From Curing to Caring

“I did travel nursing and worked in several Emergency Departments, but I always felt I didn’t have enough time to really provide my patients with everything they needed. There was a saying, ‘Treat ‘em and Street ‘em’ about the need to send them out quickly, and I wanted to be able to do more for patients.”

Lindsey Basham RN has been with Alive for just a few months, but she already knows she’s in the right place.

“I knew right away this was a good fit. I get to know the patients and families and have time to assess their needs as a whole, not just the physical. We see a lot of people dealing with spiritual pains from things they haven’t let go in their past, and our chaplains and social workers can help with that.”

“We recently had a younger patient with cognitive issues who had lost both of his parents. They had cared for him throughout his life, and his family was in another state. We found out he also had caregivers who had taken care of him for multiple years and become his family. They came as soon as they found out he was here and remained with him until he passed. He passed away just after his caregiver sang to him. Family doesn’t have to be your birth family.”


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