Winter Employee of the Quarter: Christine Stiles

Congratulations to Christine Stiles, our latest employee of the Quarter!

Christine is the Senior Graphic Designer on the Marketing and Communications team and is known for being endlessly creative at problem-solving! Christine is kind, thoughtful, and always willing to help.

Here’s what her colleagues say about her:

“She is a highly creative problem solver in addition to having a great eye and knowing the technical tools needed to achieve the result we want. Her design work provides the look and feel needed to get our message across, gain attention and make the information we share easier to absorb and digest. She is endlessly creative and flexible, willing to provide as many options as needed until we get it right – all with good humor, kindness, and understanding!”

“Christine is a caring, warm and responsive co-worker. She is patient in getting the input she needs… and is always eager to help and find the right solution to make every department happy with the results of our marketing work.“

“Christine’s work supports our care and the entire organization with graphics and layout for everything from COVID safety to internal education to recruiting to advertising. Despite how busy she may be, she is always willing to share the knowledge she has with others to aid in their creative processes.”

“Christine provides excellent service to all in the organization who need her help with marketing and graphics. She is friendly, warm, and ready and willing to put time and thought into every request.”

Alive staff support hospice patients and families

Thank you for all you do, Christine!