Winter Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations, Roy, on being named Alive's latest Employee of the Quarter!

Congratulations to Roy Cross who is Alive’s latest Employee of the Quarter! Roy is a Licensed Practical Nurse for the Magnolia Team and is known for the attention and care given to each of his patients and their families. Roy brings laughter and light to those in our care and brings smiles wherever he goes. Here’s what his colleagues say about him:

“Roy is one of the hardest working people I have ever worked with. He provides the best care to patients. He is very smart, and he understands what patients and families need.” 

“Many patients and families tell us how much they appreciate Roy. He makes them feel safe. He cares about the patients and treats everyone the same as he would his own family. I know that is true because Roy has cared for his own family, one of them being a patient of ours, and we saw it first-hand. “ 

“Roy provides respectful and thorough care. He brings light to patients and gives them a chance to chuckle and smile. His friendliness and kindness make them feel better.” 

“One of our newer nurses joined Alive after meeting Roy in the ER when he was accompanying a neighbor who became ill!” 

“We get numerous survey comments and cards that families send saying, ‘We really love Roy.’ I have been with him at visits where families thank me for sending him and share how much they appreciate him. Everyone on Magnolia team appreciates the work Roy does, but I can tell you that no one appreciates him more than the patients he visits.”