique participants, 2 Culture and Mourning events with 186 participants and 6 health fairs with 491 unique participants, 858 advance care plan books distributed.

Meals Served

15,234 meals served to patients and guests at our residences.

Songs Sung

Over 550 songs sung through our Alive & The Bluebird fundraiser events.

Miles Driven

839,676 miles driven to serve patients and the community.

Butterflies Released

1,500 butterflies released in memory of loved ones at our memorial butterfly releases.

Statements of Financial Position

December 31, 2022 and 2021

Sources of Revenue

Allocation of Expenses

2022 Board of Directors and Committees


David Barton, MD
Lynn Barton, LCSW
The late John M. Flexner, MD

Board Officers

Beth Workman, Board Chair

Michael Payne, Treasurer

Vicki Estrin, Secretary and Chair-Elect

Clark Baker, Past Board Chair

Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO and Ex-officio

Board Members

Nick Birren

Kim Cannon

Mike Edgeworth, MD

Mary Flipse

Robyn Fulwider

George Huddleston, Jr

Rob Jack

Edward Jackson

Veronica Marable Johnson

Jordan Kendig

Jeff Landman, MD

Keri McInnis

Carolyn Schneider

Jane Siegel, MD

C.T. Stevens, III

Rev. Kelly Miller Smith

Robert Taylor, MD

Advisory Committee

Deborah Story, Chair

David Barton, MD

Lynn Barton, LCSW

Beth Workman, Board Chair and Ex-officio

Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO and Ex-officio

Leslie Akins

Rita Ash

Phil Barnett

Sydney Boerner

Lou Caputo

Dell Crosslin

Donna Culver

Frances Edwards

Annette S. Eskind

Donna Eskind

Mary Falls

Gordon Ferguson

Frank Gluck, MD

Keith Hagan, MD

Jordan Kendig

Harriet Karro

Lynn Lien

Max Moss, MD

Joseph C. Moss

Kitty Murfree

Joey Peay

Shane Reeves

Kathy Ryan

Sandra J. Roberts

Liz Schatzlein

Bertie Shriver

Susan Simons

Joyce Taylor

Don Witherspoon

Hanna Witherspoon

John Zubkus

Finance and Human Resources Committee

Michael Payne, Committee Chair

Beth Workman, Board Chair and Ex-Officio

Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO and Ex-Officio

Kim Cannon

Alan House

Keri McInnis

Laura Purswell

Carolyn Schneider

C.T. Stevens, III

Quality, Compliance and Ethics Committee

Robyn Fulwider, Committee Chair

Beth Workman, Board Chair and Ex-Officio

Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO and Ex-Officio

Mary Flipse

Robert Taylor, MD, Ethics Liaison

Anna Grizzle, Legal Counsel

Strategic Planning and Mission Services Committee

Vicki Estrin, Committee Chair

Beth Workman, Board Chair and Ex-Officio

Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO and Ex-Officio

Nick Birren

Mike Edgeworth, MD

George Huddleston, Jr

Edward Jackson

Jordan Kendig

Jeff Landman, MD

Veronica Marable Johnson

Jane Siegel, MD

Rev. Kelly Miller Smith, Jr

Robert Ward

Ethics Sub-Committee

Robert Taylor, MD, Committee Chair

Kimberly Goessele, President/CEO and Ex-Officio

Frank Gluck, MD

Bill Hirschman

Doug Johnson, MD

Mary Lou O’Gorman

Rabbi Lauri Rice

Lou Ann Wolfson

Sponsorships and Grants

2022 Event Sponsors

Presenting Signature Series Sponsor ($50,000+)



Presenting Sponsors ($25,000-$49,999)



Presenting Sponsors ($15,000-$24,999)












Bainbridge Realty Group | Belle Meade Framers | Christie Cookie Co. | Highwoods | InfoWorks | Liberty Party Rental | Michael McKee & Paul Cook | Mutual of America | Sophisticated Living Nashville | Weifield Group Contracting




Aetna | American Paper & Twine | Belmont University | Brian (the promo) Hunter | Chad and Kristen Greer | Cumberland Trust | Frantz Building Services | Gray Line Tennessee | H Three Events | H.G. Hill Realty | Helping Hands Wait Staff and Bar ServiceJudith Bright | Kristen Winston Catering | MatrixCare | Mayfield Events and Design | Southeast Venture


2022 Grantors

HCA Healthcare: $250,000
Christy-Houston Foundation, Inc.: $245,000
West End Home Foundation: $75,000
West End Home Foundation – Senior Trust Digital Literacy initiative: $50,000
Arby’s Foundation: $46,000
Ann Hardeman and Combs Lawson Fort Foundation: $31,700
The Marlene and Spencer Hays Foundation: $25,000

The Memorial Foundation: $25,000
Charity Circle of Murfreesboro: $20,000
The William Stamps Farish Fund: $20,000
Washington Foundation: $20,000
The Houghland Foundation: $15,000
United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties, Inc.: $10,000
Baulch Family Foundation: $9,000
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee: $5,000

Nashville Predators Foundation: $4,000
M. Stratton Foster Charitable Foundation: $4,000
Smile Direct Club: $3,000
Walmart Neighborhood Market – Murfreesboro: $2,000
Walmart Supercenter – Lebanon: $1,000
T & T Family Foundation: $1,000

Founders Circle of Giving

Cumulative Lifetime Gifts of $50,000+

The Founders Circle of Giving represents the roots of Alive’s tree: benefactors who have given a cumulative total of $50,000 or more in support of our mission since Alive’s founding in 1975.

*An asterisk denotes members added in 2022 to the Founder’s Circle of Giving.

Acadia Healthcare
Mr. and Mrs. J. Clark Akers III
Aladdin Industries Foundation, Inc.
American Constructors, Inc.
Mary H. Andrews*
Clare C. Armistead
Ascension Health Ministry Svc Ctr
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ayers
Bank of America of Tennessee
Ellen K. Barton
Bass, Berry & Sims PLC
Baulch Family Foundation
Baxendale Estate*
Beaman Automotive Group
Alvin and Sally Beaman Foundation
Bill and Melba Blevins
BLP Serve, LLC
Bluebird Cafe, Inc.
Bradford Family Foundation
James C. Bradford, Jr
Elizabeth Betty Brown
Martin S. Brown
Brownlee Currey Foundation
Cal Turner Family Foundation
William H. Cammack
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Campbell, Jr.
Mr. Monroe J. Carell, Jr.
Jural Couey Carter Estate
Doris W Cawthorne and the late Lynn H Cawthorne*
Charity Circle of Murfreesboro
Charlotte Jankovic Trust
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cheek, III
Mr. and Mrs. Joel O. Cheek
Christy-Houston Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Cigarran
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Mr. Matt Cowan
Marillyn F. Craig
The late Annella Creech
Jane L. Davis
Joe C. Davis Foundation
Carolyn Dozier Davis
Clarise Ann DeQuasie

Dugas Family Foundation
Enchiridion Foundation
Annette S. Eskind
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Eskind
Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Foundation
Elinor C. Ewing Estate
Ezell Foundation
Family and Children’s Service
The William Stamps Farish Fund*
James M. Felts
Sara J. Finley*
Mary M. Fishburn
John D. Floyd Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Ann Hardeman and Combs Lawson Fort Foundation
Frist Foundation
Irene P. Fuller
Barbara E. Futter
Joseph C. Galante
Gaylord Entertainment
James E. and Sidna J. Ghee
Joseph Gilbert, Jr.
Letty-Lou Haber Gilbert
Dr. and Mrs. Francis W. Gluck, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Grizzle
Landis B. Gullett
Mr. John H. Hanson Estate
Bart Harrison
Pallen Harrison
The Marlene and Spencer Hays Foundation
HCA Corporate
HCA Healthcare Foundation, Inc.
Healing Trust
Victoria Heil
Ms. Sharon Hels
The Willard & Frances Hendrix Foundation
Senator Douglas Henry
Annie Geraldine Hess
Nancy Elizabeth Hibbett
Jack Holt*
Alice I. Hooker
Hospice Net Inc.
The Houghland Foundation
Hub International Limited*
Dr. Tracey Huddleston and Mr. George Huddleston, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Kib Huddleston

Humana Foundation
Mary L. Hussey Estate
Ingram Industries Inc.
Martha R. Ingram
Jackson National Life
Mr. and Mrs. Joey A. Jacobs
Jeanine S. Johnson
The Estate of Bernice Johnson
Joyce Foundation – Nashville
Mr. and Mrs. William B. King
Mildred C. Krech
Sue Z. Kresge
Heloise Werthan Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lenderman, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lien
Life Extension Foundation
Doris Loden
Martin Foundation
Mr. Michael B. McKee and Mr. Paul Cook
Dr. Warren McPherson
Ms. Michelle McWhorter and the late R. Clayton McWhorter
The Memorial Foundation
Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency
Laura Mary Tyler Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John Morris
MSB Cockayne Fund, Inc.
Katherine D. Murfree
Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, PA*
Nashville CARES
Douglas G. Odom
Lenore “Sis” Oldham
William Dortch Oldham
Louie M. and Betty M. Phillips Foundation
James Walter Pickle Foundation
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pirtle
Justin & Valere Blair Potter Foundation
Valere Potter-Menefee
Purity Dairies, Inc.
Ragland Corporation
Richard E. Ragsdale
Hilda B. Ratner
Joan Rechter and the late Ben R. Rechter
Shane and Amanda Reeves*

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Regan
Reynolds Family Foundation
Dr. Liz Rhea
Margaret Ann and Walter Robinson Foundation
Alton Ross
Ann Middleton Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Russell
Ryan White Community AIDS Partnership
Saint Thomas Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Scarola
Mary G. Schillig
The Estate of Linda C. Schuller
Serving our Seniors
Donald R. Shaw Winnie Ray Dillingham Shaw
Mrs. Helen Thomas Siler
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Simons
Barbara O. Smith*
Elizabeth Jane Smith
Eleanor Steinke Estate
Ms. Mary E. “Billie” Stuck
SunTrust Bank
Mary Alberta Taylor Estate
Joyce P. Terris
United Way of Middle Tennessee
United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties, Inc.
United Way of Wilson County
United Way of Metropolitan Nashville
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
John D. Walker
Carol C. Waller
Courtney Waller
Washington Foundation
Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.
Joni P. Werthan
West End Home Foundation
Nell Shriver Williams
Willis North America
David K. and Paula R. Wilson
Don Witherspoon*
The Woman’s Club of Nashville
Mr. and Mrs. John Woodfin
Woodfin Memorial Chapel, Inc
Ms. Beth Workman and Mr.Ned Braman
Robert K. and Anne H. Zelle Fund

Annual Giving Societies

Every donor nourishes our organization, helping our roots grow deep and our branches grow tall. Your support makes our mission possible.
The annual giving societies recognize gifts made for our general operating fund, programs, and capital campaign giving for Murfreesboro.

Evergreen Society

The evergreen tree is symbolic of perpetuity. Evergreen Society members have given $25,000-$49,999.

Arby’s Foundation
Bluebird Cafe, Inc.
Betty S. Dennis
Ann M. Duffer Family Foundation
Ann Hardeman and Combs Lawson Fort Foundation

Mr. Joseph C. Galante
The Marlene and Spencer Hays Foundation
Hospice Net Inc.
Ingram Industries Inc.
Mrs. Martha R. Ingram
The Memorial Foundation

MSB Cockayne Fund, Inc.
One Oncology
Regions Bank
Mr. Alton Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Scarola
Truist Bank

Oak Society

The oak tree is symbolic of courage. Oak Society members have given $10,000-$24,999.

Allstar Charity Service
American Endowment Foundation
American Fundraising Foundation, Inc
Bank of America
Ms. Lucie W. Cammack
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Campbell, Jr.
Charity Circle of Murfreesboro
Charles Schwab and Co., Inc.
Mr. Mike Duffer
Mr. Walter L. Elliott Jr.
Enchiridion Foundation
First Horizon

First Horizon Foundation
Ms. Mary Flipse and Mr. Todd Dirksen
Ms. Allison Garfinkel
Mr. Bernie Goldenzweig
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Grizzle
Mrs. Jane Guzikowski
HCA Corporate
The Houghland Foundation
Jackson National Life
R. Milton and Denice Johnson
The Milton and Denice Johnson Family Foundation
Life Extension Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Paisley
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Pittman
Raymond James Charitable
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Reeves
Ms. Lolaine M. Rodes
Ms. Sheryl K. Rothstein
The Signatry
The William Stamps Farish Fund
Truxton Trust
Washington Foundation
Western Express
Wayne M Wise Wellness Fund

Hickory Society

The hickory tree is symbolic of endurance. Hickory Society members have given $5,000 – $9,999.

Tommie Andrews
Ascension Health Ministry Svc Ctr
Mr. Albert Avalos
Baulch Family Foundation
Big Ben Fund
Capital Group American Funds
Renita Carter
Mr. Robert Comeaux
Pavel M. Dovgalyuk
Col. Ret. Patrick D. Eagan
Ethan Elzen
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Eskind

Mrs. Margaret A. Geist
Hub International Limited
Ms. Mary A. Kipp
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Landman
Ms. Susan McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Allen McNeill
Melkus Family Foundation
Leo Moceri
National Christian Foundation Nashville
Mrs. Dana Nelson
Mr. David Osborn

Patrick and Mary Patricia Park
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Payne
Ms. Mary Pritzker
Linda Ragsdale
Dr. and Mrs. Dan M. Roden
RT Medical LLC
Saint Thomas Foundation
Saint Thomas West Hospital Medical Staff
Ms. Annie Sellick
Ms. Bertie F. Shriver
Dr. Jane Siegel and Dr. Rob Dyer

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin L. Small
Irvin and Beverly Small Foundation
Mr. Charles Stevens
United Way Suncoast
Ben Vaughn
Vinman Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Alex P. Waddell, IV
E. Hunter Welles
Ms. Beth Workman and Mr.Ned Braman
Mr. Christopher C. Young

Cedar Society

The cedar tree is symbolic of healing. Cedar Society members have given $2,500 – $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. James Aho, Jr.
Ameriprise Financial
Arizona Community Foundation
Dr. Todd Bauer
David Beeny
Mr. Anthony S. Berens
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Blevins
David C. Bowman
Catherine Brent
Burns Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Campbell III
Jean R. Cheek
Close Family Charitable Fund
Cumberland Trust & Investment Company
Ms. Virginia A. Davis
Bob and Gayle Eadie
Equitable Trust

Mr. Richard Eskind
Mark Fields Memorial Fund
First Presbyterian Church
M. Stratton Foster Charitable Foundation
Mike and Teresa Gann
Mr. Arunas Vanagunas and Mrs. Kimberly D. Goessele
Mrs. Helen R. Hazelip
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Hellerson
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Herr
Highwoods Realty Ltd. Partnership
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Holland, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Everette I. Howell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jackson
Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee
Mr. Gary W. Johnson

JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Ms. Barbara A. Kaye
Mr. Donald M. Kinkel
Drs. Paul and Dana Latour
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Levine
Abbey Linfert
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Linfert
Mr. Jeffrey C. Linfert II
Mr. Michael B. Mckee and Mr. Paul Cook
Milek Media, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Miller
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
William D. Moseley
Mutual of America Financial Group
Nashville Predators Foundation
Bennena Ribble and Sherry Ribble Willis

Richardson Foundation
Mr. Walter E. Richardson, III
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rick
Mike and Mary Anne Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Keith B. Simmons
Smile Direct Club
Ms. Barbara Owen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Tappel
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Trusley
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Vanguard Charitable
Drs. Mark and Jeanne Wallace
Joni P. Werthan
Wood Stabell Law Group

Elm Society

The elm tree is symbolic of inner strength. Elm Society members have given $1,000 – $4,999.

