William and Carol McArthur with Alive hospice nurse Tana Hertz (RN, CHPN), taken by Don Claussen

Hospice Nurse Makes Meaningful Connections with Patients and Families

“Connecting with patients and families on an intimate level… at one of the scariest and most vulnerable times in their lives… is what makes my work meaningful.”

Tana Hertz RN, CHPN has been a nurse for 26 years. At Alive, she cares for patients in their own homes as they approach the end of life.

Tana’s patient William (89) and his wife Carol (74) live in his childhood home in Franklin. Tana’s visits help make it possible for them to remain there together. They love to joke with Tana and share Franklin’s history when she visits.

“I enjoy building trusting relationships that allow me to share my knowledge and compassion while providing comfort and support.”

Tana is also part of the team that helps Kathy care for her husband Paul at home. “I always thought hospice meant end-of-life care; I never knew there was this whole other part of it…they work along with the family in life, not just at the end of life,” says Kathy.

“It truly is amazing to walk with these caregivers, knowing you are helping to calm their fears and empowering to care for their loved one in their final days,” says Tana.

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