Volunteer Spotlight: Ilene Lindsey

Crocheted babies, made by volunteer Ilene, for the support and comfort of Alive Hospice patients.

Ilene Lindsey has crocheted and sewn more items for our patients than the approximate 10,000 visible stars in the sky. As of December 7, she has volunteered at Alive for 11 ½ years and worked magic with her hands for over 17,562 hours!

Ilene has always enjoyed working with her hands. When her dear neighbor who volunteered at Alive making lap blankets became an Alive Hospice patient, Ilene made a promise that she would continue the ministry of making lap blankets for Alive. Today, she also makes hats, shawls and a variety of small creatures we call “the babies” for the patients we serve.

Not only does Ilene give her talents and time, but she and her husband Herb also make monthly donations to Alive in support of our patients. The legacy that they share with our patients and families is truly remarkable!

Ilene and Herb, thank you so much for continuing to share your love, talents, and heart with each and every one of us. With these gifts, our cupboards are never bare.