Hospice Care Overview

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Hospice care is available in your home or at one of our inpatient facilities. Our team provides comprehensive services for patients and their families with individualized plans of care. Our complete range of services includes:

  • Medical care
  • Nursing care
  • Personal care
  • Social services
  • Spiritual care
  • Volunteer services
  • Medical equipment
  • Pharmacy delivery services
  • Bereavement care

Alive Hospice is a nonprofit organization that provides services regardless of an individual’s ability to pay. Hospice care services are covered by most private and public health insurance plans, including Medicaid.

About Hospice Care

Alive Hospice is here with specialized care for anyone with a limited life expectancy, regardless of illness or age. The team works to make sure all physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met.

Alive Hospice offers five levels of hospice care:

  1. Routine Care – Routine hospice care can be provided in private homes, independent and assisted-living facilities, group homes and skilled nursing facilities. Our team will design a care plan that cares for the patient and minimizes stress for the caregivers. Alive Hospice provides medications, equipment and treatments that are related to the patient’s hospice diagnosis and included in the plan of care.
  2. Respite Care – Respite care is up to five consecutive days of care provided in an Alive Hospice inpatient unit or a contracted nursing facility. This level of care is available to provide relief for the patient’s caregiver.
  3. General Inpatient Care– Often referred to as GIP, this level of care is provided in an Alive Hospice inpatient unit or a contracted nursing facility. This is intensive hospice care that is intended to be short term if the patient’s symptoms cannot be managed in another care setting, or a higher level of treatment monitoring is required. Once the patient’s symptoms are controlled, the patient will return to the level of care and living situation that meets his/her needs.
  4. Continuous Care – This level of care is intensive hospice care that takes place in the patient’s home with the goal of managing acute symptoms at home. Continuous care is intended to be short term and intensive during periods of crisis. Criteria for this level of care are the same as the criteria for GIP.
  5. Residential Care – This level of care is routine hospice care that is provided at the Alive Hospice Residence in either Nashville or Murfreesboro. Since most insurance providers do not cover room and board costs, a two-week prepayment is required upon entering the facility.

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