Published on September 23, 2020

Tennessee’s longest operating hospice provider has doubled the number of patients using its in-house telehospice app since the pandemic began, CEO Kimberly Goessele said, up to approximately 450 users.

"For our chaplains and social workers, the majority of the work they do is not hands-on, its emotional connection. So, doing a Zoom-type meeting is so much better than [a phone call] and not being able to see the look on a person’s face,” said Goessele, who was named CEO of Alive last year. “Our Alive Connect allows us to do everything but touch the patient. … And for us [the app] has always been an ‘and,’ not an ‘or.’”

Read on for more in Nashville Business Journal about Alive's Henry Hooker Connect telehospice program and how we're leveraging our creativity.

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