Alive’s Palliative Care Team Keeps Families Connected During the Pandemic

Imagine for a moment that your loved one tested positive for COVID and was admitted to the hospital because they were confused and struggling to breathe. You are not permitted to visit them due to hospital COVID restrictions, and because of their confusion you can only rely on overstretched hospital staff for updates. Hundreds of thousands experienced this during the worst phases of the pandemic, and Alive’s palliative team was there to help.

They were the eyes and ears for families when they couldn’t visit. For some, they were the bridge to understanding their loved was nearing the end of their life. They supported patients, families and hospital staff who were at the breaking point as they struggled under a heavy load.

The reward comes in a hug from a grieving spouse who doesn’t have the words, a thank you note from a family who “couldn’t have gone through it without you,” a physician grateful for help bringing a group of adult children together despite difficult family dynamics.

Did you know? Palliative care provides an extra layer of comfort and support for patients with serious illnesses to maximize their quality of life. Alive provides inpatient Palliative Care to patients in several HCA hospitals.

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