Happy Employee Appreciation Week

We are “One Team, One Mission!”

Keep an eye out for treats and activities at each of our area offices as we celebrate all of our employees all week long!

Virtual Background

Celebrate with this year’s virtual background! You can use it for your Teams or Zoom meetings.

Download Virtual Background

Game Time!

Custom puzzles celebrating Alive are located at each office! Take a break and work on one with your co-workers.

A Chance to Win Prizes!

Play the games below for a chance to win prizes!

Participation will enter you for a chance to win. Names will be drawn at the end of Employee Appreciation Week. Good luck!

Alive History Trivia Challenge
Photo Challenge

Image Search

Printouts of the image search game can be found at all offices or download the PDF to play. Find the QR code and scan it to enter.

Download Image Search



Congratulations to Amy Webb, our latest Employee of the Quarter! Amy is the Inpatient Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner and Team Lead on our Palliative team. She is known for being thoughtful, kind, and constantly looking to meet the needs of her fellow team members.

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Amy Webb, EoQ; NP; Alive hospice and palliative staff


Share Photos

Take pictures with your colleagues and share them with us! Show off your Alive pride and break out your favorite Alive t-shirts all week.

Send photos to PERC3@alivehospice.org

Casual Dress All Week

(As your schedule allows and remember to share photos!)

Look at the fun we had last year!

Celebrating 2023 Milestone Anniversaries!

Congratulations! We are so happy to have you on our team.

  • Sue Ackerman
  • Don Admire
  • Yvonne Almassi
  • Alnisa Almugtadir
  • Lindsey Basham
  • LaNesha Benford
  • Remi Bogar
  • Camy Byrn
  • Cathy Claibourne
  • Melia Cobbs
  • John Collins
  • Khette Cox
  • Shannon Cox
  • Anna Daly

  • Mona Barz
  • Reggie Blackwell
  • Jessica Blagys
  • Heather Bock
  • Megan Brewington
  • Bianca Brown
  • Michael Burnett
  • Jessica Burns
  • Angela Clark
  • Laura Clark
  • Courtney Davenport
  • Mandy Dial
  • Anita Hardy
  • Olivia Hinchman

  • Chelsey Crawford
  • Roy Cross
  • Fran Doehring
  • Alissa Drescher
  • Amy Hanes
  • Jason Holcomb
  • Jonathan Nicholls
  • Bonnie Thomas
  • Janie Tillery
  • Cheryl Toscano
  • Jessie Turley
  • Marc Vera
  • Jessica Waldie
  • Donna Wortman

  • Jenni Bettag
  • Kristie Bilbrey
  • Christine Blackwood
  • Dequita Daughtdrill
  • Laqueta Eley
  • Kayla Hill
  • Gina Markee
  • Anh Meadows
  • Andrea Odom
  • Ann Overdorf
  • Deb Warden

(1 Year Continued)

  • Thea Demers
  • Karlie Fahlman
  • Shelby Fields
  • Karen Fleming
  • Sherry Gibson
  • Aimee Gilmet
  • Jody Gries
  • Steve Grubbs
  • Scarlett Hall
  • Lauren Hunt
  • Andy Ingram
  • Dianne Jackson
  • Colette Klein
  • Sheila Lachs
  • Christie Long
  • Deborah Lynn
  • Heather Marshall
  • Mesha Mathis
  • Amy McGovern
  • Melissa McGuire
  • Dianne McKinney
  • Sam Mentzer
  • Carl Miller
  • Kelli Murphy
  • Kellie Pacheco
  • Jamie Pedder
  • Justin Pickett
  • Meshelle Randolph
  • Emily Renfroe
  • Maureen Rieck
  • Carissa Rivera
  • Britney Ruegsegger
  • Kimberly Russell
  • Joel Shackson
  • Jill Sovie
  • Jonathan Westerfield
  • Darlene Wilson
  • Kizzy Young

(3 Years Continued)

  • Rebecca Jackson
  • Tanyjia Kemper
  • Heather Lindley
  • Karol Mangione
  • Caren Matney
  • Vilma Monteros-Eddy
  • Victoria Osborne
  • Phyllis Owen
  • Dixie Oxford
  • Karen Parker
  • Kristy Petersen
  • Jakia Propst
  • Tonya Ray
  • Marcello Scalzo
  • Tonya Scruggs
  • Sarah Smathers
  • Devin Smith
  • Paige Tocash
  • Jill Trainor
  • Raneshia White
  • Destanie Wilson
  • Riley Wingerter

  • Krista Bullington
  • Kellye Byrn
  • Carole Harrah
  • Sherry U’Sellis

  • Marisa Miller (29 Years)
  • Christy Knox (26 Years)