Ms. Jade Adgate
Ms. Frances Ambrose
American Paper & Twine Company
Ameriprise Certificate Company
Ms. Joan Anderson
Ascend Federal Credit Union
Mrs. Linda G. Bagwell
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Baker
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Barings LLC Corp
Mr. and Mrs. Don Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Barker
Kathleen Bartos
Bass, Berry & Sims PLC
Dawn Becker
Governor Philip N. Bredesen and Ms. Andrea Conte
Mrs. Sydney Boerner
BNY Mellon
Mrs. James Bradford, Jr.
Ms. Alice Brooks
Gail Bugg
Mr. Jimmy Burris
John E. Cain
Ms. Kimberly D. Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Carpenter, III
Catholic Community Foundation
Mrs. Doris W. Cawthorne
Mr. and Mrs. John Chadwick
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chappell
Mr. Michael Christie
Ms. Yvonne W. Christopher
C J Close
Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne
Ms. Hillary Cooper
Mrs. Sandra M. Corbin
Mr. Willie K. Davis
Mrs. Starling P. Davis Clark
Ms. Carolyn Dever
Mr. John Dezervos
Mr. William Dixon
Mr. Rucker Donnell
Doric Building Company
Doyne, Oury, Rosenfeld Family Philanthropic Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Drowota


Mr. John Eckert
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Edgeworth
Edward Jones
Mrs. Frances M Edwards
Mr. Michael Edwards
Enhancing Wellness Counseling & Consulting, LLC
Casey Ensor
The Annette & Irwin Eskind Family Foundation
Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Foundation
The Steven and Laurie Eskind Family Foundation
Mrs. Annette S. Eskind
Mr. and Mrs. Alec T. Estes
Mr. and Mrs. David Estrin
Ezell Foundation
Mr. Bill W. Ezell
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Fortune
Frantz Building Services
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Frazer, III
Mrs. Lynn S. Fritz
General Mills
General Mills Your Cause, LLC
Ms. Nancy Glynn
Goad Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Goad, Jr.
Ms. Laura Goddard
Ms. Karen Goetz
The GoodCoin Foundation
Ms. Naomi Goodin
Mr. Adam Graver
Mr. John H. Green
Mr. Richard A. Green
Dr. Ralph M. Greenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Greer
Harry G. Griffin
Mr. Larry E. Grimes
Patricia W. Hall
Michael Halley
Mrs. Winifred Halley
Ms. Phyllis G. Hamilton
Mr. David M. Harbsmeier
Mrs. Frances Hardcastle
Patricia Harper
Mr. Jacob G. Harris
Tong Haw
Ms. Sara Hay
Hearts of the South Family Foundation


Mr. Gareth Hoeni
Mr. James Holzemer
Mrs. Barbara Holzman
Ms. Bettye Hurt
Mr. and Mrs. David Ingram
Mr. Robert Jack
Mrs. Sharon Jeffreys
Mrs. Nina Jenkins
John Bouchard & Sons Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Warren T. Johnson
M. Phillip Kalnitzky
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kitchel
Pete Kopcsak
Dr. Susan J. Kupisch
Mr. Joseph Lacher
Steve and Margaret Lawrence
Lebanon Breakfast Rotary Club
Mr. Jefferson Leeper
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Lehman-Grimes
Lena Levendoski
Mr. James D. Lesch
Mike and Janice Levi
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lien
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Lindsey
Ms. Elizabeth Livingston
Ms. Freda Little
Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Louthan
Chaplain and Mrs. Gene Lovelace
Jim and Jennifer Loyd
Mainland Companies
Mr. and Mrs. Rick G. Mansfield
MatrixCare by ResMed
Dr. Deborah Matthews Evans
Robert and Jan Mattix
Ms. Joan L. Maupin
Ms. Dana Mayberry
Ms. Jean C. Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McCormick
Ms. Susan McCrary
Mr. and Mrs. James L. McGregor
Ms. June E. McMichael
Mr. Michael McNally
Mechanical Resource Group LLC
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.
Mr. Michael Miller

Richard and Sharalena Miller
Ms. Freda Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Morris
Ms. Melissa Mosteller
Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, PA
Nashville Fire Fighters Association Foundation
National Financial Services LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Nelson
Nephrology Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Newman
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Nunnery
Par6 Real Inc
Mr. Ralph Parsons
Mr. Harry Peffen
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Perry
Pledgeling Foundation
Purity Dairies, Inc.
Mr. George I. Pust
Mr. Dennis Quaid
Mr. Michael Quinn
Ms. Kimberly Rathbone
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Rawlings
Raymond James and Associates, Inc.
Mr. Jerry Rendic
Mrs. Dana Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Richardson
Dr. Ann Richmond
Mrs. Delphine Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Roberts
Ms. Sandra J. Roberts
Mr. William Rodes
Mr. Wain Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Seamus Ross
Ms. Mary Frances Rudy
Mr. James Rungee
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Russell
Mr. Theodore Sanft
Mr. David Santerelli
Mr. and Mrs. Don Schlitz
Joan B. Shayne
Bo and Angela Shields
Dr. Sharon Lee Shields
Kim and Nan Shinn
Terrance and Melissa Shirey
Mr. Albert L. Simms
Skyhook Structural Engineering, P.C.
Mr. Melvin Sloan

Mr. William Sloan
Smile Gallery
Southeast Venture, LLC
Mrs. Susan M. Spickard
Mr. Donnie Stanley
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Stephens
Ms. Teela Stephens
Ms. Hilary Steve
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Stevens
Ray Stevens
Ms. Alyssa Stines
Lonnie and Kitty Strickland Charitable Foundation
Ms. Margaret Suhr
Sun Life
T & T Family Foundation
Dr. Robert K. Taylor, M.D.
TD Ameritrade Clearing
Temple Ohabai Sholom
Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance
Mr. Al P. Thomas
Mr. Brad Thomason
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Thweatt
Ms. Trinka Turnbow
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
United Healthcare of Tennessee, Inc.
United Way of the Midlands
UnitedHealthcare Services, Inc.
Mr. Richard J. Vaughn
Mr. James Waldrop
Ms. Elizabeth C. Walls
Amy Webb
Mr. Douglas Weltner
Mr. Andrew White
Ms. Nancy White
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Whittemore
Mr. John Vidalakis
The Anne P. Wilson Charitable Fund
Ms. Anne P. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Don Witherspoon
Mr. Ronald J. Wolcott
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wood
World Outreach Church
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wray
Mr. and Mrs. William Wright
Yarbrough Family Foundation
Ms. Vicki Young

Thank you to our Maple Monthly Giving Donors

Mr. John P. Adonis
Ms. Julia Anderson
Ms. Sara K. Bailey
Deborah Barnett
Deshay Biggerstaff
Mr. Kevin Birdwell
Ms. Dana Blakemore
Nadine Bock
Mr. William H. Bodaford, Jr.
David C. Bowman
Kellye J. Byrn
Dianne Castellano
Ms. Deborah M. Clapper

Mr. John Colquitt
Ms. Gail D’Apolito
Mr. and Mrs. David Estrin
Mr. Charles R. Farrer
Ms. Karen Goetz
Mary K. Gormley
Mr. Larry E. Grimes
Mr. and Ms. Dewey Hamrick
Mr. Mike Harkreader
Warren Henson
Mr. and Mrs. David Ingram
Ms. Josephine E. Jacobs
Ms. Elizabeth C. Jenkins

Jeanine Scott Johnson
Ms. Barbara A. Kaye
Ms. Leanne Kreps
Ms. Deborah Manning
Mrs. Pixie McCord-Mills, R.N.
Mr. Steve Melton
Ms. Angelika Parl
Mr. Robert Patin
Ms. Annette Pilcher
Joseph H. Reagan
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reasonover
Kim and Nan Shinn
Kenneth Smithmier

Ms. Teela Stephens
Mrs. Christine Stiles
Ms. Alyssa Stines
Mrs. Mizella B. Stone
Mr. David Suver
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Tappel
Mr. Phillip Wallace
Mr. Sean Whelan
Sharon Whitehead
Mr. and Mrs. Van Williams
Ms. Heidi Zimmerman
Mr. Guy Zona

Thank you to all of our supporters!

