Mandatory Annual Competency Review

As an Alive volunteer, each year you are required to complete a competency review and a self-evaluation. This is mandatory (required by Medicare) and a good chance to refresh your memory about important information regarding HIPAA, Infection Control, and Safety.

We know that, due to Covid precautions, you might not have been able to volunteer as you’d planned, or wished. We are still required to have this documentation in your file and hope that you’ll remain as a volunteer so that when we come out from the Covid-induced chaos, you’ll be able to assist our patients, staff, and community.

We appreciate you completing this mandatory, annual training as soon as you can! If you are no longer able to volunteer, please notify us as soon as possible at

Step One

Look over the Competency Review, Standards of Conduct policy, and Conflict of Interest policy.

Competency Review
Standards of Conduct policy
Conflict of Interest policy


Step Two

Click the link and answer the questions regarding the information in the above documents. You will also be asked questions regarding TB symptoms.
Complete Competency and Policy Review


Step Three

Please complete the annual volunteer evaluation.
Volunteer Evaluation


Thank you for your time!