Volunteer Highlight: Photographer Jamie Adams

Regatta, April 2017. Taken by featured photographer Jamie Adams

We are incredibly grateful for all the time and talent our volunteer photographers have donated to Alive! Their photos tell our stories in a way that words alone never could, showing that we are a supportive haven for families as they cope with loss and the end of life.

I got involved with Alive Hospice after our family experienced the death of our mother in February 2016. We were so amazed and grateful for all Alive Hospice did for us, we needed to “pay it forward.” The options I can do; monetary, but more so by volunteering. My expertise in photography allows me to help promote the good works offered by Alive Hospice. When I am called to photograph an event, I know that I am servicing a need, and that fills my heart with gratitude.


Regatta fundraiser, Jamie Adams

Regatta, April 2017

The Regatta was the first event I volunteered for Alive. I have been interested in sailboats, but have never sailed. I was fascinated by how the boats lined up to make the left turn to head out in the channel to start the race. Once they passed the starting buoy, it became portraits of boaters. A volunteer was using his pleasure boat to keep us moving along.

Night of Lights, memorial, grief support

The Night of Lights, November 28, 2017

Family and friends came together at Alive’s Nashville location to celebrate the memories of loved ones assisted by Alive Hospice. That night candles were lit, and walkways were illuminated, as the former CEO Anna-Gene O’Neal read thought-provoking words about times past. The presence of loved ones could be felt. It was an evening of great joy.







Butterfly release 2021, memorial event for community grief support

Butterfly Release, 2021

The three little girls opening the package containing the butterfly is magical. Their facial expressions tell stories of excitement and wonder. Will it fly onto their shoulders and hear the squeals of joy as it takes flight?


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