New Music Therapist: Catherine Wilson 

Catherine Wilson, board-certified music therapist

Catherine Wilson, a board-certified music therapist, serves hospice patients in the Middle Tennessee area and is now serving Alive patients at home and in our residences. 

Music therapy uses clinical and evidence-based interventions to help patients address physical, social, cognitive, and emotional needs. In hospice care, music therapy is helpful for patients needing increased social interaction, sensory and cognitive stimulation, and spiritual or emotional support. It can also help patients understand and process their feelings, difficult emotions, challenges, and fears in an enjoyable and non-threatening way.  

Many patients write songs and/or create playlists with the help of their music therapist for their families to remember them after they are gone. Patients do not need any musical ability to benefit from music therapy.  

If you know of patients who might enjoy music therapy, please reach out to Catherine with the patient’s MR#, name (through email only), and where they are (home, NIPU, or MIPU).  Catherine will take it from there and schedule a visit.  

Phone: (615) 946-1845