Puppy Love and Swimming with Dolphins at Alive

by Alissa Drescher, Senior Director of Mission-Based Services

Last week I spent the morning getting love bombed in the “puppy room,” swimming with dolphins, and taking a walk down memory lane on the street I grew up on. I can’t wait to offer these incredible virtual reality sessions to our patients and grieving clients. The experience may be virtual, but studies (and my own experience) show the impact of this delight and joy is very real!

Our next phase of mission-based programming is filled with rich education, technology and experiential events. We’re continuing to build community and help people approach death as a meaningful and natural part of life. Working in hospice, we know this attitude not only helps us prepare; it helps us live better now!

Stay tuned for more details as we launch new programs including a four-part series on how faith and culture impact one’s view of death, spirituality and grief. Each event will highlight a unique faith orientation and/ or cultural group to examine their approach to end-of-life, death-related rituals and mourning practices.

You can find a menu of our new education offerings here: AliveHospice.org/Education