Butterfly release, grief support

Butterfly Release

Thank you to all who participated in our 2023 Butterfly Release! We look forward to seeing you next year!

Original art by: Olivia Daane, Morpho Peleides, Mixed Media on Canvas

Make your legacy a better ending to a life story

Each spring, we remember loved ones with a live butterfly release, symbolizing our lasting love and the renewal of the season.

Butterflies symbolize our lasting love and the spiritual renewal of a new season. We’re honoring loved ones who are gone from our sight, but not from our hearts.

When you participate, you are also helping Alive’s patients and families write a special final chapter together. All funds raised support our nonprofit services including grief counseling, community education, and financial aid.

A butterfly in a bed of flowers

What Is a Butterfly House?

A symbol of love, a community hug, a reminder of joy…our butterfly houses are all of these. They represent the space we hold for loving and remembering those who have died. They bring a smile to all who see them and remind us we are not alone. Order your own or give a gift today!

“I bought 6 finished houses for all my neighbors in my cul de sac. Seeing them on our block reminds us we are not alone. My daughter and I painted our house in honor of my mother.” – Kimberly

“I bought 3 to build with my mother, my son and his cousin to remember my father.” – Mac

“My husband and I built and painted 7 houses with our teens who are looking for activities. We talked a lot about our family history, the people we miss, and how they still inspire us. We gave the houses to our favorite local businesses.” – Ali


What happens at pick-up?

Bring the kids because we will have some fun surprises for the whole family. You can release your butterflies in the garden at Green Door Gourmet or take them home to release.

Will there be a memorial program?

Yes, we will hold a memorial ceremony at 9:30 a.m. When you order, you may specify if you would like a name included in the print program. Participation is optional.

Can I share photos or video of our home release and butterfly house?

Yes! Please email your photos/video clips to:

What if I order a butterfly house but cannot pick it up on the release date?

We will have your butterfly house available for pickup at our Administrative Office front desk, 1718 Patterson Street, Nashville, TN 37203. You’ll be notified once your house is reserved and placed at our front desk for you to pick up.