Volunteer Spotlight: Tracy Pomeroy

Tracy Pomeroy joined Alive shortly before the pandemic started last year. What drew her to Alive was reading about our Pet Peace of Mind (PPoM) program. This program assists patients and caregivers with their pets. At times, it becomes difficult for the patient to provide the appropriate care or plan for the future needs of a pet. This is when a PPOM volunteer, like Tracy, steps in to help.

Tracy is passionate about providing this support to our patients! In addition to helping take animals on walks and to the vet or groomer, she shows our patients’ pets the same level of unconditional love and care that they received from their owners. She also volunteers for the Nashville Humane Association, who will be partnering with Alive soon to assist in placing pets when the patient dies or decides to transfer out of their home.

Thank you, Tracy, for all that you do!

For more information on volunteering with our Pet Peace of Mind program, visit AliveHospice.org/Volunteer