Ms. Carol A
A | Train Fitness Coaching
Ms. Tina Abellanosa
Ms. Carol Abercrombie
Elizabeth R. Abernathy
Mr. Irvin Abernathy
Ms. Jennifer Abernathy
Ms. Susan Abington
Abington Junior High School
Elizabeth Abrams
ACCESS Retirement Services, LLC
Ms. Janet Acker
Ms. Suzanne Ackerman
Ashley Adams
Dillard Adams and Erica Adams
Dusty Adams
Ms. Erica Adams
Howell and Madeline Adams
Ms. Jamie C. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Adams
Mr. Robert Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Adams
Adams Gas Sales & Service
Mr. Frank & Kelly Adelman
Ms. Charlotte Aderholdt
Mr. Golden Adkins II
Mr. John P. Adonis
Affirm Health
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Affuso
Mr. and Mrs. Agee
Susie Aguilar
Ms. Mary Ahern
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ahlers
Mr. John F. Ahner
AIG Matching Grants Program
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Aiken
Rachel & JJ Ailor
Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Albaugh
Ms. Joanna Albert
Ms. Laura Albert
Ruth Albrecht
Mrs. and Mr. David Alcorn
Ms. Celeste Alderson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Alderson
Mrs. Debbie Aldis
Mr. Brad Alexander
Jean K. Alexander
Ms. Judy Alexander
Ms. Katherine K. Alexander
Mr. Dwight L. Alford
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ali
Ms. Jean M. Allan
Ms. Sarah Alldredge
Bobbi Allegood
Kim Allen
Burkley and Newton P. Allen, Jr.
Pam Allen
Sharon Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Allen
Mr. Wesley Allen
Ms. Diane C. Almond
Ms. Pamela Alund
Mr. and Mrs. Alverson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Amacher
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ambrose, Jr.
America Online Giving
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
American Legion Aux Unit No 932
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Ames
Ms. Josette Amsilli
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Anderson
Harry and Floretta Anderson
James C. Anderson
Ms. Janet Anderson
Ms. Judy D. Anderson
Ms. Julia Anderson
Ms. Kristin Anderson
Mary Kaye Anderson
Mr. Robert G. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Anderson
Anderson Benson Insurance
Andrew Jackson Foundation
Mr. Daniel Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Andrews
Anne Bransford Wallace Foundation
Ms. Patsy J. Apple
Marsha Arapis
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Archer
Charlotte Archuletta
Mr. Michele Argentieri
Mrs. Risha Arkovitz
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Arms
Kathleen Armstrong
Ms. Rebecca Armstrong
John and Andrea Arndt
Ms. Peggy J. Arnette
David Arnholt
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Arnold
Mrs. Reather P. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Arnold
Ms. Connie Arrington
Ms. Cathy Arter
Ms. Brittany Ash
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Ashendorf
Andrea Ashworth
ASK4 Entertainment
Ms. Pamela Atha
Athens Distributing Company of Nashville
Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Atkinson
Atlas Van Lines
Jo Anne Atwood
Ms. Linda Atwood
Ms. Marilyn B. Ault
Ms. Darlene Austin
Rachael Austin
Mr. Robert J. Austin and Ms. Lynda Edwards
Ms. Mary Lou Auxier
Ms. Lori Aveni
Ms. Arlene Averbuch
Avison Young
Mrs. Judith Avril
Ms. Laura H. Ayers
Hayden Baca
Thong Bacon
Andrea Baes
Mrs. Judy Baggett
Mr. Jason Baggett
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Baggett
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bagwell
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Bailey
Jerry Bailey
Ms. Sara K. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Bailey, Jr.
Dr. Stephanie Bailey and Mr. Willie Bailey
Ms. JoAnn Bainbridge
Mrs. Paige Bainbridge
Gunner Baird
LTC (ret.) and Mrs. Robert Baird
Ms. Victoria Baize
Ms. Cindy Baker
Claire Baker
Ms. June R. Baker
Leslie A. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Baker
Mr. Joseph Baksha
Ms. Nora Baldwin
Mrs. Frances M. Ball
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ball
Mr. Stephen Ball
Mr. Allen E. Ballard
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ballard
Anita Baltimore
Ms. Amy Banaszek
Mrs. Mary L. Bandy
Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Banker
Ms. Melissa Bannister
Ms. Amy Banniza
Ms. Jeanne Baranski
Mrs. John A. Barbara, Jr.
Dennis & Kathy Barber
Mr. Claude Barbre
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Barfield
Paula Barkley
Ms. Angie Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Barnes
Shirley Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Barnes
Adrianne Barnett
Ann Barnett
Ms. Deborah O. Barnett
Ms. Michelle Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Barnett
Captain Phillip J. Barnett
Ms. Cristina Barr
Ms. Annie L. Barrett
Brandy Barrett
Mr. George Barrett
Ms. Robin Barrett
Frances Barron
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bartelt
Cathy Bartolini
Ms. Amy Barton
Mr. David Barton
Franklin Barton
Mr. Gary J. Barton
Dr. and Mrs. Barton
Ms. Roseann Barton
Barton Malow Builders
Barton Malow Foundation
Gregory and Mona Barz
Philip and Carol Bass
Mr. E. Warner Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Bass, Jr.
Mr. J.O. Bass Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Bass, Jr.
Johnny Bass
Sara Bass
Ms. Shelly R. Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Batchelor
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bateman
Steve and Sue Batiste
Thomas and Delilah Battan
Mr. Zachary Baumann
Ms. Tammy Baxter
Ms. Margaret M. Bayliss
Mrs. Cherie H. Beadle
Ms. Katrin T. Bean
Betsy, Chuck, and Addie Bean
Bean’s Creek Church of Christ
Ms. Janice Beard
Ms. Carol Beasley
Ms. Lisa Beasley
Ms. Mary Beasley
Dr. Charles O. Beauchamp
Beauchamp Animal Hospital
Ms. Pam Beaver
Robin Beavers
Mr. and Mrs. Carson W. Beck
Ms. Luanne Beck
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Becker
Ms. Sandra Becker
Dr. Michael T. Beckham
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Beckner
Ms. Cheryl Beckruff
Kirk Bednar
Beech Quilters
Ms. Eileen Beehan and Mr. Bill Sinclair
Ms. Ruth A. Been
Ms. Barbara Begtrup
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Belcher
Jocelyn Bell
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bell
Ms. Betty C. Bellamy
Belmont University
Mr. Louis R. Belote
Dr. Betsy D. Bennett
Geneva Bennett
Ms. Helen Bennett
Mr. Jonathan Bennett
Ladd Bennett
Micah and Miranda Bennett
Paul and Alison Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Bennett Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bennett
Ms. Angela Benson
Betsy Benson
Mrs. Jane Benson
Mr. Maxwell E. Benson Jr.
Ms. Monica M Berard (Clark)
Mr. and Ms. Brian Berg
John & Ladelia Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Berger
Ms. Diamond Bergeron
Ms. Dina Berkey
Ms. Sandra T. Bernreuter
Mr. Ryan Bernstein
Brian and Dianne Berry
Kyle & Julie Berry
Mrs. Tyler Berry, Jr.
Ms. Sara G. Berryman
Krissie Betbeze
Better Business Bureau of Middle TN & Southern KY
Ginna Betts
Mr. Brian Bevels
Mr. Richard C. Bibb
Mr. Stephen Bickelhaup
Kim Biever
Mr. Deshay Biggerstaff
Marina Bigongiari
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Bilbrey
Kristie Bilbrey
Daniel and Christy Biles
Linda Bills
Mr. Jeffrey Binder
Ms. Ann H. Binkley
Mr. Kevin Birdwell
Mr. Anthony N. Birmingham
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Birren
Ms. Katelyn Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Bishop
Ms. Elizabeth Bissell
Charlie Biter and Camille Holt Biter
Mr. and Mrs. David Black
Ms. Rozelia Black
Virginia Black
Samantha Blackburn
Nancy Blackwell
Ms. Christine Blackwood
Cynthia Blaine
Ms. Christine Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Blair III
Ms. Peggy Blake
Dr. and Mrs. Martin L. Blakely
Mr. Michael Blakely
Ms. Dana Blakemore
Ms. Rose Blakeslee
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Blane
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Blank
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blankenship
Janet and Gary Blanscet
Beth Blasingame
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Blatchley
Mr. Kent Blazy
Sharon K. Blazy
Ms. Wendy Bloch
Ms. Patricia Blonde
Ms. Melody Blood
Jennifer Blount
Blue Spring Cove Church of Christ
Nadine Bock
Mr. William H. Bodaford, Jr.
Mr. Ryan Bogert
Mrs. Etta Boguskie
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Bohrer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bolsom
Mr. Bryan Bolton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bomar
Rae Williams Bonansinga
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bond
Ms. Betsy A. Bond
Mr. Caleb Bone
Mr. David Bone
Ms. Jana Bone
Tanya Bonney
Mr. G. G. Bonnyman and Chancellor Claudia C. Bonnyman
Ms. Ellen Booth
Mr. Michael Booty
Ms. Ellen Borchers
Ms. Lisa Borden
Ms. Linda Borgerding
Mark and Robin Born
Ms. Merle C. Born
Mr. and Mrs. Niles Borop III
Ms. Kathy Borum
Ms. Courtney Bottoms Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Boulanger
Ms. Mary Bouldin
Ms. Deborah A. Bowden
Mrs. Martha A. Bowden
Jamey Bowen and Norman D. Wells
Jennifer Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. David Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. Tim W. Bowling
Mr. Todd Bowman
Mr. Robert W. Boyd Jr.
Ms. Elaine Boyd-Caskey
Ms. Katelyn Boyer
Ms. Sheran Boyte
Ms. Claire Bracken
Johnny Bradberry
Patsy Bradley
Bradley Elementary District No. 61
John J. Brady III
T.L. Brady
Bradyville Church of Christ
Tommy and Penny Brake
Ms. Susan Ann Brannon
Mrs. John S. Bransford, Jr.
Mr. Patrick Brantner
Mr. Bill Braswell II
George and Delois Bratton
Ms. Jessica Breaux
Mr. Scott Bredin
Ms. Michele Breeden and Orene B. Breeden
Sandra Breedlove
Arnie Breidenbaugh
Mrs. Mary Lawrence M. Breinig
Ms. Mary Lou Brennan
Wendy Brennan
Joann Brent
Brentwood Hills Church of Christ
Brentwood United Methodist Church
Ms. Monica Brewer
Brewer Amusement Company, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Brickner
Pat Bridges
Mr. Jim Brien and Hollis Hall
Ms. Theresa Brinkheide
Mr. Drew Brinkoetter
Ms. Kim Brisson
Patrick Britt
Hugh Britton
David and Libby Broadhurst
Brook Meade Garden Club
Dana Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Brooks
Ms. Patricia Brooks Nobles
Ms. Janice Brougham
Ms. Caroline Browder
Aaron and Gayle Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Brown, Sr.
Ms. Angela Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Brown
Mr. Christopher Brown
Mr. Doug Brown
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Brown
James and Peggy Brown
Ms. Nancy Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown
Robin Brown
Ms. Shirley Brown
Ms. Sue S. Brown
Ms. Andrea Broxton
Larry R. Broyles
Ms. Joann Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce
Ms. Susan G. Brumfield
Ms. Linda Brunamonti Condo
Cheryl Bruning
Ms. Katherine Bryan
Ms. Lou Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. W. Allen C. Bryan, III
Cameron Bryant
Mrs. Dee Bryant
Ms. Katherine A. Bryant
Ms. Nina Bryant
Peggy Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bubis
Mrs. Melba R. Buchholz
Mr. Robert Buchholz
Erwin Buck
Ms. Mary Buckner
Ms. Mary Buckner
Molly Buehler
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Bugg
Ms. Cynthia M. Bulman
Mr. Robert T. Bumbalough
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bumstead
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Buntin
Kemp Buntin
Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Buntin Jr.
Mr. William Buntin
Ms. Nancy Bunting
Mr. Eric J. Burch
Mr. John Burcham
Ms. Sarah L. Burchett
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Burgess
Ms. Peggy Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Burian
Carole Burkitt
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Burns
Mr. and Mrs. John Burns
Mrs. Paula Burns
Ms. Susan Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Burns
Mr. William J. Burns
Tianna Burroughs
Ms. Helen Burrus
Ms. Gail Bursch
Mr. Dorman Burtch
Ms. Suzanne Burtchaell
Mrs. Nancy Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Burton
Ms. N. Michele Busen
Ms. Ashley Bush
Mrs. Jo Ann Bush
Judith M. Bush
Ms. Lisa Bushman
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Butler
Christie Butler
Mr. Jeffrey Butler
Ms. Tara Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Byard
Myrna W. Byars
Tracy Byers
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Byington
Mrs. Amber Byram
Ms. Kellye J. Byrn
Mr. Stephen J. Byrne
C. B. Rollins III & Delinda Rollins Charitable Lead Unitrust
CAFA Cybergrants
Mr. Lloyd Cahoon
Ron Cail
Mr. Barry Caldwell
Barry Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Elvis A. Caldwell
Jill Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Caldwell III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caldwell
Ms. Suzanne R. Caldwell
Barry and Wentworth Caldwell
Yojna Calix
Aaron Callahan
Ms. Theresa R. Calton
Calvary Baptist Church
Mr. Eric Calvert
Ms. Tina Calvetti
Ms. Beth Cameron
Cameron Worley, PC
Amy Campbell
Mrs. Berdelle Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Howell H. Campbell III
Ms. Lee Ann Campbell
Ms. Alice R. Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cannon
Liz Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Z. Cantrell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cantrell
Mrs. Laine B. Cantrell
Ms. Marjorie Cantrell
Dr. Samantha E. Cantrell
Jacqueline Cape
Ms. Amanda Capers
Meredith Capps
Card My Yard Murfreesboro
Matthew and Kerry Carden
Cardinal Health Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Christy Cardwell
Caregivers by WholeCare
Ms. Donna Carey
Robert Carl Carmack
Kellye Carman
Rene Carman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Carmichael
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver C. Carmichael III
Mr. Lawrence Carney
Carolyn Thombs Photography
Ms. Marsha Carpenter
Theresa Carrington
Ms. Deborah Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie H. Carroll
Robbie A. Carroll
Wanda Carroll
Zena Carruthers and Steve Thorne
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Carter
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Carter
Carter Family
Ms. Maxine Caruth
Martha Carvell
Mrs. Ginny Carver
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Carver
Ms. Tina Carver
Barb Cary
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Casa Santa
Ms. Penelope Case
Ms. Janis V. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Casey
Ms. Jan Cason
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cassetty
Ms. Dianne D. Castellano
Mr. Josue I. Castillo
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Castleberry
Ms. Rita Cathey
Ms. Kalyn Catlett
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas G. Caudle, Jr.
Ms. Jennifer Caver
Judy Cawley
Ms. Ruth Cawthon
Lynn H. Cawthorne
Ms. Kristen Chadwick
Mr. and Mrs. Berto Chalfant
Happy Chambers
Ms. Kelly Chambers
Ms. Sheila Chambers
Ms. Elizabeth Chapman
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Chatham
Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, Inc.
Mrs. Carey E. Cheij
Mr. and Ms. Kyle B. Cherry
Ms. Carole S. Cherry
Shirley Cherry
Mary Evelyn and Cavit Cheshier
Mr. James R. Cheshire III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chester
Mr. and Mrs. G. Boyd Childress
Jamie Chilton
Roy & Peggy Choate
Mr. David Christian
Fletcher Christian
Ms. Janice S Christian
Ms. Julia Christian
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Christian
Shannon Christian
Ms. Dale Christians
Ms. Olivia Christians
Mr. and Mrs. Christman
Mr. Nile W. Christy
Chubb Charitable Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Curtis K. Church
Church of Christ in Green Hills
Church of Christ Southwest Omaha
Ms. Theresa Ciampone
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Cigarran
Ms. Kelly Cioccia
Ms. Ruth Cirillo
Ms. Tanya Claborn
Ms. Sue Claiborne
Claiborne Chapter No. 144 O.E.S.
Ms. Lauren Clanin
Ms. Deborah M. Clapper
Clarendale at Indian Lake
Ms. Cathy Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Clark
Ms. Doreen Clark
Harriet Clark
Janet E. Clark
Mr. Jerry T. Clark
Jonathan Clark
Ms. Mary Clark Brittain
Vickie Clasby
Mr. and Mrs. Enrico A. Clausi
Ms. Angela Clauson
Mr. Chris Clay
Mr. Neal Clayton
Mr. Ted M. Clayton
Clearview Baptist Church
Ms. Ruth Cleary
Steve and Braxton Clements
Virginia Clements
Ms. Connie Clemmons
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Clemons
Ms. Heidi Cleveland
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cleveland
Mr. Tom Clevenger
Mrs. Ansel Cline
Nell Cline
Dr. Mary Ellen Clinton
Kieran Cloonan
Club Gabriela Mistral
Angela J. Coates
Mrs. Cathy T. Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Coble II
Ms. Clair Cochran
Coffee Codgers
Mr. and Mrs. Del Coggins
Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Cohea
Ms. Henrietta Cohen
Mr. Charles Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cohn
Coker Tire Company
Lisa Colburn
Mr. Bob Cole
Chase Cole
Mr. Chase Cole
Ms. Louise G. Cole
Margaret Briscoe Cole
Mr. Dan B. Coleman
Mr. Gregory Coleman
Joe and Mary Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Coleman
Kathie Collett
David and Jan Collette
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Collins
Mr. John Collins
Ms. Norma Collins
Tom Collins
Mr. John Colquitt
Heather Conley
Ms. Holly Conner
Judge Lew Conner
Mr. and Mrs. John Coode
Ms. Amy Cook
Ms. Carolyn S. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cook, Jr.
Ms. Dorothy Cook
Ms. Jennifer Cook
Ms. Kitty Cook
Leigh Ann Cook
Reed Cook
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Cooke
Colleen Coomer
Anna Coon
Ms. Kimberly Cooney
Mrs. Patsy M. Cooney
Mr. Gary Cooper
Ms. Hazel Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cooper
Mr. Robert E. Cooper Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cooper
Ms. Donna J. Copeland
Ms. Juanita Copeland
Mica Copeland
Mr. and R. Steve Corbitt
Nancy Corcoran
CORE10 Architecture
Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Scott Corlew
Ms. Ruth H. Corley
Ms. Alice F. Cornwell
Ms. Jill Cornwell
Angel Corps
Mr. Matthew Corriere
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Corrin
Ms. Ann Cosgrove
Linda F. Coslick
Christina Costi
Ms. Stephanie Couch
Mr. Richard Courtney
CoventBridge Group
Mrs. Paula A. Covington
Ms. Sandrea Covington
Ms. Ruth Cowan
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cowart
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cowhig
Mr. Billy W. Cox
Mr. Carl Cox
Ms. Ruth Cox
Ms. Debra Coy
Mr. and Mrs. Orman H. Crabb
Ms. Anna H. Crabtree
Barbara Craddock
Mr. Chad Craig
Mrs. Deborah W. Craig
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Craig
Phyllis Craighead
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger N. Crain
Ms. Jennifer Crane Crenshaw
Alex Craw
Isis Crawford
Ms. Lori Crawford
Ms. Teresa Crawford
Teresa M. Crawford
Crawford & Cummings, PC
Ms. Allison Creasman
Ms. Natalie Crick
Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Crigger
Crystal Crismon
Dr. Marta Crispens
Ms. Dorothy G. Crockarell
Ms. Ruth Crocker
Mr. and Mrs. Watkins Crockett III
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Cron
Ms. Margie Cronin
Mrs. Bruce Crook
Mrs. Emily K. Crook
Mr. George Crook
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Crosby
Carol J. Cross
Col. and Mrs. Dennis Cross
Roberta Croteau
Mr. Dave Crouch
Greta M Crouch
Ms. Cheryl Crowe
Mr. Keith Crowe
Billie Crowell
Lisa Crowell
Susan and Jackie Crowell
Cathy Crowl
Pricilla Cruz Diaz
Ms. Susan Cull
Ms. Sandra J. Cullen
Mrs. Debbie Cullman
Mrs. Donna Culver
Cumberland Transit
Ms. Beth Cummings
Mr. Richard F. Cummins, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Cundall
Ms. Edna Sue Cunliffe
Ms. Judy Z. Cunningham
Ms. Emma Cunnion
Curb Records
Mr. and Mrs. Mike J. Curley
Ms. Cheryl A. Curry
Ms. Julie Curry
Ms. Hazel L. Curtis
Ms. Sue Curtis
Ms. Wanda Curtis
Ms. Carla Cushman
Ms. Cherri Cutrell
Ms. Whitney Daane
Debbye and Kelly Dabbs
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Dagnan
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dale
Ms. Helen H. Dale and Jeff Dale
Marjorie Dale
Ms. Georgia Daly
Ms. Kimberly Daly Morris
Aftan Damon
John Paul Daniel
Mr. Joseph S. Daniel
Ms. Statia Daniel
Mr. Marc Daniels
Mrs. Kay Dankesreiter & Family

