Happy Monday!

Every Monday Debbie and Drake come to Alive’s Nashville residence to spread love and joy. It’s not just the patients and families who look forward to their weekly visits, as you can see from the big smile on Jennifer Levi’s face (our Senior Director of Inpatient units). Drake loves people and was initially trained as a service dog. However, this was not his true calling. Lucky for us! It turns out hospice care is. 100 pounds of pure love and affection, Drake will greet you from the ground up, starting with a sniff of your shoes and ending with a hug if you want one.

Debbie’s husband brought Drake into their life seven years ago while she was recovering from the loss of their three elderly dogs. On finding himself in a new home, he was a little bit stubborn and a little bit anxious. Debbie says that as she learned to listen to him, he grew more comfortable, and they sought out opportunities for him to work with people. He’s definitely proven himself to be the right dog for this job. Debbie says he’s still a little bit stubborn, but we wouldn’t have him any other way. Thank you Debbie and Drake!

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