Boardchair: Dr. Warren McPherson

For the last six years, Dr. Warren McPherson has been a champion and ambassador for Alive as a board member. He has played a variety of leadership roles, including cochair of our Murfreesboro Advisory Committee and Closer to Home Capital Campaign Committee, which led the effort to build The Residence at Alive Hospice Murfreesboro. He also previously served as treasurer and chairman of the Alive Hospice Board’s Finance Committee.

Today, as chairman of Alive’s Board of Directors, McPherson is working to build upon this organization’s past and present as we continue to meet the rising needs for our services – and prepare for the future. It’s the continuation of a long history of leadership and service over his lifetime.

Dr. McPherson has served in many leadership roles including chief of staff at the former Middle Tennessee Medical Center, CEO and chairman of Stones River Regional IPA, chairman of the Physicians Insurance Association of America, chairman of the board of the State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company, and chairman of the board at Stonecrest Medical Center in Smyrna.

“I’m honored to serve as board chair for Alive Hospice,” McPherson said. “The people at Alive Hospice are very special people. They do something that is very valuable and very worthwhile, and very few people have the skill set to do it.”