Ms. Gail D’Apolito
Ms. Donna Dariano
Mr. David Darrohn
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Darwin III
Daughters of the American Revolution
Mr. Brian Dauphin
Ms. Sherrie DaVault
Ms. Courtney Davenport
Mr. Gordon Davenport
Carla Davidson
Dr. and Mrs. Glen W. Davidson
John and Emily Nemoy
Mr. and Mrs. Ed R. Davies
Ms. Maria Davilla
Ms. A.C. Caroline Davis
Ms. Adelaide G. Davis
Mr. Alphonse H. Davis
Mr. Duncan Davis
Mr. Ben Davis III
Mr. Dan Davis
Mr. Gary D. Davis
Dollie and Jacky Ray Davis
James and Ellen Davis
Jean E. Davis
Mrs. Lipscomb Davis Jr.
Ms. Lisa Renee Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Davis
Ms. Patsy Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Davis
Mr. Roger Davis
Ms. Sally Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Davis
Mr. Vernon Davis
Mr. Virgil Davis
Mr. and Mrs. W. Kirby Davis, Jr.
Dr. William G. Davis
Mr. William Davis
Ms. Judith Davison
Ms. Catherine Dawson
Ms. Dorothy Dawson
Mr. Robert S. Day, Jr.
Amy de Jesus
Mr. Lester De Knikker
Ms. Adrianna De Leon
Mrs. Lou Ann de Roode
Ms. Suzanne Deal and family
Ms. Betty Dean
Terri L. Dean
Jo Ellen Dean-Wagoner
Ms. Laurie Deatheridge
Mr. Jeffrey G. Decious
Ms. Kathy Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Decoster
Ms. Trudy Dedman
Ms. Deane R. Dedmon
Ms. Virginia F. Degerberg
Mr. Patrick Deguira
Ms. Lynda DeHaven
Ms. Deborah K. Deitz
Dell USA, LP
Dell YourCause, LLC
Ms. Pam Dellise
Ms. Harriet Dembe
Ms. Nancy G. Demmas
Mrs. Bessie Demonbreun
Mr. James A. Demonbreun
Eddie and Kim DeMoss
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. DeMoss, III
Mr. Miles E. Dempsey
Dempsey Vantrease & Follis, PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Denault
Ms. Grace H. Dendy
Ms. Meredith Denney
Darise Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Denson
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Denton II
Ms. Brenda Deppe
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Derrick
Leroy Derrickson
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Derry
Ms. Carrie Deshaw
Penny Dettbarn
Sam and Denise DeVane
Ms. Sara DeVries
Dr. Brenda L. Dew
Mr. and Mrs. John Dhom
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Di Paolo
Mr. Thomas Diaz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Diener
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Dietrich
Ms. Rebecca C. Diggs
Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Dill
Monica Dillard
Marty Dillon
Mr. William Dillon
Ms. Julie Dilworth
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Dingess
Ms. Dianna Dingman
Ms. Elizabeth Diveley
Diversified Trust Company, Inc.
Ava Diviney
Ms. Mary W. DiVittorio and Mr. Daniel W. Grecco
Abby Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Dixon
Dr. and Mrs. Bryce W. Dixon
Ms. Patricia Dixon
Doris Dobbins
Sam Dodd
Cyndi Dodson
Dodson Branch Free Will Baptist Church
Dodson, Parker, Behm & Capparella, P.C. Escrow Account
Dr. Tracey E. Doering, M.D.
Mr. Dennis Doerr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Dolan
Ms. Delores B. Donigan
Catherine Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Donnelly
Jamie K Dooley
Jennifer Dooley
Ms. Stephanie Dooley
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dorais
Ms. Sara Dorfman
Ms. Stacy J. Dorn
Michael and Shannon Dorris
Lynn Dorton
Mr. John Dotson
Ms. Elaine M. Doty
Mr. Ben B. Doubleday, Jr.
Mr. Donald Douds
Melissa Douglas
Ms. Mary Dowden
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Downey
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Downing
Carol Downing
Ms. Sherry Downing
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Downs Jr.
Mr. Robert L. Dozier
Ms. Jane Draper
Cynthia and H.D. Drennan
Ms. Alissa P. Drescher
Ms. Charla Drewry
Ms. Roslyn Dreydoppel
Agnes D. Dreyer
Doug Driggers
Mrs. Fran Drummond
Clay Drury
Mr. David Dryer
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dube
Ms. Jennifer Duben
Dr. and Mrs. Tommy J. Ducklo
Ms. Carolyn Duclos
Ms. Emilee Dufford
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dugger, Jr.
Ms. Patsy Duke
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Duke, Jr.
Duke Energy
Ms. Kaye Duke-Frensley
The Honorable Gloria A. Dumas
Mr. Jim K. Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. B. Rentz Dunn, Jr.
Ms. Claudette Dunn
Mr. Donald R. Dunn
Mr. Gerald Dunn
Kalley Dunn
Mr. Lester Dunn
Mr. Nick Dunn
Dr. and Mrs. Winfield C. Dunn
Ms. Yvonda A. Dunn
Ms. Sara Dunne
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dunning
Karen Dunville
Dr. Bill Dupont and Dr. Susan Dupont
David and Linda Dupre
Dr. Charley A. Durham and Dr. Kristin Pruitt
Mr. Tim J. Durham
Durham Realty and Auction Co., Inc.
Ms. Sandra Durnin
Mr. Bob Duthie
Peg Duthie
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Duvall
DWC Construction Company, Inc.
Ms. Donna Dworak
Ms. Betty W. Dye
Ms. Kimberly Dyer
Eagle Manufacturing
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Eason, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Eastham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Eaton
Eaton Corporation
Mrs. Bettye Sue F. Ebner
EBS Foundation
Ms. Jill Echternach
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Eckerle
Jo Ann Eckhardt
George and Susan Eckles
Robert Edde
Eden Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl L. Edmonds
Ms. Beth Edmondson
Ms. Kristen Edmondson
L Edmondson
Daxon Edwards
Mrs. Lucile C. Edwards
Ms. Michelle Edwards
Ms. Peggy J. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Edwards
Ms. Susan W. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Egbert
Ms. Lisa Ehrie
Ms. Sara Eide
Ms. Lisa Eidelberg
H. Eidimtas
Mr. Duncan Eidt
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Eisenstein
Ms. Clara C. Elam
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Elam
Ms. Tish D. Elam
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Elbaum
Jill Elder
Tom and Kay Eldridge
Ms. Judith Elfring
Ms. Jeanie C. Elias
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Elias-Oats
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley O. Elizer
Ms. Amy Eller
Arlon Elliott
Mr. Michael Elliott
Mr. Rob Elliott
Mr. Gordon Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Ellis
Saundra S. Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin K. Elrod
Monicia Elrod-Erickson
Ms. Joy Emerson
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Emery
Emmy Smith Art
Ms. Elaine Emory
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark Endicott
Unarco Material Handling Engineering Department
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Engle
Mr. Roy T. Englert
Ms. Anne Enright Shepherd
Gary and Darlene Enzfelder
Ms. Sharon R. Enzweiler
EOA Architects
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Epley
Ms. Bonnie Erickson
Ms. Jennifer Erickson
Loy J. Erickson
Ms. Kelly A. Ernst
Mrs. Maria Essig
Ms. Jennifer Estep
Jacquelyn Estes
Mr. and Mrs. T. William Estes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy C. Estes
Ms. Charlene G. Estrin
Jean Etheridge
Bebe Evans
Mr. Robert B. Evans
Mr. Ross Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Evans, Jr.
Ms. Mary Frances Evers
Kari Every
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Ewell, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ewell
Mr. Bobby A. Ezell
Mr. Howard Ezell
Bill and Marilyn Ezell
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ezell
Ms. Marian F. Ezell
Mr. Terence Fails
Rhea and Kay Fain
Mrs. Linda Fair
Terri Faircloth
Haire – Shields Family
Family and Children’s Service
Family Worship Center
Mr. Gerald M. Farina
Gene and Dorothy Farley
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Farley
Farm Bureau Insurance
Ms. Pamela Farmer
Mr. Donald Farrell
Mr. Charles R. Farrer
Farrer Bros. Self-Storage
Ms. Laurie Farris
Evelyn Fatokun
Mrs. Brenda Faulkner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Feaster
Miss Cheri Fee
Robert Fehl
Mr. Chris Felder
Mr. and Mrs. Tice Feldman
Mr. Ron Fell
Ms. Rebecca Felt
Ms. Amber Feltman
Ms. Anne Feltner
Mr. Edward R. Felts
Ms. Kathy Felts and Ms. Patti Zimmerman
Ms. Kristine Fenton
Ms. Betsy Ferguson
Mr. John Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Fernow
Mr. Louis C. Ferraro
Mrs. Dorothy B. Fidler
Ms. Vivian J. Fielder
Ms. Hazel Fields
Ms. Joan H. Fierson
Ms. Kristen Fike
Ms. Shirley Fincannon
Brent and Charlcie Finley
Sara J. Finley
Ms. Holly Finn
Mr. Matt Finn
Ms. Barbara L. Finnerty
First Baptist Church
First Citizens National Bank
Ms. Betty Fisher
Ms. Carol S. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fisher
Ms. Diana Fisketjon
Leigh Fitts
Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Fitz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Fitzgerald
Mr. Bob Fitzpatrick
Terry Fitzpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fitzsimmons
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Fiveash
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fix
Debbie Flack
Flatwoods Baptist
Mr. and Mrs. Ansley R. Fleetwood
Mr. Paul Fleisher
Ms. Dot Fleming
Mrs. Jo Doris Fleming
Ms. Teresa Fletcher
Ms. Tina Fletcher
Ms. Katrina Florence
Ms. Donna Floyd
Emily Fly
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Flynn
Ms. Martha D. Flynn
Ms. Sheila Flynn
Ms. Estella Folks
Ms. Katherine C. Follin
Mimi Fondren
Ms. Cecilia Fontaine
Robert Foord
Dr. Katie Ford and Mr. Reggie Ford
Ms. Stella Foreman
Marion Forkum
Mrs. Judith Forrest
Ms. Jane H. Forrester
Anthony and Molly Fort
Ms. Janice H. Fortune
Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Foster, Jr.
Nancy and Henry Foster
Mr. Philip Foster
Mr. Roger Foster
Fourth Capital
Ashley Fowler
Mr. James Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fowler
Mrs. Amy Fox
Ms. Brianne Fox
Dawn and Jason Fox
Mr. Gilbert S. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Fox
Ms. Mary W. Fox
Ms. Megan Fox
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Fox
Fox Sales, Inc.
Ms. Marilyn Foyer
Mr. David Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Francis
Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Francis, III
Mr. Jonathan Franco
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Franklin
Shannon Franklin
Franklin Christian Church
Ms. ReBecca Fransen
Fraternal Order of Metro Retirees
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Frawley
Ms. Frances Frazer
Dee Frazier
Ms. Emily Frazier
Sharon Frazier
Mr. and Mrs. Rahn Frederick
Andrew Freeland
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Freeland
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Freeland
Freeman Webb Company
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Freeze
Mr. James French
Mr. Keith French
Freolac Club
Fresh by CarryAnn
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Freund
Fridrich & Clark Realty
Fridrich & Clark Realty, LLC – Brentwood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Fritz
Ruth Fromm
FrontDoor by Cybergrants
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Steve C. Frost
Fruit of the Loom, Inc.
Ms. Lori Frye
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Fulcher
Ms. Elizabeth Brown Fuller
Ms. Tina Fults
William and Robyn Fulwider
Funderburk Management
Cathey and Wilford Fuqua
Daniel Furbish
Ms. Joan Furman
Ashley Fussell
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Futrell, Jr.
Ms. Rebecca M. Fyke
Mr. Derek Gabbard
Mr. Richard Gabbard
Vi Gabbard
Mr. Brad Gaidos
Ms. Maxine Gaither
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Angie Gallas
Lee Gallott-Harding
Mr. Larry Gambill
Mr. Ruben Ocampo and Ms. Casie Gambrel
Roger and Joni Ganger
Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Gangluff
Kerry Gann and Martha Hasler
Mr. Michael Gann
Wadene Gannon
Brian Gant
Ms. Susan Garant
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Garcia
Ms. Debra Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gard
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Gardner
Jennifer Garland
Mrs. Martha Garman
Ms. Sandra Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Garnett
Beverly Garrett
Bobbea Garrett
Mr. Gerry Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Garrett
Melanie Garrett
Ms. Debbie Garvin
Ms. Christa Gassler
Mr. and Mrs. Marbut G. Gaston, Jr.
Gastrointestinal Associates, PC
Mr. Christopher Gatenby
Mr. and Mrs. Ford Gates
Ms. Linda D. Gatlin
Ms. Jan Bellar Gatten
Mr. Evan Gatti
Mr. Jimmy Gauld
Jean Gauld-Jaeger
Dr. William M. Gavigan
Mrs. Janice Gaw
Ms. Joanne Gaydos
GE Maintenance
Ms. Meredith Gehrke
Mr. Joe Gelm
Genesco Inc.
Erica Gentry
Rod and Lisa Gentry
GEODIS Marketing Team
Joyce G. George
Mr. and Mrs. Bud George
Ms. Peggy Ratliff George
George Thomas Realty
Gerri Geraci
Ms. Kathy S. Gerdes
Ms. Linda Geringer
Ms. Marci Gerwe
Bob and Martha Gessler
Miss Jean L. Gettys
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Ghertner
Lynn L. Ghertner
Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Ghertner
Ms. Jenny Gibbs
D.W. Giblin
Allison Gibson
Ms. Beverly Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Gibson
Ms. Shelly Gibson
Ms. Susan Gie
Mr. Richard Giese
Mr. and Mrs. Harris N. Gilbert
Ms. Maryjo Gilbert
Mr. Benjamin S. Giles
Mr. and Mrs. Paskel Giles
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gill
Ms. Charlesetta Gillis
John and Allis Dale Gillmor
Lily Gillmor
Ms. Margaret Gilmartin
Mr. Micah Gingerich
Mr. William P. Giovannetti and Ms. Helen M. Giovannetti
Give Lively
Ms. Mary Jane Glaser
Ms. Hazel B. Glasscock
Ms. Janice Glasscock
Dr. and Ms. David M. Glassford, Jr.
Mr. Donald Glista
Annette Glover
Dr. and Mrs. Francis W. Gluck, Jr.
Don Goad
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Godin
Mrs. Charlotte M. Goforth
Ms. Janice Goggins-Davis
Billie Gold
Nancy Gold
Martha Goldner
Ellen Goldring
Ms. Jennifer Goldstein
Sandra Gomes
Donna Gomez
Robin and Tom Gonzalez
Cathy Goode
Ms. Laural Gooden
Ms. Freida Goodman
Ms. Jennifer Goodman
Ms. Vanessa Goodnight
Sheila Goodrich
Dr. Ann L. Gordon
Mr. Clyde R. Gordon
Tish Gordon
Ms. Mary K. Gormley
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Gorsett
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Gospodarek
Ms. Janet L. Goss
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Goss Jr.
Mr. Graham Gouldman
Margaret Gourley Rowan
Earl Gowins
Ms. Lorna Graff
Mr. William Arthur Graff
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gragg
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Graham
Joy Graham
Ms. Rosetta H. Graham
Vicky Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Gramelspacher
Ms. Rachel Gramer
Ms. Dawn Grandey
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Grandinetti
Ms. Jennifer Grant
Ms. Joanne Grant
Mr. and Mrs. John Grant
Mrs. Samantha Grant
Mr. Travis Grant
Ms. Gloria W. Graves
Ms. Liza Graves
Ms. Terri Graves
Ms. Carolyn Gray
Mrs. Julia Gray
Katherine Gray
Ms. Liza Gray
Ms. Reba Gray
Graymere Church of Christ
Mr. and Mrs. Al Green
Mr. and Mrs. David Green
Mr. and Mrs. David Green
Ms. E. Cheryl Green
Lesley Green
Mr. Robert Green
Sharon B. Green
Mrs. Lueatrice Green Lovett
Greenbrier Church of Christ
Greenbrier Realty
Cliff Greene
Roger and Shirley Greenup
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Greer
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Greer
Kim Greer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Greer
Ms. Patricia Q. Gregg
Angel Gregory
Mr. Bobby Gregory, Jr.
Gresham, Smith and Partners
Mr. David Griffin
Mr. George S. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Griffin
Ms. Carolyn Griffin Hall
Mrs. Emily Griffis
Mr. John Griffith
Ms. Meredith Griffith
Nancy R. Griffith
Ms. Mary Ann S. Grigg
Ms. Margaret Griggs
Ms. Sarah Grimm
Grinder Fabricators and Erectors, Inc.
Ms. Celeste Grisham
Ms. Laura Grissom
Ms. Carole Grogan
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Groomes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Groos
Ron and Kathy Groover
Gus and Leslie Grote
Ms. Dena Grove
Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Growden
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Grubbs
Mr. Steve Grubss
Mr. Alfred Guardo
Ms. Theresa Guarnieri
Amy Guerrero
Mr. and Mrs. Danny J. Guill
Mr. William Guin
Mr. Mark Guinsburg
Mr. Mark Guldbrandsen
Ms. Becky Gunn
Mr. and Mrs. Stanton W. Gunnells, Jr.
Ms. Sarah Gunterman
Kelly Gupta
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gurski
Erin Guy
Renee Gwin
Mr. Steven W. Habegger
Mrs. Arnold Haber, Jr.
Earl Hacker
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hackett
Ellen Hackett
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hackett
Ms. Carol K. Hackney
Mr. William Hafler
Mr. David A. Hagar
Mr. John Haggard
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Haggitt
Beth Hail
Ms. Mary Ann Hailey
Mr. Bret Haines
Ms. Brenda Hale
Ms. Evelyn Hale
Ms. Nonie Hale
Julie & John Haley
Chandler Hall
Mr. and Mrs. David Hall
Haylee & Currey Hall
Mark Hall
Mr. William Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Halper
Ms. Barbara Halverstadt
Mr. James Hamby III
Ms. Elizabeth Hamilton
Ms. Laura Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hammond
Dr. Robbie Hampton
Ms. Sara Diane Hampton
Mr. and Ms. Dewey Hamrick
Ms. Peggy L. Hamrick
Mari Hanchar
Holly Hancock
Janice Hancock
Roger H. Hand and Deborah J. Macdonald
Tammy Handley
Mr. Christopher Handly
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hankla
Ms. Traci Hannah
Ms. Vickie Hannig
Ms. Christina Hansen
Patricia Hansen
Ms. and Mrs. Hansen
Ms. Rachael Hanson
Ms. Virginia Haralson
Lee Hardaway
Ms. Emily Hardcastle
Mr. Mac Hardcastle
Susan Hardcastle
Ms. Carol M. Hardin
Grady and Gail Hardin
Ms. Norma R. Hardin
Ms. Pamela B. Hardin
Maura Harding
Mr. John Hardink
Ms. Christi Hardison
Diane Hardison
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Hardison
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hardison
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hardy
Linda P. Hare-Hill
Carrie Hargis
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hargis
Mr. Mike Harkreader
Lisa Holland Harless
Craig Harlow
Tracy Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Harms
John and Debbie Harney
Ms. Emily R. Harper
Mr. Jason Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harper
Ms. Mayrue Harper
Mr. David Harpur
Mr. Michael Harrell
Harriet H. Yancey Revocable Trust
Ms. Beverly D. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Harris
Nat Harris family
Ms. Sara Harris
Ms. Sue Lee Harris
Ms. Valerie M. Harris
Ms. Wanda Gale Harris
Ms. Brooks Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie F. Harrison
Mr. Charlie Harrison
Donna & Stephen Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. John Harrison
Marsha and John Harrison
Ms. Marilou Harrison
Tula Harrison
Harrison Properties, L.P.
Ms. Joann Hart
Virginia Hart
Wilma S. Hart
Ms. Amy Harter
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Harter
Ms. Jennifer Hartman
Ms. Amy B. Harvey
Ms. Betty A. Harvey
Aubrey B. Harwell, Jr., Esq.
Drs. Doyle and Linda Hester Hasty
Ty and Lisa Hasty
Ms. Ann Hatchett
Mr. Max D. Haught
Jason Hauser
Mrs. Billie S. Hawkins
Dr. Christopher Hawkins
Ms. Denise H. Hawkins
Ms. Vesia Hawkins
Mr. Sean Hawley
Mr. Gary Hay
Ms. Catherine Hayes
Erin Hayes
Ms. Ursula Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Haynes
Carey Haynes
Ms. Kim Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. Haynes
Jeff Haynie
Diane Hayte
Sara Haywood
Ms. Bridget Head
Ms. Lisa M. Headley
Ms. Jane W. Headrick
Mr. Devin Heard
Ms. Elena Hearn
Mrs. Sharon R. Hebb-Elkins
Ms. Janice Hecht
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Heeks
Ms. Susan Heffington
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Heflinger
Ms. Theresa Heimer
Mr. Roger Heinrich
Pam Heintzman
Ms. Kimberly Heithcock
Ms. Patricia A. Heithcock
Ms. Lois Held
Ms. Judith T. Helfer
Loring and Mary Helfrich

