Long-time Alive Supporter Featured in Tennessean for Letter on Grief

Alive supporter, Mary Margaret Lambert, was recently featured in the Tennessean after writing an inspiring letter on grief.

“The flood water in Waverly, Tennessee, ripped a backyard shed off the ground, whisking away the woman who was trapped inside. Her name was Leslie Kersten, and her husband, Henry, watched in horror as it happened. On Aug. 21, she was one of 20 people who died after 17 inches of rain fell in three hours, and the town was ravaged by bursting rivers and creeks. Some 60 miles away in a neighborhood south of Nashville, another woman was grieving as the flood waters rose.

She said she gets knots in her stomach every time the weather gets dangerous. ‘Physically ill,’ said Mary Margaret Lambert. ‘It feels like cramps. I don’t watch the news a lot. I don’t like to see pictures of the devastation.’ She doesn’t know the Kersten family. But she will forever be connected to them, as well as the others who lost people they love. She has some advice for them. ‘Perhaps more than anyone else, I can identify with the terrible loss you and your family are suffering…’ she wrote.”

Read more on the Tennessean about Mary Margaret Lambert’s letter and her reflection on grief. 


If you or someone you know is struggling with grief, visit our page or contact our grief services at griefsupport@alivehospice.org | 615-963-4732.