SoulCollage® Helps Grievers Journey Toward Healing

Photo of a participant's SoulCollage work in-progress.

Alive is now offering SoulCollage® on the second Wednesday of each month with a licensed grief counselor via Zoom.

What is SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage® was created by Founder Seena B. Frost (1932-2016), a licensed Marriage & Family therapist with Master’s degrees in psychology and theology. The title may sound mysterious, but it is a relaxing process that uses the power of images to encourage self-discovery.

No art experience is needed, and all the supplies are provided by Alive. Participants use images cut from magazines to create a collage on a 5×8 card. The card is then used to reflect on or explore an issue and access our own personal wisdom and healing in relation to it.


How Does SoulCollage® Help with Grief?

“Our grief can leave us feeling lost, disconnected from ourselves as we navigate new terrain,” says Terri Kuberski, LPC/MHSP, Alive Grief Counselor and SoulCollage® facilitator. “SoulCollage® uses the power of collaged images to assist us in finding our own innate answers, our gifts, and our helpers that travel with us on our grief journey as we move towards healing and understanding. Each month we’ll build onto our incredible deck of cards, deepening our understanding of ourselves through their use,” she said.

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Where Do I Sign Up?

No experience is necessary. Register here to get started.

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