Mrs. Byrd S. Helguera
Mr. Paul Heller
Mr. Scott Hellervik
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hemminger
Ms. Amy Henderson
Ms. Carol B. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. E. Randall Henderson, Jr.
Ms. Kathy Henderson
Mr. Russell Henderson and Dr. Melinda Henderson
Ms. Allison Hendrickson
Ms. Anita Henley
Chandler and Bryana Henn
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Henning
Martha Henning
Ms. Kelly Henricks
Ms. Marcia Henry
Ms. Pam Henry
Mr. William Henry
Kindy Hensler
Ms. Karen Hensley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Hensley
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Henson
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Herbert
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Herbert III
Ms. Karen Herbst
Mr. Brian Herbstreit
Hercules Bolt Company
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Herman
Hermitage United Methodist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Herrington
Ms. Marea Herrington
Ms. Ann A. Hertenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hertik
Mr. Victor Hess
Sherrie Hession
Wilburn Hester
Marilyn Hestle
Terianne Heugh
Mr. and Mrs. G. Daniel Hewitt
Mr. Wes Heydel
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Heyman
Randy and Deborah Hickerson
Mr. Patrick Hicklen
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hickman
Hickory Bay Towers Flower Fund
Doris Hicks
Ms. Shelley Hicks
Ms. Ann Hiett
Ms. Norma Higdon
Ms. Mindy Higgins
Ms. Benita Hill
Cathy Hill
Ms. Deborah Hill
Genevieve Hill
George C. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Hill
Ms. Jeanmarie Hill
Kayla Hill
Ms. Kittie Hill
Renee Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hill
Ms. Susan Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Hiller
Mr. Richard Hilles
Hillwood Garden Club
Ms. Jennifer Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hines
Ms. Cindy L. Hinke
Ms. Leesa Hinson
Ms. Marsha Hinson
Mr. Brandon Hinton
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hinton
Dr. and Mrs. M. Bruce Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hirt
Ms. Rima Hoak
Mr. Joe Hobbs
Mr. John C. Hobbs
Mr. John C. Hobbs
Ms. Tammy Hobbs
Sylvia Hodge
Ms. Judith Hodges
Laura Hodges
Ms. Laura Hoefler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hoehn
Mr. Howard Hoffman
Jennifer and Jeff Hoffman
Ms. Mary Hoffschwelle
Billy Hogan
Ms. Emily Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hogan
Ms. Ann Hoggatt
Mr. Edward Hokenson
Mrs. Alberta S. Holcomb
Ms. Karen D. Holcomb
Lisa Holcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Holden
Ray and Betty Holden
Lori Holder
Ms. Rita Ann Holiman
Mrs. Betty S. Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Holland, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hollander
Ms. Joann Hollandsworth
Mr. and Mrs. John Hollins, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett B. Holloway
Ms. Sarah Holmes
Ms. Jean Holness
Ms. Catherine J. Holsen
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Holshouser
Gina Holt
Joyce Holt
Holy Family Catholic Church
Joe and Pam Holzmer
Home Instead Senior Care Foundation
Mr. David J. Homer
Ms. Diane Honda
Ms. Francine Honey
Ms. Elizabeth M. Honeycutt
Mr. Fred Hood
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hood
Keli Hooie
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hook
Ms. Cathy Hoop
Ms. Anne M. Hooper
Mr. Graham Hooper
Ms. Laurie Hooper
Ms. Wanda Neal Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. Ephriam H. Hoover, III
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Hoover
Angela Hopkins
Neyland Hopkins
Ms. Barbara W. Hopper
Horatio and Willie D. Buntin Foundation
Mr. Richard R. Horton, Sr.
Richard R. Horton Sr.
Mr. William R. Horton and Ms. Mary Major
Tracie M. Hosse
Ms. Marshall R. Hostettler
Ms. Shauna Hotard
House of Prayer
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac L. Howard
Melissa Howard
Rev. H. Sharon Howell
Mr. John F. Howell, Sr.
Dr. Rose Marie Howell
Mr. William W. Howell
Ms. Ruth Howell Stickley
Ms. Holly Hoxeng
Brigitte Hubbard
Ms. Sarah Hubbard
Dr. Tracey Huddleston and Mr. George Huddleston, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Kib Huddleston
Ms. Wanda Huddleston
Mr. Kenneth D. Hudgens
Anna Hudson
Ms. Patricia Hudson
Ms. Lori Huertas
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Huff
Ms. Linda Huff
Stephanie M. Huff
Ms. Sue Ellen Huff
Ms. Gloria J. Huffman
Ms. Amanda Hughes
Casey Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hulen
Ms. Josephine Hull
Ms. Anita Hulshof
Ms. Carolyn S. Humphrey
Ms. Cindy Hunt
Mr. Donald A. Hunt, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hunter
Ms. Michelle Hunter
Harriet Hurst
Dr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Hutchins
Gary and Connie Hutchinson
Ms. Carla Hutton
Hyde Salon
IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign
Ms. Jennifer Iddings
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ikard
Rafferty’s Inc.
Ms. Linda Infanti
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis P. Ingram
Ms. Katie Innis
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Insley
Ms. Jamie Irving
Ms. Marie Pierre Isherwood
Ms. Harriet Jane Isom
ITW Corporate Office
Mr. Reg Ivory and Dr. Catherine Ivory
Ms. Tamera Jabour
Ms. Kathy Jabs
Ms. Beverly S. Jackson
Ms. Bonnie Jackson
Ms. Carla Jackson
Ms. Cathie Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jackson
Larry Jackson
Rebecca Jackson
Rebecca Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Jackson
Mrs. Sylvia M. Jackson
Barbara A. Jackson- Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. David Jacobs
Ms. Josephine E. Jacobs
Maril and Kay Jacobs
Blair Jacobson
Jean Jacobson
Mr. Jason Jakubik
Mr. Jeffrey Jamar
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. James
Jessica James
Mrs. Julie James
Ms. Nancy James
Jan Janczewski
Ms. Allison Janeway
Ms. Chelsea Jansen
Jolly Janson
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jaramillo
Mr. Benjamin Jarnagin
Ms. Carmelle Jasenovic
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jenkins
Mr. Edwin G. Jenkins
Ms. Elizabeth C. Jenkins
Ms. Linda E. Jenkins
Lisa Jenkins and Laren Donnelley
Ms. Regina Jennings
Ms. Krystal Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Fielding D. Jewell
Ms. Cherie Jobe
Jobe, Hastings & Associates, CPAs
Ms. Nelle Johansen
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Johnson
Andrea Johnson
Ms. Anna Johnson
Ms. Betsy Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Johnson
Mrs. Carol Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Johnson II
David and Donna Johnson
Greg Johnson
Ms. Heather Johnson
Mr. Jason Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson
Ms. Judith H. Johnson
Julie Johnson
Ms. Kate Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Johnson
Maggie Johnson
Ms. Margaret Johnson
Ms. Mary Johnson
Ms. Melissa Johnson
Mr. Mike Johnson
Ms. Regina Johnson
Ms. Renee Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson
Sheri Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk “Jelly Roll” Johnson
Ms. Theresa Johnson
Tiffany Johnson
Ms. Vikki H. Johnson
Brittany Johnson Saliba
Ms. Rhonda S. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Johnston
Ms. Alysia D. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jones
Ms. Brenda Jones
Dan and Dorothy Jones
Ms. Donna L. Jones
Ms. Donna Jones
Jackie Jones
Ms. Jane Jones
Mrs. Joan D. Jones
Kimberly Jones
Ms. Lani Jones
Mrs. Mary L. Jones
Ms. Mary Jane Jones
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Jones
Rickie and Ann Jones
Mr. Russell Jones
Mr. Shane P. Jones
Mr. Truman Jones
Mr. Van Jones
Mrs. Kathy Jones
Ms. Elizabeth Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Elmore J. Jordan
Ms. Judy Jordan
Mrs. Marty Slayton Jordan
Journeys in Community Living
Joyful Noise
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur S. Joyner
Judith Bright
Mr. and Mrs. Jess N. Judy
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Julian
Mr. John Kahl
Ms. Mary T. Kain
Alyssa Kamens
Heather Kamper
Tracy Kane
Ms. Amy Kannel
Tamra Kaple
Christie Karmen
Ms. Mary K. Karno
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Karro
Ms. Dorothy Kaserman
Ms. Elizabeth Katz
Ms. Jan Katz
Mr. Joseph Kay
Sammy Kay
Ms. Elaine Kaylor
Mr. John W. Kearns
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kee
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Keegan
Mr. Stanley W. Keele
Ms. Louise A. Keeling
Ms. Marcia Keilman
Ms. Christy Keirn
Mr. Jerry B. Keith
Julia D. Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Lehman A. Keith
Mr. Ronald Keith
Ashley Kelley
Ms. Diane L. Kelley
Ms. Melanie Kelley
Ms. Julie Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kelly
Toni Kelly
Ms. Dorothy Kemp
Ms. Karen Kendall
Ms. Kimberly L. Kendall
Mr. Jordan Kendig
Ms. Estell Kennedy
Ms. Patricia Kennedy
Mr. John A. Kenning
Christy Kern
Mr. Alfred M. Kerr, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kerr
Marshall Kerr
Ms. Esther
Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Kestner
Ms. Carol Ann Key
Carolyn Key
Mr. Richard Key
Mr. David Killean
Mr. Brad Kincaid
Ms. Dawn Kincaid
Ms. April King
Mrs. Betty King
Mr. and Mrs. Bob King
Mr. and Mrs. Garry King
Mr. Gary King
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. King
Ms. Judy King
Ms. Judy King
Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. King, Jr.
Ms. Sandra King
Ms. Sandra F. Kingdon
Ms. Bonnie L. Kinion
Ms. Margaret L. Kinney
Kinzie Real Estate Group
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Kirchner
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kirchner
Ms. Julie Kirk
Ms. Edith Kirkland
Ms. Christie Kirkpatrick
Ms. Lori Kirkpatrick
Howard and Carol Kirshner
Mr. Joseph D. Kitchell
