Quilting for a Cause

Thank you to the talented Lakeshore Quilting Guild in Hendersonville! Their members donated 41 gorgeous handmade quilts to us to use with patients. We are overwhelmed by the generous gift.

Marsha Cline, the president of the guild, explained how the largesse came about. Several members of Cline’s family received hospice care in the last few years in other states. “The hospice staff we met through our experiences have been so kind and loving. I wanted to be able to give back a little of what you all had given to us.” So she issued a “President’s Challenge” to her guild, telling them that she wanted the result to benefit hospice. Many of the participants put in extra hours and contributed materials at their own expense. “I am so excited that so many came forward to accept this challenge and make quilts for someone they did not know,” Cline remarked. She accounts for their enthusiasm this way: “I feel like hospice is something that touches just about everyone.”

If you have a talent you would like to share with us as a volunteer please contact us at 615-327-1085 or visit us online to learn more.