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Who pays for Alive Hospice care?

Most insurance policies include a specific hospice benefit. Alive Hospice will work with each patient/family to verify hospice benefits. No patient is denied care because of inability to pay.

Who can make a referral to Alive Hospice?

Anyone can make a referral to Alive Hospice. With the patient’s permission, Alive Hospice will contact the patient’s attending physician for needed clinical information.

Can I see my own patients after I refer to Alive Hospice?

We welcome any community physician to work with us to provide direct care for your patients. Whether you elect to see your own patients or prefer the Alive Hospice physician to manage your patient's care, we will always keep you informed of your patient’s condition.

What kind of support does Alive Hospice offer to family, friends and caregivers?

A life-limiting illness affects everyone. Support and counseling are always available through Alive Hospice’s social workers, chaplains and Alive Grief Support team.

Does my patient have to have a DNR status to be admitted to Alive Hospice?

Advance Directives will be discussed at the time of admission and the patient’s wishes are always respected. If your patient prefers resuscitation measures, the Alive Hospice staff will discuss all the options with the patient/family.

Does Alive Hospice do anything to make death come sooner?

Hospice care neither hastens nor postpones dying. We allow patients to die a natural death with as much comfort, grace and peace as possible.

How often will a member of the Alive Hospice team visit in the home?

The Alive Hospice team will work with your patient to create a visit schedule. The frequency of visits will depend on the patient’s condition and needs and will be adjusted as appropriate.

How does Alive Hospice respond to emergencies in the middle of the night?

Alive Hospice nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every patient receives a number to the Alive Hospice Patient Care Center (Call Center). If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, a nurse is available to visit the patient’s home.

Can an Alive Hospice patient receive chemotherapy or radiation?

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments must be approved by an Alive Hospice physician and included on the plan of care. These treatments are sometimes used to maintain comfort and alleviate side effects of a disease.

Do you provide any advance directives resources?


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