Louise Kitchell
Randolph Kixmiller D.D.S.
Vicky Klein
Ms. Sarah E. Kline
Ms. Sue Kloes
Larry and Karen Kloess
Ms. Patricia A. Klopp
Carol Knauer
Marsha Knauff
Ms. Adrienne Knestrick
Ms. Hope Knight
Sharon Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Knost
Mr. Stanley Knott
Ms. Dawn Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Knox, Jr.
Ms. Linda Knudsen
Ms. Allison Koch
Ms. Carmela Koememan
Steve and Carol Koenig
Ms. Pam Koerner and Mr. Mike Brown
Ms. N. Denise Koger
Reverend Robert F. Kohler
Ako Kojoma
Tracy Ann Kolpa
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kolz
Ms. Chelsea Koontz
Mr. Jeffrey Kovach
Pat and Kass Kovalcheck
Ms. Linda Kowalski
Davina Kraeger
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kraft
Mr. Kenneth R. Kraft and Ms. Lucilyn Crow
Ms. Linda Kraft
Ms. Ginny Kramer
Mr. Robert Kramer
Mr. Norman F. Kranz
Paula Kreinbrink
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon L. Krizelman
Mr. Kip Krones
Ms. Susan Krueger
Ms. Julia Krump
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kubicek
Mr. Jeffrey W. Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kuhr
Ms. Brooke Kuluz
Mr. Mark Kunz
Mr. Cliff Kvanvig
Mr. Hall T. Kyle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kyle
Jamie Kyne
Ms. Sonya La Croix
Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Lachowecki
Ms. Sheila Lachs
Mr. James R. Ladd
Ladies Golf Association At Stones River Country Club
Ms. Melissa Lagrandeur
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Lale
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lamb
Mr. Randall Lamb
Ms. Susan Lamb Bryant
Shannon Lamballe
Mr. Jim Lamberson
Lonnie Lamkin
Ms. Deborah Lampley
Mary Lampley
Mr. and Mrs. Edd T. Lancaster
Mr. Troy Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lance
Mr. Mike Lance
Ms. Dawn Landes
Ms. Margaret Landrum
Ms. Katie E. Lane
Marla Lane
Mrs. Nancy Langdon
Mr. Alexander Langerman
Pete Langfitt
Ms. Mary Virginia Langford
Mr. Michael Langford
Ms. Nancy M. Langhans
Robin Langlois
Ms. Janine Lanier
Ms. Beth LaPenna
Mrs. Terry Lapidus
Mr. and Mrs. William E. LaPoint
Ms. Peggy Largen
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Gale Larkins
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Larson
Mr. Rhett Larson
Ms. Melissa LaRue
Ms. Carolyn Laser
Ms. Patsy Lasley
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Lassing
Ms. Kate Lathen
Maxine Latten
Ms. Deborah N. Laurain
Eric Lausten
Zada Law
Mr. Joseph E. Lawler
Ms. Nancy A. Lawrence
Alfred Lawson
Mr. Arthur Lawson
Ms. Margaret Lawson
Mike and Elinor Lawson
Lawson and Associates Insurance Services
Jodie Lawton
Michael Lay
Reverend Linza Layman Coffee
Ms. Katherine Le Croy
Mr. James Leach
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Leahy
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Leblanc
Mark LeBlanc
Kenneth and Linda Ledbetter
Mr. Dickey Lee
Mrs. Evon Lee
Jean Lee
Kenna Lee
Ms. Linda A. Lee
Ms. Lucinda Lee
Mr. Nathan Lee
Shirley Lee
Ms. Kimberly Leeper
Mr. Billy Legg
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Lehew
Mr. Kyle Lehning
Candice Lehrer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Leneave
Mr. and Mrs. Allen D. Lentz
Theodore and Anne Lenz
Mr. and Mrs. David Leonard
Lai-King Leong
Ms. Theresa LePore
Kit Leppert
Ms. Catherine Leser
Ms. Monica Lester
David Leverette
Mr. Steve Levick
Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Lewis
Ms. Darlyne M. Lewis
Mr. David L. Lewis
Mr. Doyle Lewis
Gracie Lewis
Ms. Kathryn Lewis
Ms. Michelle Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Lewis
Peyton Lewis
Dr. Susan Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Liberatore
Orville & Terryl Lieffers-Nichols
Life Well Kept
Ms. Jan A. Liff
Camille Lightsey
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Ligon
Ms. Donna Lile
Ms. Amanda Liles
Mrs. Denniese Liles
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Henry Liles
Mr. and Mrs. Mike J. Liles
Ms. Tammy Lillegard
Ms. Joanne Lindberg
Ms. Patricia Linder
Mr. James Lindsay
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Lindstrom
Ms. Leslie Linebaugh
Ms. Anne Lineberger
Ms. Elise Lineberger
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Link
Mr. and Mrs. David Linley
Mr. Mark Linscott
Ms. Dede Lipman
Lipman Brothers, Inc.
Ms. Jo Lippe
Ms. Eileen Littlefield Allen
Susan Litzinger
Mrs. Mary Livingstone
Mr. Alan Llanas
PS Lochala
Mr. and Mrs. Roddy Lochala
Ms. Barbara Locke
Ms. Carla Locke
Carol Locke
Ms. Amy Logan
Mr. and Mrs. James Logue
Mrs. Helen Logvinov
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lonergan
Ms. Karen Long
Ms. Anne M. Longhurst
Mr. Clint Looney
Ms. Kaitlyn Lord
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lordeman
Cynthia Loring
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Losche
Ms. Tammy Louallen Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Ed C. Loughry, Jr.
Ms. Barbara Love
Ms. LeeAnn Love
Ms. Donna Lovell
Ms. Margaret Lovett
Dr. and Mrs. H. Newton Lovvorn, Jr.
Mrs. Janice Lovvorn
Mrs. Phyllis R. Lowe
Mr. Robert Lowe
Mrs. Carolyn T. Lowry
Dr. Lawrence D. Lubow, M.D.
Ms. Rebecca Luck
Ms. Laura Ann Luckado
Mrs. Catherine Lundquist
Ms. Lee Ann Lundquist
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Lunn
George Luscombe
Mr. and Mrs. Landon L. Luster
Randy and Ann Luther
Quyen Lux
Ms. Dina Lyell
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lynch
Ms. Daphne A. Lynch
Mr. Scott Lynch
Daina and Mary Lynn
Ms. Katherine Lynn
Mr. Gordon H. Lyons
Ms. Jeanette Lyttle
Marti M
Mrs. Penny S. MacDonald
Ms. Nancy F. MacLean
Mr. Joseph Maddux
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Maddux
Mr. Robert Magidson
Ms. Nancy Mahaffey
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Maher
Peter and JoAnn Maheu
Mr. Vicente Mahoney
Ms. Mary Makley
Ms. Ann Mallette
Elizabeth Malloy
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Malone
Mrs. Julie W. Malott
Mr. Timothy Malys
Ms. Shirley K. Manaley
Jamie Mangold
Ms. Karen Manion
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mankin
Ms. Margie Mann
Ms. Ann Manning
Mr. Charles Manning
Danette and John Manning
Ms. Deborah Manning
Ms. Polly Manning
Lindsey Manos
Dr. Dorcas Mansell
Mr. and Mrs. George Marchetti
Ms. Carol Mardyla
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Margo
Mark L. Kovinsky, a Professional Corporation
Ms. Michele Marker
Mr. and Mrs. Don Marler
Mr. Brian Marquis
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Marschel, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Marsh
Joy Marshall
Ms. Judy A. Marshall
Mr. Steve Marshall
Amarantha & Shane Martin
Mr. Chad Martin
Mr. Ewell Neal Martin
Gabe Martin
Ms. Julie Martin
Ms. Linda C. Martin
Ms. Megan Martin
Mr. Raymond Martin
Martin & Zerfoss
Martin, Allbee, Miller, Bryan & Associates, LLC
Ms. Carolyn M. Martz
Alan L. Marx
Mr. Joshua Marziani
Mr. Dan Mason
Mr. and Ms. Victor Masondo
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Masters
Althea F. Masterson
Katherine A. Mastrapasqua
Mr. and Mrs. Mauro M. Mastrapasqua
Bob Matanic
Mr. John Matchulat
Alice Casey Mathews
Dianne Mathis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Matrisian
Ms. Joyce Mattera
Ellie Matthews
Mr. George E. Matthews
Mr. Jimmy Matthews
Ms. Linda L. Matthews
Michael B. Mattox
Mr. Jeffrey Mattson
Mr. William Maupin
Mr. Thomas Mavor
Max Electric Motor Service
Carolyn May
Mr. Hal May
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. May
Ms. Syd Mayberry
Ms. Cheri Mayeux
Carl and Becky Mayfield
Ms. Beth H. Maynard
Ms. Erin Maynard
Mrs. Mary Mayo
Ms. Shirley Mayo
Lavina Mayton
Ms. Michelle Mazzara
Mr. Robert M. McAlister
Colin and Carol McArthur
Ms. Michelle McBroom
Mr. and Mrs. James McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McCabe
Ms. Printha K. McCallum
Mr. and Mrs. James McCann
Mr. and Mrs. Jim McCann
Ms. Patricia M. McCarron
Andrea McCaskill
Mr. and Mrs. Randy McCathren
John and Anne McCauley
Ms. Patricia McCauley
Mr. Jim McCawley
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McClendon
Ms. Judith McClure
Ms. Rachel McClure
Mr. Guerry C. McComas, Sr.
Ms. Cindy Mcconnell
Ms. Tracie McConnell
Ms. Kim McCord
Mrs. Pixie McCord-Mills, R.N.
Mr. Dan McCormick
Mr. Patrick E. McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCoy
Mr. David R. McCulloch
Mr. and Mrs. Laws McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. McDaniel
Argie McDonald
Ms. Christy McDonald
Ms. Cynthia McDonald
Ms. Lauren McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. John W. McDougall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wylie McDougall
Mr. and Mrs. Doug McDowell
Ms. Patricia McDuffee
Ms. Doris McElroy
Ms. Kathleen McEnerney
Mr. William McEnery
Ms. Shanna McEvoy
Mr. and Mrs. James M. McFarlin
Mr. and Mrs. David McGahren
Mr. George E. McGee III
Linda McGee
Patsy McGee
Scott and Leslie McGilberry
Bob & Rochelle McGilpin
Wentworth C. McGovern
Ms. Pam McGowan
Janna McGregor
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McGregor
Ms. Kathleen McHale
Ms. Keri McInnis
Ms. Anne Elizabeth McIntosh
Kerri McIntosh
Mrs. Cissy McIntyre
Karen McIntyre
Mr. Chris McKeeman
Ms. Lori McKellar
Mr. Casey McKeon
John and Patricia McLean
Ms. Susan S. McMillan
Peter J Mcnally
Lt. Governor Randy McNally
Mrs. and Mr. Sheran McNatt
Mr. James McPeters
Ms. Sue W. McPherson
Ms. Ursula K. McPherson
Mr. David McRae
Ms. Kim McRae
Dr. and Mrs. David McRay
Mr. and Mrs. Rob McRay
Mrs. Laura McTier
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. McWilliams
Mr. and Mrs. James Meador
Ms. Ann P. Meador
Dr. Anh T. Meadows
Ms. Donna Meanor
Mr. Brent Medling
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Meehan
Mrs. Jo Ann Mehaffey
Ms. Katie Meier
Susan N. Brocaglia and Milton Melamed
Mr. Vincent Melara
Ms. Donna Melchert
Mr. Mitch Melder
Becky Melek

Mr. Ralph J. Melton
Mr. Steve Melton
Dr. Anthony and Faye Meluch
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Mencio
Ms. Haley Mercer
Ms. Sarah Mercer
Anita Meredith
Merit Financial Advisors
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Merker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Merriam
Dave Merrick
Keith Merrill
Ms. Alice C. Merritt
Dr. Elizabeth L. Merritt
Joyce J. Merritt
Mr. Kenneth R. Merritt
Ms. Paige Merwin
Metro Office of Internal Audit
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Metzger
Ms. Terri Meyer
Ms. Susan Averbuch Michael
Dr. and Mrs. Rick Michaelson
Mr. James Michaud
Mr. Ben Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mifflin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Mikesell
Carol Miles
Janice Miles
Mr. Harold S. Miller
Mr. Jeremy Miller
Ms. Kimberly Miller
Ms. Linda F. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Miller
Mr. Paul N. Miller
Ms. Sarah Miller
Ms. Teresa Miller
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Millet
Ms. Jayne Ann Milling
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall S. Millman
Mr. John S. Millrany
Ms. Leigh Mills
Mr. George T. Milner
Ms. Cindy Milojevic
Milom Horsnell Crow Kelley Beckett Shehan PLC
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Minnick Sr.
Ms. Ann G. Minor
Ms. Sandy Minor
Ms. Vivian Minton
Ms. Malinda Mirandy
Mr. Eric Mirowitz
Allen and Jane Ann Mirse
Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Mitchell
Mrs. Joan J. Mitchell
Ms. Virginia A. Mitchem
Patricia Mogul
Mr. Robert Moletteire
Ms. Theresa M. Molgren
The Honorable and Mrs. Michael F. Mondelli
Ms. Kathleen Monohan
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Montgomery
Jeff Moody
Mr. Aaron Moore
Ms. Carol Moore
Ms. Gina Moore
Ms. Janine Moore
Mr. Kyle L. Moore
Lois Moore
Ms. Michelle G. Moore
Ms. Nancy Moore
Ms. Susan D. Moore
Mary Moran
Ms. Sharon Morehead
David and Nina Morel
Mr. and Mrs. Markel Morey
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Morgan
Mr. Michael M. Morgan
Vicki Morgan
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Mr. Andrew Morin
Ms. Kay E. Morreale
Mr. David Morris
Edward Morris
Mr. Michael Morris
Ms. Sondra Morris
Ms. Tina Morris
Ms. Alice Morrison
Mr. Joseph Morrissey
Allie Moseley
Ms. Ana Mosemiller
Perry Moskovitz
Sarah Mosley
Ms. Connie Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Moss
David and Margaret Moss
Ms. Sonya Moten
Ms. Monique Moultrie
Ms. Jayne K. Moxey
Rene and Patricia M’Sadoques
MTPS Guardian Pharmacy
Ms. Laura Mucerino
Gene R. Mueller
Mr. Dennis Muir
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Mullenger
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mumbrauer
Ms. Susan Munao
Ms. Kimberly Mundy
Ms. Jennifer Murdock
Mrs. Katherine D. Murfree
Murfreesboro Housing Authority
Mr. Patrick Murphree
Mr. Richard L. Murphree
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Murphy
Joe and Kimberly Murphy
Ms. Susan Murphy
Drs. Wayne and Dorothy Murphy
Ms. Jennifer Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murray
Ms. Lucy Musante
Marian Musmecci
Ms. Lynn Musser
My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Myers III
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Myers
Ms. Carolyn Myers
Carrie L. Myers
Ms. Justine A. Myers
Ms. Suzanne Myjak
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Myrick
Mr. and Mrs. Weldon M. Myrick
Mr. and Mrs. Greg G. Naiser
Harvey and Abbe Nameche
Ms. Amy Nance
Mr. James B. Nance
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Napier
Paul and Maureen Napoli
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nash
Nashville Christian School
Nashville Electric Service
Nashville Firemen’s Credit Union
Nashville Seniors Invitational Golf
National Hospice Regatta Alliance, Inc
National Philanthropic Trust
National Toxicology Specialists
Ms. Kathryn Nawrath
Ms. Helen Naylor
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Neaderthal
Mr. and Mrs. David Neal
David & Vickie Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Neal III
Mr. Tommy Neal
Neal & Harwell, PLC
Ms. Kristine Needham
Judy Neely
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neely
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Neese
Mr. and Mrs. Darden Nelms
Mr. and Mrs. George K. Nelson
Jamie Nelson
Ms. Kelli Nelson
Mr. Kenneth A. Nelson
Mrs. Sara H. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Nelson
Mrs. Linda Nelson Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nemer
Ms. Lauren Nethery
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Neu
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Neuman
Judson Newbern
Newberry Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Mrs. Josephine Newbill
Judith Newby
Ms. Colleen Newman
Ms. Adrianna Newsom
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Newsom
James and Linda Newton
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Nichols
Mr. Bill Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Nicholson, Jr.
Nicholson Foundation
Ms. Barbara Nickle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Niedbalski
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Nielsen
Randy Nielsen
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Niles
Tori and Joe Nims
Marty Nitzken and Marianne Nitzken
Jessica Nix
Mark & Becky Noble
Robin Nobling
Mr. Richard M. Noel
Mr. Dwight Nokes
Ms. Terri Nolan
Irene and Arthur Noparstak
Ms. Jan Norby
Mr. Ed Norfleet
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Norman
Leslie Norrell
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Norris
Ms. Cheryl Norris
Ms. Debbie Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Norris
Dorothy North
Ms. Dorothy North
Northside Church of Christ
Northwestern Mutual
Ms. Margaret Norvell
Ms. Cathy Nugent
Anna Nunley
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Nunley
Ms. Nancy Nunnelley
Raven Nye
Jule Nyhuis
O.L.S. Cosmetics
Tam O’Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Oaks
Giselle and Steve Obermeier
Ms. Catherine Beasley O’Bryan
Lindsey O’Connell
Dana O’Daniel
Dennis and Ping O’Dwyer
Mr. John Wills Oglesby
Ms. Jacqueline O’Hagan
Ms. Mary O’Keeffe
Old Hickory Church of Christ
Mrs. Jean W. Oldfield
Ms. Lisa Oliveri Carroll
Kelly Olsen
Mads Olsen
Ms. Linda Olson
Tracy Olson
Lexi Olsson
Ms. Argie C. Oman
Anna-Gene and Scott O’Neal
Ms. Dana Orange
Orange County’s United Way
Ms. Margaret H. Ordoubadian
Ms. Susan E. Orman
Donald C. Orr
Mr. Johnny L. Orr
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Orr
Wayne Orscheln
Ms. DeAnna Osborne
Patrick Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Osburn
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Overby
Mr. Donald R. Overdorf
Overlook Sunshine
Ms. Katie Overstreet
Mrs. Mary Overstreet
Owen Audio
Ms. Anne-Leslie Owens
Mrs. Barbara Owens
Mr. and Ms. Jerry E. Owens
Mrs. Kim Ezell Owens
Ms. Kimberly T. Owens
Ms. Paje B. Owens
Ms. Carol Ownby
Rosemary Oye
Mr. Jack Pac
Mrs. Peggy J. Pace Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ronny Pack
Ronald Packingham
Mrs. Susan S. Padgett
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Paetzold
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Pagnucci
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Pailet
The Honorable and Mrs. George T. Paine
Ms. Shelley Paine
Ms. Leighanne Pala
Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Palmer, III
Mr. Jackie N. Palmore
Mr. Gary Parker
Ms. Karen Parker
Kelly Parker
Ms. Meredith Parker
Ms. Molly Parker
Sarabeth Parker
Parker & Watts Insurance Agency
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Parks
Ms. Janice Parks
Ms. Angelika Parl
Ms. Kelley Parris
Anna Parrish
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Parrish
Mr. Robert L. Parrish
Ms. Marta D. Parsons
Sue Parsons
Mr. William V. Parsons
Ms. Linda Partin
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Paschal
Mr. Warren Pash
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Paslay
Ms. Jan B. Pass
Robin Pass
Ms. Emily Passino
Priya Patel-Shah
Ms. Kimberly Patikas
Mr. Robert Patin
Ms. Brittney Patrick
Ms. Sue H. Patrick CPA
James Patterson
Ms. Judy Ann Patterson
Meaghan B. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Patterson
Mrs. Ruth Patterson
Ms. Stephanie Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Patton
Mr. Andrew Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Patton
Ms. Katherine W. Patton
Mike Patton
Ms. Sherry Patuc
Mr. Nathan Pawlowski
Ben Payne, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Payne
Ms. Joetta Payne
Karen and Dennis Payne
Ms. Cassie Peach
Mike Pearigen
Ms. Felecia Pearson
Janie Pearson
Shannon Pearson
Ms. Sharon Pearson
Frank & Amy Peay
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Peay
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Peebles
Mrs. Elinor B. Peek
Mr. George Roger Peek
Mr. Michael E. Peery
Ms. Mary C. Peet
Ms. Megan Pemberton
Mr. Marc Penansky
Rhonda Pendergrass
Mr. Kent Pendley
Erin Penney
Penske Logistics
Mr. and Mrs. David Penz
Peoples Bank & Trust Co.
Galen Perdikis
Scott and Andra Perkerson and children
Chris Perkins
Dr. and Mrs. Stewart N. Perlman
Ms. Grace Perrin
Ms. Carolyn Perrone
Ms. Catherine C. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Peters
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Peters
Lindsey Peters
Mr. Marc Peters
Ms. Lisa Petersen
Ms. Betty J. Peterson
Mr. Caleb Peterson
Mr. Thomas Peterson
Mrs. Meg Peto
Mr. George Pettie
Ms. Sara L. Pettit
Mr. Mark Petty
Ms. Betty Phares
Lynn Phelan
Mr. John W. Philbrick
Ms. Pamela Phillips-Hoar
Ms. Nan J. Philpot
Nannie Philpot
John Phy
Justin Pickett
Dee and Anita Pierce
Ms. Elizabeth Pierce
Mr. Kenneth Pierce
Ms. Patricia A. Pierce
Ms. Natalia Pierson
Charles and Nancy Pigg
Nancy Pigg
David and Debbie Pigna
Ms. Annette Pilcher
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Pilkington
Ms. Victoria Piller
Ralph Pilsk
Kimberly Pinkston
Pinnacle Bank
Pinnacle CSC Leadership Team
Ms. Sarah Pinson
Pioneer Title Agency, Inc.
Pioneer Title MePro
Ms. Cheryl Piper
Pitney-Bowes Employee
Ms. Neill Pitts
Ms. Sandra Pizzini
Ms. Judith Pletikapich
Benjamin Plotnick
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local No. 572
Ms. Cynthia Plunk
Ms. Darlene M. Pohlman
Christina Polk
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall T. Polk, III
Mrs. Susan R. Polk
Ms. Geri Pollard
Mr. Patrick Pomerville
Mr. Marcus Pond
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Ponder
Mr. George M. Pope
Mr. Phillip P. Porch, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Porter, III
Portrait Society of America
Ms. Margaret Poston
Ms. Connie Potter
Mr. Marvin R. Potter
Ms. Rebecca Potts
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pounds
Mr. Charles R. Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Powell
Power Centric Solutions LLC
Wilda Poynor
Amy Pragnell
Kimberly Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Pratt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Pratt
Kelsey Prenger
Mr. Paul T. K. Prentiss, Jr.
Ms. Barbara Presley
Matilda Pressley
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Pressman
Aubrey and Michele Preston
Ms. Isabella Preston
Beverly Price
Mr. Earl Price
Mr. George E. Price, Jr.
Mr. Jerry R. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Price
Mr. Stephen Prichard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Priddy
Ms. Debra Pridmore
Herb, Karen, & Matthew Priebe
Ms. Denise Primm
Ms. Sarah Princehorn
Kate Pritchard
Tracey Profitt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pruett
Ms. Stella Pryor
Mr. Joshua Puckett
Ms. Kathy Pugh
Pure Barre Nashville – Green Hills
Pure Sweat and Float Studio
Ms. Laura Purswell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Puryear
Ms. Elizabeth Puryear
Ms. Patricia Puskar
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Putney
Sandra Pyle
Mr. Daniel Quail
Ms. Ruth Qualls
Hugh M. and Laura H. Queener
Tim and Libbie Quinn
Paul and Leslie Quirion
RAA/Allworth Financial
Mr. James Radcliff
Mr. C. Tom Radden Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Radden
Mr. Patrick A. Radden
Mr. Joseph Radivoy
Ms. Mary Raffety
June Ragsdale
Paul Rainey
Ms. Diana G. Rains
Judy Ralph
Alice F. Ralston
Ms. Carolyn Rambo
Ms. Charlene Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Ramsey
Mr. Eric Randa
Ms. Jasmine Randle
Ms. Caroline Randolph
Debra Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Ransdell
Sylvia Rapoport
Lawrence and Alayne Raskin
Ms. Lindsay Rauth
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Rawleigh
Ms. Amanda Ray
Brent and Chris Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ray
Ms. Deborah Ray
James and Mert Ray
Ms. Melody Ray
Tonya Ray
Mr. Daniel Raycroft
Raymond Zimmerman Family Foundation
Katie Rea
Dave and Marsha Reagan
Joseph H. Reagan
Ms. Julianna Reagan
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reasonover
Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Reasonover
Bud Reaves
Red Light Management
Ms. Carol Redding
Ms. Linda Rediker
Ms. Carolyn Reed
Jo Reed
Ms. Marie Louise Carney Reed
Marion Reese
Ms. Stephanie Reese
Mr. Jonathan Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Regan
Reverend Catharine L. Regen
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Regen
Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Register
Ms. Carol A. Rehder
Ms. Martha B. Reich
Ms. Wendy Reifel
Ms. Christina P. Reik
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Reisdorf
Mr. Paul Reisler
Ms. Victoria Ren
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Karen Renner
Toni Responts
Revelstoke Capital Partners
Daniel Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Reynolds
Ms. Stacey Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Rice
Ms. Ellen Rich
Mr. and Mrs. R.Paul Rich
Amy Richards
Dr. Bruce E. Richards and Dr. Sherrie A. Richards
Ms. Deborah Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Richards
Ms. Connie Richardson
Ms. Delores Richardson
Mr. and Ms. Allen Richardson
Sam and Judith Richardson
Ms. Nancy P. Rick
Samuel K. and Lesley B. Rickman
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Riddle
Ms. Jill Rider
Silva Nell Rider
Ms. Ella Rigby
Mr. Paul L. Riggan
Melissa Rigsby
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Riney
Ms. Joann Riopelle
Ms. Angela Rios
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Risch
Ms. Patricia Risner
Rita’s Beauty Salon
Dewain & Beth Ritchason
Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Riven
Ms. Kathleen Robbins
Jerry Robershaw
Robert W. Baird and Co. Incorporated
Ms. Celia Roberto
Mr. Allen Roberts
Ms. Sharon A. Roberts
Brett Robertson
Joyce Robertson
Robey Farms
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Robin
Carolyn Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Robinson
Mr. Joseph Robinson
Ms. Suzanne Robinson
Ms. Elizabeth Robles
Ms. Amanda Roche
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Roche
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Rochford
Ms. Sherri Roddick
Mrs. Martha H. Rodes
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rodgers
Risha Rodgers
Ms. Roberta Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Rodrigues
Ms. Barbara Massey Rogers
Destinee Rogers
Mr. Doyle Rogers
Ms. Sissy Rogers
Ms. Megan Rogers
Michael and Laura Rogers
Ms. Missy Rogers
Tori Rokicki
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Rolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Clark B. Rollins III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roloff
Ms. Amanda Romano
Mr. Scott Romine
Carolyn and Richard Roof
Ms. Gail Roper
Ms. Marisol Rosales
Ms. Linda Rose
Mrs. Pamela Rose
Dr. and Mrs. Barrett F. Rosen
Perri Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Rosenblum
Carol Rosenow
Ms. Lynn Roshanfar
Ms. Wanda Sue Rosinbum
Ms. Dawn Ross
Vail Ross
Hal Rosson
Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Rothschild
Loraine Rotroff
Mr. Jack E. Roush
Mr. Ron Routson
Ms. Haley Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Rowland
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Rowland
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Royse
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Royse
Deborah Rubenstein
Mr. George Ruccio
Ms. Rebecca Rudder
Mr. Todd Rudolph
Ms. Katie Rudowsky
Mr. Jonathan Ruff
Ms. Laura Ruggiero
Ms. Peggy Ruhlin
Mr. Charles Ruibal
Ms. Jennifer Ruiz
Charles Rushing
Ms. Daphne Rushing
Mrs. Rachel Rushing
Ms. Patricia A. Ruskin
Mr. Brian Russell
Ms. Diane E. Russell
Mr. Michael Russell
Robert & Joyce Russell
Ms. Virginia E. Russell
Mr. Vincent Russo, Jr.
Ms. Nancy G. Rutherford
Ms. Ruttenbur
Mr. and Mrs. Doris E. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ryan
Gary Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. H. Duane Ryan
Ms. Kathy Ryan
Mr. Steve M. Ryan
Mr. Larry T. Rychen
Ms. Diane Ryder
Ms. Brenda Rye
Michelle Sabados
Ms. Carolyn Sadler
Mr. Donald L. Sager Jr.
Sain Construction Company
Salem Church of Christ
Ms. Yvonne Salmon
Mr. Van A. Salt
Mr. and Mrs. PC Salter
Ms. Natalie Salvatore
Traci Samczyk
Thomas and Jill Sampson
Charles E. Sams
Mr. Gregory E. Samuels
Ms. Beth Sanders
Mrs. Cheryl Crooker Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sanders III
Ms. Debbi Sanders
John and Dancey Sanders
Ms. Margaret Sanders
Maxey and Debbie Sanders
Myrene Sanders
Mr. and Ms. Jerry Sanders
Mr. Richard J. Sanders
Ms. Julia Sanz
Ms. Judi Sartain
Ms. Mary Frances Sartorius
Ms. Gloria Sassman
Annette K. Sastry
Ms. Laurel Satterfield
Terry and Carl Saturno
Sharon P. Saucier
Betty Saunders
Mr. John J. Savary
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Sawyer
Ms. Leslie Sax
Scandia VFD
Mr. Ted Schachter
Mr. Mark Schaffel
Ms. Jennifer Schattin
Ms. Virginia Schenck
Mr. Eugene H. Scheppe
Ms. Katherine Scherer
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Schick
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Schipani
Ms. Sharon H. Schlichting
Mr. Richard Schliffka
Ms. Susan Schmidt
Mrs. Carolyn Schneider
Mr. Richard P. Scholdberg
Mr. Don Scholl
Ms. Sheila Schott
Jennifer Schryer
Ms. Jacqueline Schubert
Mr. John Schuebel
Ms. Ginger Schuette
Ms. Susan W. Schulert
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Schulte
Ms. Lauren Schultes
Justine Schultx
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schutt
Nancy & David Schwartz
Mr. Thomas Schwartz
Urban Schwartze
Constance Schwinghamer
M. Kirk Scobey, Jr.
Pam Scollon
Ms. Carol Scott
Ms. Diane Scott
Reverend Donna J. Scott
Jill Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Scott
Mr. J. Cooley Scruggs III
Ms. Vonda Scruggs
Ms. KaliAndrea Sea
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Seastead
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Seifert
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Seiff
Mr. Brian Seitz
Ms. Trisha Selph
Jessica Semelroth
Ms. Johnna B. Semmer
Mr. and Mrs. Emile Sendral
Mr. Marvin Sepulveda
Mr. Brian Serra
Faye Sesler
Mrs. Earline Settle
Ms. Mildred Settles
Mrs. Karen Seufert
Ms. Kristen Severt
Mr. Dennis R. Sexton
Ms. Sheila Sferrella
Ms. Cindy Shafer
Ms. Susan K. Shaffer
Ms. Angelia Shaginaw
Bhavna Shah
Ms. Melissa Shaneyfelt
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Sharbel
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ray Sharman
Ms. Megan Sharp
Ms. Janice Shaski
Mr. Brian Shaughnessy
Ms. Joan Shaughnessy
Ms. Stephenie Shaver
Mr. Michael Shavers
Ms. Lisa Shawhan
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shea
Danny and Bettie Jo Shearer
Mrs. Leslie Shearon
Steven & Denise Sheehan
Ms. Sandra Shelton
Mr. Bradley Shepard
Ms. Kim Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shepherd
Ms. Virginia Shepherd
Ms. Betty S. Sherwood
Mr. William Shield
Mrs. Barbara B Shields
Sydney Shipley
Michael and Lisa Shmerling
Mr. Don Short
Mr. George Shotwell
Ms. Amy Shoumer
Mr. and Mrs. Lucien J. Shouse
Ms. Deborah Shreve
Ms. Emily Shropshire
Mr. Henry Siegel
Mr. Mark Siegel
Mr. J. C. Siegrist, Jr.
Sieveking Plastic Surgery
Mrs. Jean Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Silver
Ms. Arielle Silverman
Mr. Charles Simmons
Ms. Kathy Simmons

Ms. Lorraine Simmons
Ms. Pamela Simmons
Ms. Elizabeth Simon
Ms. Emily Simon
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lucas Simons
Ms. Meredith F. Simonton
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Simpson
Wanda Simpson
Ms. Dottie Perry Sims
Mary Sims
Mrs. Marsha Simtherman
Mr. Bill Sinclair
Bob and Debbie Sinclair
Ms. Catherine Sines
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Singelyn
Ms. Gloria B. Sir
Mr. Jacques René Sirois
Ms. Erica Sirrine
Mr. Jon Sisler
Lenny and Linda Sisselman
Mickey Sisselman
Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
Mr. Mark Skidmore
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Slagle
Lolita Slagle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Slater
Shelly Slaughter
Ms. Michelle Slingerland
Ms. Lisa Slipkovich
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Sloan
Ms. Marcia Sloan
Mr. William M. Sloan
Ms. Jeannette Sloan Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Small
Geoff and Sally Smallwood
Ms. Angelyn J. Smith
Ms. Ashley Smith
Betty Smith
Ms. Bonnie Smith
Ambassador Charlotte Bass Smith
Ms. Christine M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dale T. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Smith
Ms. Deiderra Smith
Donna Smith
Ms. Donna Smith
Donnie Smith and Tammy L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. E. Dan Smith II
Earl Smith
Elaine Smith
Ms. Emma Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Smith
Mr. Frank L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Smith
Grey Smith
Stennis and Paula Smith
Ms. Heidi Smith
Ms. Jennifer Smith
Ms. Joanne Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Smith
Mr. John Smith
Ms. Kathleen N. Smith
Ms. Kathy M. Smith
Kelley Smith
Mr. Kevin V. Smith
Mrs. Kim Smith
Mr. Larry Smith
Lee, Pam, Craig, Mallory Smith
Ms. Linda Smith
Ms. Linda Smith
Ms. Lori Smith
Lynne Smith
Mr. Matthew Smith
Ms. Melanie Smith
Mina R. Smith
Ms. Priscilla Smith
Mrs. Rachel G. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith
Rip Smith
Robert M. Smith, D.O.
Mr. and Mrs. Roland C. Smith
Mrs. Shannon L. Smith
Shawn Smith
Ms. Sherri Smith
Ms. Sheryl Smith
Ms. Sonya Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Smith
Mr. and Mrs. W. Russell Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Smith
Mr. Warren Smith
Yvonne Smith
Barry Smitherman
Kenneth Smithmier
Ms. Jeanette J. Smithson
Melinda Snader
Ms. Elizabeth Sneed
Mr. Robert Sobel
Scott and Lyn Sohr
Dr. John Solomon
Mr. Ron Soltman
Drs. Ashish and Bindu Soni
Ms. Belinda Sons
Sony Music
Ms. Debby Sopko
Mr. Don Souder
Soundscapes, LLC
Moira Sowarby
Myra and Gary Sowell
Toni Spalding
Dr. and Mrs. Pat W. Spangler
Mr. Joseph Spann
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Sparks
John and Diane Sparks
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Sparrow
Mrs. Bonnie A. Spear
Stephen M. Speck
Joelle Speed
Ms. Nan E. Speller
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin D. Spence
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Speyer
Mr. David Spiegler
Ms. Janice L. Spillman
Nerma Spingarn
Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Spinks
Dana Spiro
Ms. Anita Spiva
Mr. John Spiva
Ms. EllenRose Spivak
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Spivey
Ronda Spivey
Mr. and Mrs. Billy H. Sprague
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Sprague
Penny Spray
Ms. Sue Gail Spring
Ms. Diane St. John
St. Paul Christian Academy
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Stack
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Stadler
Peggy Stafford
Gallagher Staging
Ms. Ruth Stahl
Ms. Sandra G. Stahl
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Staley
Ms. Donna Stallions
Mr. Bryan E. Stampley
Ms. Cynthia Stamps
Ms. Kathy Stanford
STAR Physical Therapy, Grassland Clinic
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Starks
State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company
Kendall Steadmon
Joe and Brenda Steakley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Stearns
Ms. Amie Steed
Mr. and Mrs. James Steed
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Steele
Jamie Steele
Ms. Mary Steele
Ms. Patricia H. Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Steele
Ms. Yvonne Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steffek
Ms. Brenda Stein
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Stein
Ms. Vicki Stein
Mr. Mark G. Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Steinhouse
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Stem
Mrs. Sandra Stem
The Family of Marc and Terry Stengel
Ms. Amanda Stephens
Barb Stephens
David and Jeanice Stephens
Mr. Joseph Stephenson
Brenda Sterling
Gloria and Paul Sternberg
Ms. Meredith Steve
Mr. John W. Stevens
Mr. Lem Stevens
Ms. Rachel Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Stevens
Alfred Stewart
Dot & David Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart
Teddy and Laurie Stewart
Mrs. Christine F. Stiles
Ms. Jennie Stillman
Mr. Steve Stilwell
Celeste Stinson
Mary Stockard
Mrs. Mizella B. Stone
Stonegate Property Owners Association
Ms. Deborah E. Story
Mr. James H. Story
June Stoudt
Ms. Louise Strang
Perian Strang
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Strange
Mrs. Joan R. Strasinger
Mr. Wesley Stringfellow
June Strong
Ms. Melissa C. Stroop
Mr. Robert Stroube
Dana Strupp
Denise & Greg Stuart
Ed and Hettie Stuart
Hettie Stuart
Stacey Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stubblefield
Sydney Stubblefield
Studio Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Stulting
Ms. Betty Ann Stumb
Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Stumb III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Stumb
Mr. Daniel Stupka
Rev. Robert Sturge and Dr. Mary A. Sturge
Mrs. Molly Sudderth
Ms. Dianne Sufsman
Tony and Sandee Suitt
Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Sullivan Jr.
Ms. Catherine C. Sullivan
Karin Sullivan
Ms. Leota Sullivan
Ms. Shannon Sullivan
Ms. Cheryl L. Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Summers
Mr. Phillip Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Summey
Edward and Lisa Sumosky
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Surface
Dr. and Mrs. Craig R. Sussman
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril J. Suttmiller
Mrs. Monica Sutton
Mr. David Suver
Ms. Jenny Swain
Ms. Laurie L. Swanson
Mrs. Renee M. Swanson
Ms. Rachel Swartz
Barb Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Sweeney
Mr. Stephen B. Swift
Ms. Florence Sytsma
George Ann Tabor
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Taliaferro
Stacy Tallent
Ms. Beverly Talley
Billie Tannen
Ms. Misty Tanner
Target Corporation
Mr. Philip N. Tarpley
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Tarpy
Mr. John Richard Tarpy
Ms. Margaret Paula Tarrant
Ms. Alice D. Tarumianz
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tate
Ms. Connie J. Tate
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Tate, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Tate
Mr. Norman Taulbee
Alice & Buddy Taylor
Ms. Betsy Taylor
Dr. Dean G. Taylor
Garry and Darla Taylor
Mrs. June W. Taylor
Kellie Taylor
Ms. Lynette Taylor
Ms. Marilyn H. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Taylor
Ms. Melissa Taylor
Ms. Meryl Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Taylor
Ms. Patricia L. Taylor
Reverend Tim Taylor
Taylor Funeral Home, Inc.
Terri Teague
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Teal
Mr. and Mrs. John Telesco
Ms. Barbara Templeton
Ms. Wendy TenEyck
Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Alliance Inc.
Tennessee Hospital Association
Tennessee Risk Management Trust
Tennessee Steel Haulers, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Tenpenny
Mike Terry
Dr. Paul E. Teschan
Mr. Donald L. Tessier
Ms. Heather Tetzlaff
Ms. Ellen Tewes
Mark and Terri Tharp
The Amy Body
The Andersons Corp.
The Boeing Company
The Defense Account
The Firm Life Group at Woodmont Baptist
The Halker Family Fund
The Henry Laird Smith Foundation
The Kathleen B. and Charles R. Walgreen III Foundation
The Purple Thumb Garden Club
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
The Work Institute, LLC
Mrs. Linda Themm
Third Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Thomas
Mr. Anthony Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Greg G. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Thomas
Ms. Jennifer Thomas
Thomas and Brown
Thomas Family Donation Fund
Ms. Arlene Thomason
Dr. and Mrs. David D. Thombs
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson
Ms. Connie R. Thompson
Mr. John Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Thompson
Lori Thompson
Ms. Mary Jane Thompson
Mrs. Melba Thompson
Roy and Janice Thompson
Ms. Sonia Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Terry-Janice Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Thornburg
Mr. Jerry Thornhill
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Thorpe
Mr. John M. Thrash
Ms. Christina Thrift
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Thurman
Mr. Josh Thurman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Thurman
Ms. Annette J. Tidwell
Carolyn Tidwell
Mr. and Mrs. Cromwell Tidwell III
Eddie and Ruth Tidwell
Mrs. Mary Lee Tidwell
Ms. Mary Lillian Tidwell
Ms. Lori H. Tigert
Mr. Robert M. Tigert III
Mr. and Mrs. Tighe
Mrs. Sharon M. Tigue
Tillman Allen Insurance, Inc.
Mr. Matthew Timm and Ms. Carolyn King
Dr. J. Douglas Timmons
Ms. Linda W. Tiner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tingle
Tip and Karen Tippett and Family
Mrs. Frances J. A. Tipton
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Titus
TNT General Contractors
Frank and Doris Todd
Ms. Shannon Tolbert
Mr. Gerald Toliver
Mr. Jerry Tomlinson
Ms. Karin Toranto
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Torrence
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Torrence
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Townes
Dr. Phyllis L. Townsend
Ms. Patrice Tracey
Ms. Theresa Tracy
Trans-Bridge Lines
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Trapp
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. Travis
Ms. Judy L. Trevathan
Trevecca Doctoral Cohort 24
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Tribble
Ms. Deborah C. Trimble
Mr. and Mrs. John Trimble
Trimen Computer Systems, L.L.C.
India Triplett
Ms. Carissa Tripp
Ms. Jan Trippi
TriStar Transport, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Trost
Mr. Donald K. Trotter
Ms. Julie Trotter
Ms. Cynthia L. Trudo
True Purpose Ministries
Ms. Madonna J. Trumm
Ms. Ashley Trusler
Mr. and Mrs. David Trusty
Janet and David Trusty
Ms. Ariana Tsouris
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Tuck
Mr. John Phillip Tuck
Ms. Connie Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tucker
Ronald Tucker
Mr. Ruse Tucker
Ms. Tracy Tucker
Mrs. Mary Jo Tuley
Tune, Entrekin & White, P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Turbeville
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Turkington
Ms. Barbara F. Turnage
Ms. Barbara Turner
Ms. Barbara S. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Turner
Christi Turner
Ms. Ellen M. Turner
Ms. Tara Turner
The Turners
Mr. and Mrs. L. Stanton Tuttle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tuverson
Ms. Kim Tuverson
Ms. Laura Twerdahl
Tim and Aimee Twohig
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Tyler
Frances Tyrone
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Mr. Ross Uchida
UKOGF Foundation
Mr. Raymond Ulibarri
Leigh Underwood
United Food and Commercial Workers — Local 1995
United Way Of Central Michigan
United Way of Central New Mexico
United Way of Greater Atlanta
United Way of Southern Maine
United Way Worldwide
Ms. Grace Upleger
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Uselton
Mr. and Mrs. W. Kent Ussery
V. R. Williams & Company
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Valdespino
Ms. Barbara A. Valentin
Ms. Betsy S. Valentini
Barry Vallier
Dr. Robert A. Valosik
Mr. David Van Alstine
Ms. Vanessa Van Bogart
Art Van Meggelen
Marion Van Zandt
Antoinette van Zelm
Mr. Jim Vanderpool
Ms. Anna Vanderspek
Mr. James Vann
Ms. Daphne Vantrease
Dr. Sara Vardell
Ms. Andrea L. Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Vaughn
Ms. Edith E. Vaughn
J. Michael and Kathryn Vaughn
Ms. Jennifer Vaughn
Ms. Margaret Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Vaughn
William and Judy Vecchione
Mr. Zachary Veinotte
Ms. Janet Veloz
Mrs. Emily Venable
Ms. Ingrid Verhamme
Ms. Julia Vero
Ms. Beth Vessel
Ms. Genevieve Vestal
Mr. Lee Vestal
Girija Vijay
Village Real Estate Service
Karen Vingelen
Kari Vlach
Volunteer Corporate Credit Union
Ms. Denise M. Volz
Ms. Dawn J. Von Weisenstein
Karl and Donna Vrana
Maris Wacs
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Wade, Jr.
Ms. DeeDee J. Wade
Ms. Sherryl Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Wadley
Mr. Dennis M. Wagen
Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Waggener
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Waggener
Cara and Jake Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wagner
Mr. and Ms. Dwight A. Wagner
Ms. Vicki Wahl
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Waites
Mr. Michael Wald
Bo Walden
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Walden
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Waldschmidt
Mr. Andrew Walker
Ms. Ann L. Walker
Augusta E. Walker
Mr. James Walker
Ms. Lorie Walker
Martha Walker
Ms. Mary Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Monty Walker
Tammy Walker
Anne B. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Wallace
Mr. Phillip Wallace
Ms. Susan Wallace
Vicki Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Waller
Robert Waller
Ms. DeAnna Walls
Ms. Ann Marie Walsh
Mr. W. Jeffrey Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Walters III
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Walton
Ms. Diane Wamble
Bob and Bitsy Ward
Mr. Christopher Ward
Connie Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Duane M. Ward
Ms. Irene W. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Ward III
Mr. Matt Ward
Merry Beth Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Ward
Ms. Debbra Warden
Mrs. Mary Dale Warf
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Warner
Mrs. Peggy J. Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Warner, Jr.
Tracy Warner-Wilson
Ms. Kimberly Warren
Mrs. Bettie J. Wassel
Watercolors by Elle
Ms. Ann Waters
Mr. and Mrs. William Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Watson
Mr. Tim Wayman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wayman
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Weatherford
Mr. David Weatherman
Mr. David Weaver
Ms. Joye Weaver
Ms. Nancy J. Weaver
Ms. Liza Weavind
Ms. Ann Betty Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Webb
Dr. Sam Webb
Ms. Shirley M. Webb
Mrs. Anne H. Webber
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Webster
Mr. Jim Weems
Ms. Katharine Wehe
Mr. and Mrs. Weil
Dean and Linda Weiland
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Weinberg
Ms. Diane Weiner
Mrs. Joyce Weingartner
Ms. Susan Weinstein
Ms. Victoria Weise
Ms. Kay Weiss
Mrs. Sandra G. Welborn
Marla Welch
Ms. Alva Marie Welch Nowell
Mr. Alan Weldon
Ms. Sarah Welker
Well Health & Chiropractic
Ms. Christine Weller
Ms. Betty Wellman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Wells, Jr.
Mr. David Wells
Mr. Everett Wells
Ms. Gretchen Wells
Katherine Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Wells
Milton Wells
Ms. Norma J. Wells
Mr. Stephen R. Wells
Ms. Josephine Welsh
Katie Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Wendorf
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Werner
Ms. Melissa J. Wert
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Werthan
Mr. and Mrs. Axson West
Ms. Emily West
Mr. James West
Ms. Kim West
Mr. Larry J. West
Mr. Roger West
Ms. Sara West
Ms. Rebecca West Mackey
West Meade Fellowship
Ms. Shelia Westbrooks
Westland United Methodist Church
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Westmoreland
Westwood Church of Christ
Ms. Martha S. Wettemann and Dr. James S. Powers
S. Jason Whatley
Ms. Lisa Wheeler
Ms. Nancy Wheeler
Bob Whisenant
Robert V. Whisenant, CPA, CVA
Betsy Whitaker
Mrs. Diane Whitby
Brenda Whitcomb
Ms. Ann Marie White
Mr. Charles P. White
Ms. Cindy White
Deanna and Darrell White
Ms. Dudley B. White
Ms. Emily White
Gary and Yvonne White
Mrs. Jean C. White
Jeffery White
Mrs. Sandra M. White
Sandra White
Teresa White
Thomas and Sandra White
Ms. Wanda White
Mark H. Whitefield, D.D.S.
Ms. Sharon Whitehead
Ms. Chelsie Whitelock
William and Lucy Whitesell
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Whitfield
Ms. Mary Whitfield
Ms. Cynthia S. Whitham
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Whitlatch
Ms. Marthagem Whitlock
Quinten Whitlock
Ms. Ruth Whitlock
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Whitt
Mason Whitt
Ms. Jennifer Whitten
Whitt’s Barbecue
Judith Widick
Mr. Steven Widner
Hallie Wiedner
Ms. Beth Wilburn
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Wilder
Ms. Holly Wilds
Mr. Karl Wilkens
Megan Wilkinson
Ms. Jan Wilks
Mrs. Jane M. Willard
Mr. John Willauer
Mr. and Mrs. Van Williams
Annette Williams
Brian and Sherry Williams
Clara Mai Williams
Crocker Williams
Mr. Donald E. Williams
Mr. F. Clark Williams Jr.
Gary and Donna Williams
Mr. Jack Williams
Ms. Jean Williams
Mr. Jeffrey Williams
Ms. Jerry B. Williams
Dr. Kelly Williams
Ms. Kimberly Williams
Mr. Larry Williams
Mrs. Margaret P. Williams
Ms. Margie P. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Randle S. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Williams
Robyn Williams
Ruth Williams
Sherry Williams
Suzanne Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Williams
Mr. Wayne Williams
Ms. Beth Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Williamson
Ed Williamson
Ms. Shannon Williams-Smith
Ms. Cathy Willis
Jean H. Willis
Ms. Miranda Willis
Ms. Suzanne Willis
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Wills II
Anthony and Sherry Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Berle Wilson
Dusty Wilson
Ms. Lydia Wilson
Mrs. Martha F. Wilson
Ms. Mary Wilson
Mary Lou Wilson
Mr. Richard L. Wilson
Ms. Sandra L. Wilson
Wilson Bank & Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Ashley T. Wiltshire, Jr.
Billy Wimberly and Darlo Wimberly
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Winczewski
Ms. Stacy Windle
Ginny Winfree
Lorene Winfrey
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Winkler
Ms. Martha C. Winston
Mrs. Emily Wirth Thomas
Mr. Alan M. Wise
Ms. Elizabeth D. M. Wise
Mrs. Peggy Wise
Ms. Rachel Withers
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wofford
Ms. Tammy Wolcott
Alston O. Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wolf
Doug And Kathy Wolfe
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Wolfe
Ms. Mildred Wolk
Ms. Carol B. Womack
Mary Elizabeth Womack
Women’s Club at Del Webb
Ms. Cynthia Wood
Glenna Wood
Ms. Joan Wood
Ms. Wilda K. Woodall
Ms. Brenda Woodard
Woodbury Funeral Home, Inc.
Yolonda Woodruff
Ms. Brenda Woodside
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny D. Woodward
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woolf
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Woolwine
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Work
Ms. Barbara G. Worman
Mr. Alan J. Wormer
Ms. Samantha C. Worrall
Mrs. Tonya Worrell
Dr. Andrew Wright and Dr. Leanna Wright
Angie Wright
Mr. Brent Wright
Ms. Martha Wright
Ms. Mary Wright
Mrs. Rebecca D. Wright
Ms. Rebekah Wright
Wylie Steel Fabricators, Inc.
Ms. Marly D. Wyss
Ms. Melissa Yamada
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Yarbrough
Ms. Diane Yates
Katherine Yenzer
Mr. Ray Yepsen
Ms. Audrey Yermolon
Mrs. Margaret Y. Yoke
Ms. Barbara Yontz
Ms. Mary York
Ms. Jeanine Yotsov
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Young
Mr. and Mrs. Craig G. Young
Ms. Darlene Young
Ms. Frances A. Young and Mr. Robert S. Richardson
Ms. Kathy Young
Barry and Kim Young
Ms. Margaret P. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Young
Lisa Yount
YourCause, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Zaccheo
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Zagaria
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zager
Mary Lou Zaino
Ms. Janet Zeigler
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Zeitlin
Mr. Bruce Zeitlin
Ms. Shirley Zeitlin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Zika
Bettye Zimmerman
Ms. Heidi Zimmerman
Ms. Nicole Zimmerman
Ms. Jacque Zimmermann
Ms. Alessandra Zizzo
Arleen Zola
Mr. Guy Zona